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    Oneida lake 3-3-24

    Launched out of Godfrey pt. In Cleveland. No docks in yet and the water level is low, but still plenty of water to launch.they are forecasting a lot of west wind so Oneida shores may be a better option.
  2. Yep, an open water report for March 3rd. Plenty of finicky fish deep but couldn’t do much with them. Hooked one on a jigging rap. Moved in tight and ran the boards up in 8 fow and picked up two nice fish on jointed raps at 1.5 mph. Temps varied from 32.6 to 35. I think livebait deep would be better, but I didn’t have any.
  3. Should probably also mention if you book a hotel from the shows site you get a deal. I take my wife and while I’m in a fishing class all day she goes to the casino. It’s a nice getaway in the middle of winter and if your wife is in the casino she can’t say a word about you buying more tackle.
  4. Greater Niagara fishing expo on Feb. 15th through 18th. I’ve attended both the show and some of the classes. Both were worth the drive.
  5. Sylvan beach webcam looks a bit nautical..
  6. Nice report. Been about the same on the north shore. Hit and miss. I have been doing better on flicker Shad’s than reef runners though. And I started running Mack’s smiley blades a few feet in front with a bead and swivel. I can’t say if they attract more fish but they catch weeds and keep the lures running longer.keep the reports coming.
  7. I am on my second season with Litime 110ah batteries. So far they are fine. I was a bit skeptical since they are only 350.00 but so far, so good.we will see after a couple of seasons, but there is a huge difference in run time, but when they hit a certain voltage they just shut off so plan accordingly.
  8. Love the post because I have had so many people tell me I’m trolling too fast. I troll at 1.8 and catch fish… I troll at 2.2 and catch bigger fish. I have been running the new reef stalkers from reef runner and have good luck with them. Like all reef runners they need constant tuning.
  9. Can anyone tell me if it’s still worth a trip up to Henderson or Chamount for walleyes or has it already slowed down. Thanks in advance. Brian
  10. I run mine with the gain on auto medium to start and rarely have to adjust much.what is the gain set at?
  11. Brian

    Oneida report 5/21

    Good point,especially when you are working 2 and 3 fish groups. When there is competition they hit, when they are alone you have to work them.
  12. Plenty of cookie cutters on the shallow windy flats. Scattered in 2s and 3s, ended up sharp shooting them on side imaging and panoptix.they were willing to hit a jig , but would not touch a leech on slip bobber. Any thoughts?
  13. Brian

    Oneida 5-13

    It was certainly a tough opening week for me.not uncommon to catch fish in the 20 inch range but I don’t normally catch a bunch in one day.even the perch were hitting the big lures yesterday.
  14. Brian

    Oneida 5-13

    The big girls are finally hitting deep. Four post spawn females in the mid 20s today. Scatter rap tail dancers in the basin. Fast troll…2.0
  15. Brian

    Oneida 5/2

    Ran boards through the shallows in what are normally good spots this time of year and caught plenty of smallmouths but no eyes. Finally found scattered fish in 28 fow and managed a handful of skinny males on paddle tail plastics on 1/4 oz jig head…hitting on the fall.probably a better bite somewhere on the lake but I couldn’t find it today.
  16. Launched out of Wrights at daybreak, shoreline water was muddy brown.plenty of boats working the shoreline but I don’t know how they did. I slid out to the edge of the color ( 30 fow) and trolled East. Surface temps in the lower 40s for a mile then dropped to 38. Picked up two off the boards with stickbaits and lost one off the rigger with a stinger spoon.fished till 9, nice morning on the water.
  17. I know the marina at Wrights doesn’t officially open until May 1st, but do they allow small boat launching before that? Thanks in advance.
  18. No bait. But on the bright side no lampreys or scars on the fish.
  19. Launched at Severne at daybreak and headed south to Squaw Point. Blank screens everywhere. Went just north of the launch and found some marks in 140 fow. Ended up with two small lakers. Both on spoons, nothing on spindocs/flies or cowbells and gambler rigs. Surface temp 38.3 down temp 39.7. Still nice to be back on the water.
  20. Does anyone know if Mexico launch is iced in?
  21. Great report. I look forward to your fall Oneida reports.The night bite has been hot on the north shore. Casting and trolling Berkeley hit sticks and scatter raps off the boards. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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