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  1. Thanks for the input Has Been! What size boat and motor are you running? I can see a need for these if I have to use my main motor on Lake Ontario if the wind and current are too much for my 15hp kicker. The wind really makes it hard for my kicker motor if I have my bimini open. It catches the wind like a parachute, even though it stays tight on the bows and frame.
  2. I'm fishing Millsite, Sixberry and Bonaparte for now. Will try other lakes as I get the chance, such as Sylvia and Trout Lake.
  3. Thanks for the info. It's a good 3 hours drive for me to fish the Finger Lakes, but I'm planning some fishing there next year. These other lakes are less than 30 minutes drive, which makes them really attractive. I know the numbers of fish can't be all that high, but most people who fish these lakes aren't fishing for the lakers and salmon, so they might not be getting much fishing pressure like the bass are getting. These smaller lakes are all natural lakes, and they are full of under water structure, to include some random boulders the size of a 2 story house. Also, the streams that feed into and out of these lakes are too small and too shallow to attract spawning fish, or at least that's my opinion. The shore line is less than 3 ft deep and full of hidden rocks around these streams, so I only fish near them when I am in my 14 ft boat. These fish don't appear to have any place to go during the spawn, so will they go to a shallower rocky shoreline or go to the deepest hole in the lake. We were seeing excellent fish marks just off the bottom, so that tells me they are still there. I just don't know what they might be feeding on down there. I plan on fishing again tomorrow, and I will use my 2 downriggers as well as a small size 0 or 1 dipsy out to each side to see if I can hook into something higher in the water and further from the side of the boat. I'll be using my 15hp kicker for trolling. Cayuga is looking very attractive. What is the latest time of the year you fish the Finger Lakes?
  4. EZ storage is always important. Do the bags ever mold easily? I also use my 14ft boat for drift fishing, and I figured I could store the buckets one inside the other, and also use them to store equipment that I use in both boats. Then all I have to do is grab a bucket (or both) and I have some of what I need. I'm sure I'll invest in a bag or 2 down the road. But buckets will get me through the rest of this season and into the spring 2016 season. Good point about replacing the metal handles with rope!
  5. Thanks Chas0218! That's why my first thought was a single hole in the bottom, like a drift sock. But I figured I'd get feedback from guys like you who have used buckets before.
  6. I don't know where else to ask this question. It seems like it would require some similar techniques to what you use on the Finger Lakes, but there are many differences between the Finger Lakes and those smaller inland lakes in northern NY. Some of the lakes I fish are less than 500 acres and some are bigger than 1,200 acres, and all are over 70 feet deep. Some are very clear and some have brown stained water. These lakes include all or some of the following fish; lake trout, LL salmon, brown trout, rainbow and others. I have tried trolling with dipsy divers and downriggers. Baits include spoons, flies, Mepps spinners, walleye worm harnesses, flashers with e-chips, glow in the dark lures and flashers, and even cowbells with spin-n-glows. I had 2 bites all summer but no hookups. I'm trolling from 1mph up to 2.8mph, changing speed and direction every so often. Is there a time of year when they stop biting, go shallower, or change something? I'm still trying to figure these things out because I just started fishing for them this year. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks darkwater1. I'm seeing several opinions on the internet. Some suggest several holes in the bottom, some suggest several holes in the side about 4 inches up from the bottom, some suggest a combination of holes on the sides and at least one hole in the bottom. Either way, it seems like multiple 1" holes would work better than 1 hole in the bottom. My friend's dad used buckets back in the early 1980's on Lake Michigan, but I don't remember how he had the buckets drilled. The buckets are $2.98 at Lowes, so I'm not afraid to experiment a little. I might start out with 6 holes and see how that works, unless someone chimes in with an idea that works better.
  8. I'm thinking 2.5", but not sure. I have decided to just use 5-gallon buckets for trolling and drifting vs buying drift bags. Why, you ask? Because I don't use them enough to justify buying bags. My 15hp motor does a great job while trolling in my 19ft aluminum center console. So I really only need them on ocassion when drift fishing because I also have a 70# thrust electric trolling motor. In certain conditions I might want to use my 90hp motor for trolling, and 2 buckets should be fine for that...? If not I will invest in some bags. Is 2.5" good enough, or should I go bigger or smaller? Thanks in advance.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Seems very friendly and professional here compared to other forums!
