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  1. Tournament fee 1000 T shirts and dinner tickets 190 Boat refreshments 100 Net replacement 200 Misc. lost tackle 100 Fishing the WHI with good friends PRICELESS! I want to thank Kevin and the crew from Wilson on another job well done!
  2. I also have not heard anything about T shirts or extra meal tickets. Does anybody have any info on this? Thanks.
  3. Our team is in favor ot the new set up. It seems like a win win for the weekend worriers like us. [ Post made via Android ]
  4. Thanks Vince, Thanks Rick. Merry Christmas to you and your families. Check sent, we will be donating our money to Vince and Nick again in 2012!
  5. I have a question for Kevin or Rick, How much money needs to be sent in by January 7th to be in the cash drawing for the 14th. Is it the 200 deposit or the 1000 fee? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you folks!
  6. Mike, Thanks for the report. Congrats on some great days out there . I hope all is well with you. Take care!
  7. Always look forward to your reports Rick! We had a great fishing weekend as well. Good luck in all the pro/ams, we'll see u at the Niagra.
  8. Our team would like to thank Kevin and the Wilson crew for an outstanding tournament. Everything was done first class, and we had a great time!
  9. No, it is later but I am not sure of the date. I think it is May 20th for Niagara and the 27th for Orleans.
  10. Can someone please give me the address for the Wilson Invitational? I need to send the remainder of the entry money in, but I am not sure of the address. Thanks.
  11. You can launch across the street at the Town of Newfane Marina which is Olcott. The Boat Doctors (778-8592) and the Slippery Sinker (778-0713) also have rooms. You can also try the Lighthouse Motel (778-7270). Their are also a bunch of other places that rent rooms.
  12. You can call George at the Harbor campground across the street from the boat doctors on 18. His number is (716) 778-5190.
  13. Thanks for your time and the info Billy. I think I will still purchase the deep cycle AGM batteries from West Marine, they have to be better than the starting batteries we have been using. Thanks!
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