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  1. On 5/3/2024 at 9:57 PM, rolmops said:

    I'll be in Olcot for a week and I'm fully planning on catching the big one, come hell or high weather!

    There was hell and high weather, but no big one for me this week.

  2. Thank you guys for your comments. It helped me decide to set aside all the stuff that I somehow thought might make things work and went for a Garmin reactor 40  with an additional screen on the dash.

  3. I remember the last time time that the winter was this gentle. The Pro-Am was won with a fish in the high twenties. Most of the boats  had their box full before 8 in the morning.

  4. 3 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

    I agree on the king and the brown. I think the laker will be 23. Be fun to see how it ends, weather is always a big factor. 

    Gambler might want to challenge your laker prediction. I think he is aiming for 33

  5. 38 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

    WTF is wrong with people......  Hang him in the town square and let the fishermen beat him with a baseball bat!

    I suggest keeping him in a locked room with all the dead fish and keep the room at 75 degrees for about 3 weeks. He'll never get anywhere near fish again. Was he trying to protect the fish from getting covid?

    But seriously, what could possibly be his reason for doing this?


  6. I do not know what voltage your motor draws and I do not know the battery capacity you have and I do not know how new those batteries are.

    But in spite of all those unknowns it sounds to me that, that trolling motor is working very hard and that it is probably just fine.

    Spot locking in hard winds takes a lot of energy and you cannot really compare performance by wind speed alone. 20 mph creates strong surface currents that are on top of wind speed.

    and dependent on the wind direction there may not have been a lot of current when the wind speed was 10 to 15


  7. 8 hours ago, GAMBLER said:

    Add hydraulic steering and a Raymarie EVO 150.  I did this in my Penn Yan 245 Contender and love it.  The autopilot works with both motors.  

    My current steering is rack and pinion on the dash, but it moves a hydraulic power steering system aided by the boat engine, which is a Cobra I/O. Can that be incorporated? Or do I have to discard the engine driven power steering and go completely the ray marine?

    Also would the Raymarine setup be strong enough to power both a main engine piston  and a kicker piston setup?

  8.  I am thinking about adding an autopilot to my Starcraft Islander 221. Mostly for trolling so probably for the 9.9 Suzuki kicker. I currently have a Panther Trollmaster tr5 system , but the actuator does not really allow for fine tuning direction and I  do not want to constantly fiddle around to correct course. Besides, the steering actuator  shorted out yet again. So its time to take the next step.

    I have a Garmin Echomap 640 with GPS  system on board and can possibly use that. What autopilot would be the right choice for mostly trolling so I don't have to be at the wheel when I should be fighting fish.

    Thank you

  9. The 20 or 25 years are the first possibility to retire and get healthcare paid for by the state not all of it, but somewhere around 80%. That really is the important thing. Because it provides healthcare for families.

    Many officers will stay in service until their kids are out of college because then the kids have healthcare until the age of 23.

    For those who want to start out in a new career this is a very good benefit, because healthcare is taken care of.

    I wonder what would happen if the ECOs would somehow manage to become part of the policeman's trade union. That would probably drastically change the picture.

  10. On 4/21/2024 at 10:31 AM, Gator said:

    Based on the pension numbers that I saw reported for NYS policemen, the average works out to ~$60K a year. That's average - so there must be a significant portion who make less than that. IMHO it would be tight living on a pension of that size, particularly if it's taxed and you have a family with kids getting toward college age. And I don't know how it adjusts for inflation...if you retire at 42, you hopefully have lots of living left. No wonder so many cops retire to second careers. 


    All in all, and doubly-so given the current climate, I bet they earn every penny of that pension. 

    As far as inflation adjustment is concerned, not so good. During the first five or maybe six years of retirement there is no inflation adjustment. Afterwards, there is yearly adjustment of maximum 3% per year.

  11. I have a 1989 Starcraft Islander 221 with a 4.3 liter cobra ,powersteering. and a 9.9 Suzuki extra longshaft kicker.

    I am thinking about adding an automatic pilot system because I mostly fish solo. I would mostly need it for trolling.

    What would be a good autopilot for this setup?

    Thank you.

  12. I am restoring my Starcraft Islander and I am almost done. I also want to install the Penn Electric downriggers that were on there originally. I have 4 good working 800s. What I need are two sets of power cables. 2 from rigger to boat and the 2 female ones that go to the power source. If you have any of those and are willing to part with them. Let me know. Thank you.

  13. For the price that they charge and the peace of mind that it gives you, it's a no brainer. I usually trailer my boat so I added the trailer towing as well.

    Take a look at all the different packages that they offer and compare the prices to having to have your boat towed even only once. You can probably buy 5 years of towing insurance for the price of one uninsured towing event.

    I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law and it is my belief that the only reason why I never broke down on the water is because I bought the insurance.

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  14. Spiderwebs do not make a hot engine. The peehole is just an indicator that you have cooling water going through the system. If at first it does not come out but only after a while and it is real hot, you should check a few more things.

    If it is an extra long shaft you should not use the muffs period you must put it in a barrel.

    Did you put the hose on full blast or just a trickle because the water was coming out the sides of the muffs?

     Did you put the muffs on the right spot or a bit off to the side? (sometimes when you turn on the water the muffs slide away a bit)

    Did you check if any water came out from the outlet from behind the propeller? And was it hot or cool?

    My worry is the thermostat. When you just start up the engine , there is no waterflow to the block until the block is hot enough to open the thermostat. Until then there should be cold water coming from the peehole and the through the propeller exhaust outlet. If it only lets the water through when the engine is hot then you have a blockage at or near the thermostat.

    If it was my engine , I would check both the thermostat and the impeller pump and housing,and make sure that the hose os on full blast even when the water leaks around the muffs.

    One last thing. Does your engine have a place to attach the hose higher up above the impeller? This is often there and it is to flush the engine innards after having been in salt water. If you do, screw the hose in there and give it full blast. If everything is open, you should water coming out of the peehole. just make sure not to run the engine when you this or you'll ruin the impeller/pump.

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