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  1. 32 pound king caught on white cap charters monday morning. this was our clients first king ever, now how do u beat that!!!!!! However fishing has been slow for most out of fairhaven, becoming frustrated with salmon fishing and targeting browns in the skinny water. Covering lots of water and finding the bait with active fish has been the key. Bait all over the place no wonder why these fish aren't hungry! Fishing can only get better though so keep on grinding!!!!! Good luck to all. Go get em!
  2. Fished out front of fairhaven yesterday with a few friends on their boat white cap 2. Bloated a laker and a king before the storms rolled in. King weighed in at 29.5 on the dock after being in the box for two hours. Fish is being mounted.
  3. Nice fish! Never gets old seeing your child smile. Good job dad!
  4. Depends on water temp. Sometimes October can be tough. We usually don't target the Perch until Halloween. Usually the end of the salmon run kicks off our perch fishing around Wayne county. Halloween is a good date, by then the water is in the low 50s high 40s and the bigger fish will be in. Not much luck on the jumbos before Halloween in Wayne county in my experience.
  5. Nice fish and I wasnt trying to correct you, just offer some info that could be helpful someday. Seems like the fish are darkening up a little early this year doesn't it. Most of the fish we are taking out of fairhaven have that bronze look to them
  6. . Yes they do spawn in the fall. There are just limited numbers in our lake not many rivers get good runs of atlantics. The oak oarchard does though.
  7. i live in fairhaven and fish out of little sodus bay. If you are looking for smallies, go out of the chute and head east to the 2nd and 3rd bluffs past the state park, stay in 15-30 foot, the fishing has been ok, bunch of smaller fish with a few nicer ones in the mix drop shots and tube jigs, and the ole trusty mister twisters will do the trick. Good luck!
  8. inshore is still solid, not as hot and heavy as it was earlier in the season, but there are still a lot of fish in the shallow water under 20 ft. Good luck thursday if you get out!
  9. and the launch at the state park is still in great condition. By far the best place to launch for a day.
  10. You are running about the right line test. Most people fishing browns in the early spring i would say use 8-15 lb fluorocarbon, i typically like to bump it up to 12 for my spring fishing because you never know when one of those spring kings might take a whack, and the fluorocarbon is practically invisible to the fish anyhow. I also fish out of fairhaven, as i live on the bay. Nice report and good luck.
  11. Just have to say that video was amazing!!! I watched it over and over, impressive landing rate i would have to say lol Congrats on the successful trips n good fishing to ya the rest of the season!
  12. We were out both friday and saturday morning and did very well! Friday we boated browns, cohos, and the first king of the year for us, a 10 lber. We also played with some fiesty steelies too on friday. Saturday we picked a few early but for the most part it was slow for us until about 9 and then all hell broke loose, doubles, triples and one time we passed by the 2nd bluff east of fairhaven trolling west and we had 4 rods pop and boated 3 nice 4-5 lb brownies! Fishing was great, water had color and temps from 42-45 on saturday. Did all fish in no shallower than 12 ft of water with the boards back 100, and the riggers 75 and 100. Had a blast fishing this wknd and after i got off the water saturday i was informed that my girlfriend had gone into labor and i was blessed with my baby boy Dominic Sunday april 10th at 4:45. What a way to end an amazing weekend!
  13. I will be going out every day for the next three days, i will post reports at the end of each day and let you know how the bite is.
  14. No problem man, thanks for the fishing trip! I am putting my new boat in tomorro im so excited i wont be able to sleep lol ill post another report tomoro and let you guys know how the fising is!
  15. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):saturday afternoon Time on Water:4-7 Weather/Temp:sunny, breezy about 38 Wind Speed/Direction:nw around 15 Waves: 2ft to 1/2 ft later on Surface Temp: 43 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown: browns Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: 1.8 - 2.4 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 5-12 ft Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Well, had our chance with a north, northwest wind to head out. The winds pushed the ice in fairhaven to the south and we just had to rake out the launch at the state park of some floating ice pieces. With that said, dropped riggers in the chute, hit the lake went east to the creek, nothing. had great color and 45.9 degrees coming from the creek!!! made a few more passes with the boards out and the 2 riggers down, and nothing. So we trolled west past the chute again and headed west. Just passed blind sodus and got a nice 3 lb brown, off the inside board with an orange jointed j-7 rapala. first of the year!!!! went a bit farther and hit clear water so looped back and picked a fish in the same exact spot just on a east troll, another nice 3 lb brown off of the middle board with a greean and chrome storm stickbait. Watched the sun go down over the horizon, got some pics and headed back in with some browns for the smoker!!!! Its almost time to drop the boats in, I cant wait any longer!!!! Good luck to anyone who gets out, and good fishin!
  16. If you dont get lost staring at the beautiful scenary out there you can catch some fish, but boy oh boy is it tough
  17. I am extremely sorry to hear of your news, my prayers are with you and your family.
  18. Thank you guys a lot, and Paul i will be checking into your website today! and to rolmops- it was early october, to tell you the truth i wasnt even fishing for him, i was fishing for a coho, and he moved up into the hole i was fishing, suprisingly he came out of the water a few times, which i thought was surely going to shake my hook out of his mouth,but luckily it stuck in there
  19. He came from an ontario tributary, caught on a bright orange flash fly. Weighed 41.8 pounds and was 48 1/2 inches long.. Take into consideration that i am 6'4" 220 pounds lol. Enjoy! i look at it everyday until the ice melts. Kept fish to get it mounted, can any of you refer me to a very very profesional taxidermist please!!!
  20. thanks for the help! i usually fish bays off of ontario and not inland lakes. I usually fish around little sodus bay, blind sodus, port bay, and sodus bay mainly for perch and panfish and i would like to start targetting bigger fish like walleye n trout.
  21. I plan on fishing Canadice this year with my father, i am just looking for some advice about the ice, where it is the safest and earliest. Please if you have any info on this lake could you please pm me, i am not going to ask for personal information on the thread. Thanx and a merry christmas to all!!!!
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