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  1. Thanks for the info Pap. After pricing new carbs, I would only go that route if I absolutely had to.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Its a really nice boat but I want to upgrade to a 22ft (+/-) aluminum cuddy like an Islander or Sea Nymph GLS 220. I love my 19ft Sea Nymph center console. The only reason I am looking at the 22ft aluminum cuddy's is because of my wife and my son's girlfriend, who fish with me on a regular basis, and they would appreciate some privacy while relieving themselves. Any replacement boat would have to serve as my multi-species and multi-lake boat like my SN 191 does now. Its hard to get rid of my boat that serves me well for so many types of fishing. I have all winter to think about it.
  3. Or was that a custom aftermarket add-on? Do any other similar boats from Crestliner, StarCraft or Sylvan have factory-installed aluminum floors? That's a great feature in my opinion. I am window shopping for a boat like that, but it would need to be turn-key so that I am not spending my fishing time working on a "new to me" boat. There aren't many boats on the market now, but there will be in the spring. I'm just keeping my eyes open for the right boat, and I have a few from this forum saved in my "favorites" folder, and some of them I have already talked to.
  4. Easy enough, I'll change the lower unit oil this weekend. I'm curious about water being in the lower unit because there was a little in there when I bought the boat. It wasn't a lot, but I replaced the O-rings on the drain and fill plugs before I refilled the lower unit. Maybe the PO didn't replace those O-rings the last time he changed the oil. I even pumped the 2-stroke oil out of the VRO tank because it was over 2 years old and I didn't want to burn that old oil through the engine. The motor runs great now. Fully loaded, it does 32mph on my GPS (Hummingbird Helix 5 DI GPS unit). It's the 19ft aluminum boat in my avatar. That was with the motor trimmed all the way down on an inland lake, and I ran out of room before I could experiment with different trim positions to see if it would go faster.
  5. Forgot to mention that it runs great at idle now.
  6. Thanks! I'll check the compression to see where the cylinders are at. I put dielectric grease on the usual connections. I have the shop manual and owners manual for the engine, and I'm mechanically inclined enough to do the carb rebuild correctly. The rebuild kits are under $18 each, whick is cheaper than a used carb on the auction sites. I'm making a checklist of things I want or need to do to the boat, but none of it will happen until April. We've had at least 20 ft of snow for the past 2 winters(each winter), and record breaking cold, so April is my goal to start my boat prep. I'll also be replacing all lower unit seals and gaskets before I replace the lower unit oil. These maintenance steps next spring will allow me many more years of fishing before I have to worry about doing it again.
  7. I fogged my 1986 Evinrude 90hp V4 today. When spraying fogging oil into the top carb, the engine would almost stall out. When fogging the bottom carb, the engine barely fluttered. The boat sat for 2 years before I bought it, so most of this year has been spent working on the boat rather than fishing from the boat (6 trips since July). The boat is winterized now, so I won't worry about it until April, but how do I know whether to rebuild the carbs or simply replace them? The boat runs good now, but It started out with idle issues. I have the idle adjusted up because it absolutely hated running at low RPM. I always suspected dirty carbs, even though the spark plugs burn at the right color. I've used fuel system cleaner and K-100 in it this year, and I am storing it with a full tank of ethanol free premium, marine Sta-bil, and Sea Foam that I ran through the engine before fogging it. The boat has a 24 gallon tank. What factors determine when to replace rather than rebuild the carbs?
  8. Thanks to both of you for the feedback.
  9. Nice looking boat! How wide is the beam and how much does the boat weigh? What are you looking to down size to? I fish Lake O and several smaller inland lakes in northern NY, so I need a do-all boat for bass, walleye and salmon/trout that I can keep on the trailer. Can you post pics of the cuddy interior? Thanks!
  10. Was the kicker really needed for trolling, or would drift bags work good with the I/O motor? I understand having a kicker as a back-up and for trolling. My 15hp long shaft Evinrude kicker pushes my aluminum 19ft CC at about 5mph WOT on a rather calm lake.
  11. Thanks! I thought it might be, but I know nothing about Big Jon riggers. I've only used the older Canon Mag 10's.
  12. I just noticed the 2 outlets at the stern, they look like 3 prong 110v, what are those for?
  13. Ok, thanks! I've heard of Healing Waters, but I thought they just did fly fishing in rivers.
  14. How wide is the beam, and how big is the fuel tank?
  15. Wounded and disabled miltary service members and veterans, that specializes in fishing trips on Lake Ontario and its tributaries?
  16. The new Helix specs look impressive, especially the 10 and 12. Thanks!
  17. Their web site now shows the Helix 5, Helix 7, Helix 9, Helix 10, and Helix 12 series but not the 800and 900 series (and some of the other higher end models). It looks like the new Helix 9, 10, and 12 have some really good features. I have the 859ci HD DI and the Helix 5 DI GPS and they are great fish finders. The stores are still selling the "soon to be discontinued?" models but not the new Helix 9, 10, or 12 yet. The only other high end models still listed on their web site is the ONIX series, which far exceed my price range and need.
  18. Thanks for sharing! Can't imagine what it was like offshore.
  19. I was out near Albany NY from Thursday morning until Friday evening so I wasn't able to drive to Lake O to check on the wave action. Did anyone happen to get any pictures of the lake during the peak wave action? I'm sure Henderson Harbor and Chaumont Bay were pretty choppy as well. I've been in 2-3ft waves (some occasional 4ft rollers) on Chaumont Bay in 15-20+ MPH winds from the SW so I can imagine it was pretty bad out there on Thursday.
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