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  1. I thought that horn p0rn thing was funny, 'til I clicked on the pics and got blocked and the warning that "fun loving" is filtered out on my work computer. has to be the word p0rn that caused it. hahaha
  2. I was looking at the DEC warmwater fishing forecast today and saw my pic with a HH 'eye I caught on schools out last year.
  3. good story , i like the way you put up the challenge to that guy.
  4. Thank you for taking me out, boated my personal best pickerel! Would have been nice if i got a shot a t that buck that afternoon, a real Cast N Blast Lake Ontario style!
  5. the youth chest wader is a one size type, About a ladies7-8 or smaller than a mans sz. 7, bootie and fit someone 4'6"-5'2" approx. Theyre in new condition and would be very comfortable, a nice set of waders to have. they can be worn like pants using the suspenders as a belt or a good chest wader with a belt at the waist for safety. later i can measure the inseam & bootie if you want.
  6. Capt. John I have a set, breathable gore tex, stocking foot youth chest waders, used only 2-3 times, maybe too big but he'll grow into 'em eventually. I don't want a lot for them. Also, the material might not take the abuse that an active youth can dish out. Get back to me on this site if you want to know more. Chris
  7. Hey mike I sent a couple pics to nick of that trip, this AM. What A day! Chris
  8. LAst ice trip??? I couldn't make it due to too much action on saturday we caught about 20 pike ( no good size) so I was too sore from running. Open water this weekend?
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