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  1. The employee that told me there were 4 units in the store, and that they don't honor the web site sales, I asked him where the FF would come from if I purchased it online and had it shipped to the store for the free pick-up. He told me that Gander would ship it from a warehouse at the sale price instead of filling the order with one of the units already on hand. That same employee has given me a line of BS a few times in the past. This Humminbird 698 is the 3rd FF I've bought at the Watertown Gander Mountain in the last 10 months (I've had to outfit 2 boats), and they've all been on sale on the web site, but the store was advertising full price. Being able to use a smart phone to prove that it's not limited to online sales has been a big advantage. Am I starting to see a trend here...? I don't remember having that problem at any other sporting goods store, to include Dick's.
  2. Thanks Frogger! According to the Humminbird web site, they appear to be keeping only the Helix models, the Onix models, the 500 series and lesser models. So it's just a matter of time before they sell all of their remaining inventory of discontinued 1100, 900, 800 and 600 series fish finders. That's also why I've been keeping an eye on hummingbird sale prices.
  3. I'm posting this because the sale ends tomorrow, and it has a happy ending. I do a lot of bass fishing with my 16ft Sears row boat, and I've been looking for a fish finder with side imaging and GPS. I found a Humminbird 698ci HD SI on sale on Gander's web site. The sale price was $399, when normal price is $699. The sale was NOT limited to online purchases, so I called the Watertown store to see if they had any in stock. They told me all they had was the display model and that it was $699, not $399. I drove to the store anyway and spent a half hour talking to 2 different employees about the sale price. One guy scanned the FF tag and said there's four units in the store, then went on to tell me that they wouldn't honor the web site price in the store. I then showed him the sale ad on their web site to show him that it is NOT an online sale price. I finally got to talk to the store manager, who found me a boxed FF (the one I went there for) and he gave me the sale price without any fuss at all. I didn't get the managers name but he was extremely professional and had no problem honoring the sale price. The sale ends January 27th, so if you're in the market for a new FF with side imaging and GPS for a fair price, Gander has them for $399 for one more day.
  4. "Debates" like these are the reason I started this thread, and it's why I am buying a down speed/temp/depth system, because I want to take the guess work out of where my baits are running. I like seeing my rigger weight on my FF because I won't have a probe on every rigger. But I will be able to use the rigger with the probe on it to get a better idea of how much the blow back is affecting my rigger depth vs the depth counter.
  5. That seems like a lot of weight to crank up by hand. But then again, I'm not as young as I was in the 90's.
  6. I travel down to Syracuse every once in awhile, and all the other custom downrigger weights are made/sold where shipping is involved. I'm shopping around for a streamlined rigger weight in the 10lb range. I'll be in touch with you as spring time nears.
  7. Do they sell these at Fat Nancy's? I thought I saw some of these there a few days ago, or something very similar. I didn't get a real close look at them though. I would need 2 10lb 'ers.
  8. You are correct, and I hope it didn't sound like I was saying that my FF can give me the exact depth of my rigger weight. All I was trying to say is that it allows me to see where my rigger ball is running in relation to any fish I might mark on my FF. It gives me a ballpark idea, which is why I am wanting to buy a down speed/temp/depth system before I hit the lake this spring, so I will know the exact depth/speed/temp at the ball. I will most likely just stick with my 10lb weights until I upgrade to a new set of riggers, and that won't happen until my old Mag 10A's bite the dust.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. Much appreciated! I'd rather deal with blow back than a blown rigger, especially if there's an expensive probe dangling down near the bottom.
  10. Where's a good place to buy some streamlined 12lb torpedos? I have some older ones in my garage but I don't know how much they weigh. I'm guessing they are 12 or 13lbs.
  11. Pap, just type in esgdirect.com. It's right there on their home page. I had a feeling that the lure speed would change from going against the current to going with the current, but that much difference is a game changer in how the lure moves through the water. Yankee Troller brought up a good point about how much the dipsy's change depth when making a turn. It'll be interesting to see that as it happens, as well as how much the dipsy speed changes when you change direction. The cost of the Smart Troll will pay for itself just in terms of putting more fish in the boat vs not having the system and catching fewer fish per trip. 2016 is already shaping up to be a great fishing year for me and I can't wait to get on the water.
  12. My concern with running heavier than 10lb weights is that I'm afraid it might ruin my old Canon Mag 10's (vintage late 1980's). They work fine, a little slow, but that might be their "normal" speed. Blow back is one of the reasons I still keep and use my Lowrance LMS339 fish finder, it uses the 50/200 transducer, which allows me to see my rigger weights on the FF. That FF came with my boat and it works great, so I haven't bothered to replace it. Instead, I added a new Humminbird 859ci DI GPS, and use both units. I've been in touch with Darrell from Smart Troll and I will buy a system from him before the end of February. I will be buying an extra transducer so that I can mount a transducer on each of my 2 boats, and use the 1 receiver and probes on either boat. I'm looking forward to knowing the exact depth of my riggers AND dipsy divers.
  13. That's a good explanation of how line counters work, both on fishing reels AND riggers. I spent quite a bit of money on my boat last year and couldn't afford to look at a down speed/temp/depth system. I always wondered how deep my riggers and dipsy's really were. So the Smart Troll will be my "big" purchase this year so I can take the guess work out of trolling. I also like to know where the thermocline is because I fish so many different lakes for many different fish species. I know this year will be much more productive than 2015 was.
  14. Rolmops, this is how my transom is shaped. If there was a way to make a temporary raised transom piece for using the 7.5, then take it off for using the 25, that would be great. Any ideas?
  15. That's not a bad idea. I'll give Tileman Dan some time to measure his boat, as he is interested in the motor. We have a few more months of winter anyway, and when winter breaks I'll be using my Sea Nymph for browns on Lake O. I've only listed this motor on LOU, and I figured it wouldn't sell till spring time anyway. Thanks for the offers, I'll keep you in mind.
  16. I thought about it, but then my short shaft 25hp motor eouldn't fit. I use the 25 on lakes that don't have a 10hp limit.
  17. I love this motor. I had 2 different marinas trying to find the parts to convert it to short shaft. My local Evinrude dealer told me that he could get the parts for $500 and I told him I will have to decline his offer. It's a perfect fit for my 16ft row boat. My neighbor has the 8hp version on his 14ft tin boat and said it sips the fuel too.
  18. I have plenty of information to digest now. There are some good units out there for sure.
  19. No one has mentioned the Canon Speed & Temp. Are they that bad, or just not very popular? It seems to function a lot like the Depth Raider or Sub Troll. It doesn't give depth at the ball, but I keep my old Lowrance LMS339 because I can see the ball on that ff. Just thought I'd toss the Canon unit into the discussion...
  20. Thanks Pap. I'm with you on the older motors and scarce parts. I have a nice 1973 Evinrude 25hp for my 16ft row boat and it's getting harder to find parts for it. I love that old 25. She's showing age on the outside but clean as a whistle under the cover.
  21. You guys are killing me, holy crap . Now I have some more shopping to do. I was really shocked to see that the Sub Troll closed its doors. That was the first system I considered. There are several good systems out there that will meet my needs. I'm not a charter captain, and never will be. I just take fishing very serious. I call my boat "Fishology" because fishing is a science and I am constantly striving to learn more. All of your feedback is much appreciated!
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