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  1. I have for sale a brand new blue aqua armor boat cover for a 21 footer. I bought it for my Islander but because of the high front window it does not fit. It cost me $219.99 on sale.

    I'm willing to let it go  for $175 . If you want it shipped I can do that , but you pay for shipping.

    send me pm.

     Picture of Aqua Armor Boat Cover

    Aqua Armor Boat Cover

    • Heavy-Duty 1200 Denier Polyester
    • 100% Waterproof and UV Protection
    • Reinforced Waterproof Seams
    • Top and Bottom Straps and Buckle System for Secure Trailering
  2. I did something different as well this week. We went out of Oregon Inlet on the outer banks ,NC. We fished the gulf stream and I caught a 5.3 foot 400 pound plus blue marlin with the help of drlfc. It gave the full performance of dancing on the water and jumping. According to drlfc it took me about 40 minutes to get him next to the boat where he was released to fight another day. I will get a "Released Blue Marlin Citation in the mail from the state of North Carolina.

    My worry is that after this milestone catch, it will be hard to feel satisfied with a puny 30 pound salmon.

  3. Sounds like jealousy. We put a lot of money and time in our equipment. I'm a local that is tired of the "locals" aka people from Rochester, buffalo, not even close to here, that think they own the river cause they have 1/10 of an acre. Get over it, some people fish for a living to get by as it's their passion. No, instead we gotta put up with people like the above that complain about everything. Get over it. Tournaments are going to happen. And I bet the ones complaining are the ones who drive their barely water worthy boat down the river half on plane creating a giant wake that destroys the shorelines, beats boats of docks, about throws others out I their boats, but that's ok.

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    Chill out already , neither money nor passion allows anyone to behave disrespectful of other people

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  4. 9 hours ago, whaler1 said:

    Perception being ones own reality might suggest party affiliation has little to do with it. I’m sure plenty of you on the left think Don Lemon is fair and balanced.

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    Who is Don Lemon?

  5. 1 hour ago, wrinklestar said:

    BBC is non biased?  :lol: 

    I am sure that, in the eyes of a right wing person most reporting that does not jibe with right wing ideas is perceived as biased.

    Both BBC and NPR strictly keep news and opinion apart. Opinion and editorial is where bias sneaks in.


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  6. There are a few few states, I think Maine is one of them, where a bill of sale is enough proof of ownership. So you can register it in one of those states and then transfer that to New York. Another way to do it is with help/advise from a marina owner. They claim boats when the owner does not pay the slip fee and/or abandons the boat. Marina owners can sell those boats without problems by filling out some paper work.

  7. 55 minutes ago, C hammond said:

    We go out with restless lady every year. You can do a walk on charter with them. 


    Thank you, Ill check them out.

    Can you keep your fish or does the captain take all?

  8. 1 hour ago, Scalloper 1 said:

    Lol, some of you Libtards are pathetic. You have the Clintons murdering people as well as your great governor and Cuomo responsible for directly killing 45,000 and your concerned about some ducks :rofl: .Ignorance at its best

    I Agree. "Ignorance at its best" is what you wrote above.

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  9. I run 2 200 footers and one 300 footer with a thousand foot of 19 strand backing on each and fish down to 90 feet and dependent on speed sometimes more. I just count the 19 strand as if it weighted steel. I use large convectors with line counters. You will have to experiment with the knots that connect between the thicker and thinner wires although the 19 strand acts and feels like mono as far as knotting is concerned.

    For me the best part is no more copper with all the complications that it causes.

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  10. I have been using the 19 strand as backing with weighted steel in front. The thinness and weight of the 19 strand will allow almost the same sink rate as the weighted steel. That will work for leadcore as well.But the relative thickness and structure of leadcore creates a bit higher water resistance so you will probably not get as good a sink rate per foot compared to weighted steel.

    Not having to stock a different rod on board for every length of leadcore I might wish to use was the motivation behind using this setup. For me it  has to do with with control of the work place which is crucial on a 19 footer.

  11. I've been involved and logged into a couple of the early webinars (although I missed the first 10 minutes because it took forever to join the call) - my biased take on it is that the feasibility study is there to check a box - my feeling is that the decision has been made.

    That’s what most people thought about the Keystone oil pipeline and see what happened yesterday.

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