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  1. No sorry. It,s sold. Trying figure how to close ad now
  2. Cleveland ny. It,s still on the trailer because I have no time to use it or check on it because of work this summer. If I don,t sell it on the trailer in a week or two I am going to see if the marina will put it in and broker it for me.
  3. The way I run it,s good on fuel but if you run with the 4 barrels open, not so much. I,m looking for a center console outboard.
  4. Repowered and transom replaced in 2015. 383 tight quench marine build upgraded to 290 duoprop with ss props in 2016. original single prop outdrive goes w/ boat as spare. Raymarine a7 sonar bundle with digital 64 mi. Radar. 400 watt inverter. new waste tank with console monitoring . older mercury 9.9 kicker ( runs excellent) w/ t4 panther remote steering. remote spot dual voltage fridge,am fm cd, vhf, and TV. electric and alcohol stove. new bellows,impeller ,sea cock bases, and wash down pump last spring. Triple axle trailer Slip paid for the year. NEEDS new drop curtains salon seats recovered livewell discharge pump. New downriggers( 5 older digitroll included but they are slow and unreliable). This is an older boat(1986) and I realize older boats don’t hold much value so I am asking 7500 becaus3 that,s what I have in the trailer, outdrive and electronics. I am downsizing and open to possible trade for 18 to 21’ center console of equal value. thanks for looking, Brian
  5. Sorry, price would probably help...asking 7500.
  6. I,m getting ready to list my bayliner 2860 hardtop in a week or two.new engine and transom in 2015. Outdrive upgraded to duo prop in 2016. All new head and plumbing last year. New ray marine radar and electronics last year. Triple axle trailer, 9.9 mercury kicker with panther remote steering. Needs new drop curtains. Slip paid for this year.
  7. I'm probably the wrong guy to ask. According to my wife, when it comes to buying tackle I need an intervention.
  8. I run the lead off the boards in addition to the downriggers. Also leadcore imparts an undulating action to the lure that no other setup can.
  9. Leadcore comes in segmented colors of 10 yds. Each. The more colors out the more line out and the deeper you are.the colors make it repeatable. 10'colors is all of it.
  10. 60 feet with 10 colors out at 2.1 mph. Light flutter spoon
  11. I caught accidental browns on the last 3 trips out of Mexico. 100 fow on a 10 color leadcore with flutter spoon.
  12. I think that is a self etching primer. As long as it,s suitable for aluminum I don't see a problem
  13. As a body shop owner for the last 28 years I,ll give my 2 cents, just an opinion for what it,s worth. 1) painting your boat does not put you in violation of voc laws,but you have to dispose of leftovers properly.2) I think 60 grit on an orbital is a bit rough.primer and paint probably won't fill the hook marks left. I would run over it with 180 as a final sand.3) rolling on rustoleum should work and since it,s a slow drying enamel you could roll a section then tip it with a quality brush( go over it lightly to remove air bubbles and smooth the finish) the fine brush marks will flow out , a little thinner on the brush helps. If you need anything just pm me, always glad to help a fellow LOU member.
  14. If I didn't,t already have them I would probably opt for boards over riggers but I have never found them to be a pita.Plus it lets me fly the American flag higher on Memorial Day.
  15. That makes sense.the boards are probably easier.on Oneida they make more sense because the mini divers don,t track to the side and the riggers give me better seperation
  16. No problem ,my mistake, I'm trying to figure out if the out rigger clips will hold full size divers. It adds 2 lines to the spread.on Oneida a full spread is downriggers, 2 mini dipsys off outriggers and 4 boards, would like to do the same on Ontario with 2 more divers of the side.
  17. X2....3 downriggers plus electronics.no issue
  18. Sorry, I meant outriggers, I assume you mean downriggers because I don't think black,s will fit on the outrigger line.
  19. On Oneida I run mini dipsys off the riggers and some days it,s the hot rod. Is any one using this setup on lake O and if so what release to hold the diver?
  20. Thanks guys. Just tried a double uni and it seems like it,s gonna do the job. I appreciate the feedback.
  21. I'm trying the new ultra thin micro lead and realizing that it is too thin to use a Willis knot to join it to the mono. The mono won't go into the sheath. Anyone have a suggestion for a good smooth knot?
  22. I would like to thank Norm(big blue) for taking the time to copy and mail out his copy of the original instruction manual for the digitroll conversions. This is why I love the LOU community and encourage anyone to join . It,s worth every penny and how it maintains this excellent site.
  23. Thanks for all the information guys. The reason I pulled them out was because after years on Oneida I,m moving the boat back to Ontario next year . I decided to upgrade to new riggers. So the question is who wants to buy some vintage riggers with slow speed retrieve for better depth control and lightweight ball capacity for added blowback for those boat wary fish. Make me an offer.
  24. Trophy 2860. All I had to replace was stringers, transom, engine, outdrive, electronics , upholstery and paint. Other than that it was ready to go. Lol
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