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  1. I was gifted 2 Penn model 68's spooled with monel wire, probably was used as a saltwater rig in the past. Does monel wire get any use on the GL? Everyone seems to run braided line....

    Old single strand monel wire is nasty stuff. It should be replaced by either seven strand or Dacron.

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  2. By looking at the pics I'm going to guess and say there is no backing plate . I don't think the two top bolts would break with a 1/4 aluminum backing plate . But again I'm just guessing.


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    Besides, you were 2 over stressed bolts away from loosing both bracket and kicker to the water gods or the side of the road. When you put another bracket on, don’t use those two left over bolts again.


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  3. Hi All,


    I was wondering about this very thing then I found this thread.  I am just a trib fisherman and some I eat, most I let go.  Like you I don't take them from the water and a hook in the gills is bad news.


    My question is this: When we pull a Perch from over 20' feet through the ice, it's swim bladder expands making a good release impossible.  Does this same thing happen to trout and salmon?


    I know that in the So. Pacific expensive deepwater aquarium fish (some worth 10G's and headed to billionaires around the world) have their air bladders drained with a hypodermic and survive.  Hee, hee, anyone for sicking a hypodermic in a 30# thrashing salmon?  Just Kiddin'.


    Thanks in advance,


    You don’t have to worry about 20 feet. The air pressure difference is only about 9 psi which is well within their tolerance range. Salmon do not really suffer from pressure differences, their problem is exhaustion and having been out of the water which is like strangling to them in addition to being weightless in the water and all of a sudden weighing 30 pounds out of the water.



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  4. Hi Rolmops, I have never heard of a silver ladder? Can you describe one? thanks. I assume a black super slim is a DW spoon?

    You can also call it a herring bone pattern.

    Yes they are dream weavers.


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  5. On 8/8/2020 at 7:36 PM, lyk2fish said:
    You bet Stillwater,  go get um! That's a great bow......now you need an eye......7 till dark or first light till about 7 am is a great time.

    I did just that yesterday morning. Using black super slims with silver ladder fifty feet down over 120 feet at 2.2 at the ball. It yielded 2 29 inch eyes within 30 minutes. If you know Owasco Lake well, it is a great place for large fish. Having caught these 2 seven plus pound beauties I left the area where they hang out and went over to where I like to get some rainbows.IMG_0183.JPG

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  6. I think I remember some time back seeing a 30 lb test wire strength test chart and Mason didn't fare very well compared to some of the others don't remember where I saw it though.

    I believe that it was done by the “In Fisherman “people

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  7. This is a shot in the dark, but if I were to go fish out of Mexico today, I would go to the northern dunes and west from there. The bottom at 140 feet is sandy and it gently slopes down toward the west. With the north eastern winds pushing the warm water on the surface westward there will be a current bringing colder water that will push the thermocline up a bit and the water of the salmon river in the warmer layer will mix with this colder current. The salmon that is starting to stage will be transported  eastward by this colder water current and they will feed on the edge of these colliding temperature areas. So look for green water on top and a thermocline that is moving higher. Good luck

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  8. Looking for a choke rod for a 1969 Evinrude 9.5 sportwin. If anyone has parts engine laying around with the choke knob and rod intact, please let me know and we can try to work something out. Thanks. IMG_4500.thumb.JPG.41f57668690e274d9418ab503a1491ad.JPG
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    There is Mayer’s Marina at the outlet of Irondequoit Bay in Webster. Old Bill probably has a dozen of them brand new old stock in one of his cabinets.

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  9. What will you haul it with? That thing sounds very heavy. Does the trailer have brakes?

    99% percent of the time the cops will not bother you, but you should check the gross vehicle weight of your tow vehicle and double check how much weight you are allowed to haul.Not so much because of legality but more because of road safety. It's not so much about how strong your engine is. It's about how well you can brake.

  10. I would stay away from stripping the paint off. Unless it is all scratched up

    There are plenty of boat cleaner soaps available at West Marine or online. Another powerful cleaning agent is a product called crud cutter. It is often used with power washing equipment , but you can also use a higher concentration in a bucket and use a sponge or a soft broom.Just don't do it on a hot day because you don't want everything to dry up before the soap has done its thing.

  11. I would be interested in seeing the boat, but I have become very doubtful about its veracity because you did not say where it is in addition to strange language use (I pm you) ,even though you were asked several times. If you want me to come and see, please put the location, floor and transom status and compression numbers on the board so I can decide whether to come and see based on good information.

  12. Much the same for me. We worked the same area and ended up 3 for 3. One big slimer and 2 2 year olds. All on spoons they were not interested in meat or FF. There was a DEC officer at the dock,but he seemed more interested in socializing than in inspecting, which is a nice thing.

  13. Hi,

    My 16" Starcraft began to leak and I tracked the problem down to a few missing rivets at the stern on the hull near the center.

    In doing my homework as to how to repair them I've gleaned much advice from the "Old Boat" forum.

    Thanks to all who posted the many "How to's" .

    As near as I can tell, I'm going to need 3 or 4 "Closed Head" pop rivets and some 3M 5200.


    What I need help with is a source (hopefully in the Rochester area) for a small quantity of closed head pop rivets and a small quantity of"5200".

    One of the guys on LOU has kindly offered to let me use the hd tool to install the rivets but no one locally stocks the rivets and most sources I've found sell them in huge quantities.


    The hole diameter is 11/64 so I imagine that if I enlarge it a hair to 3/16 I'll be at a stock rivet size.

    The thickness of the keel and the rib I'll be going through is @ 5/32 or .3.968 mm so a rivet with a 0.126" - 0.250" Grip Range ought to work.


    Can anyone point me to a source for rivets and '5200' sealer so I can get out on the water?


    Thanks in advance, Bill



    There is a simple alternative. You can use truss headed stainless steel philips bolts, washers and nuts. You can get those at Fasten all. You can buy a small amount and of course the right size. Just use them instead of rivets. M5200 is available at Walmart, Lowe’s etc. if you are so inclined, you can replace every last rivet on your boat this way. The only condition is that you must be able to get to the inside of the hull in order to tighten the nuts.

    Just google truss head bolt and you will see what I mean.



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