  10. 2-4 ft swells with some chop on Labor day this month wasn't bad in my 19ft Sea Nymph. It was pretty windy but wasn't uncomfortable at all. We stayed out 3 hours and called it a day when my son's friend got a little sick feeling. It was his first time out on Lake Ontario and didn't take any Dramamine before the trip.
  11. Thanks again for the opinions and discussion. My main concern with my kicker motor is ground clearance in the highest trailering position. It weighs 80 pounds, but it doesn't tilt up very far in trailering mode. The roads I travel are really good for the most part, and I always slow down for any bumps. We have some hilly terrain around many of our inland lakes, which requires more ground clearance. I have all winter to think about it because I might only get my boat out a few more times before the snow starts falling.
  12. Just a follow up on this topic... The rear of my trailer is tucked up too far under my boat to reach my main motor in a straight line distance. I will have to fabricate a transom saver with a bend in it to get it to clear the bottom of the boat. The kicker motor looks like it will work with a transom saver. Looks like more winter projects to add to my growing list...
  13. Thanks for all the feedback. Using one makes sense to me because of the weight of the motor and the stress that puts on a transom, especially an old transom (1987 is an old transom in my book). I'd rather be safe than sorry, and I don't like the idea of replacing my transom. I've only trailered this boat twice since buying it, and it's been on my mind both times I traveled down the road with it. Have a safe weekend everyone!
  14. My 90hp motor has a flip-up bracket for trailering, and I was told that I didn't need a transom saver bracket when I bought the boat from the previous owner. I use a transom saver for my 15hp kicker/trolling motor because the owners manual for that motor says not to trailer the boat with the motor held up by the tilt bracket. Should I be using a transom saver for my 90hp motor? I don't want to put any unnecessary stress on my 1987 transom because that 90hp motor weighs 300 pounds, but I also don't want to add any additional equipment that isn't needed.
  15. Thanks Pap! This is a great forum, and its loaded with knowledgeable members. I've already learned quite a bit here and look forward to many great years of sharing information.
  16. I joined the forum back in 2008 when I was researching river fishing for salmon and trout. But my life in the Army kept me from doing much fishing or hunting back then, and my only boat at the time was a canoe, which served me well until I sold it this summer. I replaced my canoe with a 1974 Sea Nymph 14A, which is a 13' 6" V-hull aluminum row boat. I power it with a 1996 3.3hp Evinrude 2 stroke outboard with an internal fuel tank. This summer I also bought a 1987 Sea Nymph (aluminum center console) Striper cc191 (19ft) with a 90hp Evinrude VRO outboard, so it's been an exciting year of fishing with my 2 "new" boats. My cc191 also has a 1992 15hp Evinrude outboard for trolling Lake Ontario and a 70 pound thrust 24v trolling motor for bass fishing. I've been boating for over 30 years and fishing for over 40 years. I fished the gulf of Mexico near Galveston, TX for 7 years, mostly offshore, and nearly 300 fishing trips. I have trolled Lake Michigan back in the mid 1980's, fished all kinds of lakes and rivers from Texas to Illinois and many points east. Now I regularly fish our local river and lakes in northern NY and Lake Ontario. All these years and types of fishing and I still have a LOT to learn. The name of my little boat is "Rock Bottom", because it's a stripped down basic fishing beast. The name of my 19 footer is "Fishology" because catching fish is a science, and every time I hit the water I learn something new. Happy to be here!
  17. My 1987 Sea Nymph 191 center console has either a 24 or 27 gallon fuel tank. They are the same hull as the 195 GLS so it should have a similar sized fuel tank. I've seen both the 24 and 27 gallon tanks listed for my 191, depending on the year. I have never filled mine up with a completely empty tank so I can't give you an exact answer.
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