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  1. Send me an e mail and i will send pics
  2. working on pics right now. boat will be out front soon! just down the road from you.
  3. SOLD SOLD4.3L OMC Omc Cobra Outdrive Apelco Marine Radio Lowrance M68 Color screen GPS/Sonar/fishfinder Bimini Top with backcover Port a potti Live well aerator and pump 2 Cannon mag 10 Downriggers 4 rod holders 2 planer board masts with Super Ski Twin planer boards Shakespere antenna Auto helm Sportplot Autopilot Extra prop Shorelander Trailer dual axle with surge brakes New tires on trailer in 2011 $5250.00 SOLD SOLD
  4. My son (14) shot his first deer sunday evening! Nice doe with no fawns. He passed on 9 other doe due to the fact that he didnt want to shoot the ones with the fawns! His choice. I have TONS of respect for my son after hearing him say that. I was a little nervous because I wasnt sure we would find a single one. We saw over 30 deer in 2 evenings of sitting. A friends son harvested a 5 pt. on "opening" morning also.
  5. Are there any docks in at silver, canandaigua or irodequoitbay yet?
  6. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Double D ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7-16 and 17 Time on Water:630-1 Weather/Temp:HOTT Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: 16 flat- 17 1-3s at times Surface Temp: 70's Location:pumphouse LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 22, 19 Total Boated:16, 14 Species Breakdown:kings, steelies Hot Lure: green nuke, black NK Trolling Speed: 2.8-2.9 Down Speed: na Boat Depth: 200 Lure Depth: 50-80 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Great days. South trolls into 200 foot produced the best results. green nuke NK with a piece of glow tape on the side down 60 got bit 9 times on saturday. We even had a screamer snap the rod and we still got lucky enough to land a 25lber with just the reel and butt end of the rod. He played real nice like and swam right to the boat and into the net once we got him turned around! also the 42nd/42nd spinnie/fly and glow frog took their fair share. On sunday it was a solid black NK with a solid glow back parked at 70 taking quite a few bites fishing the same wter. Waves kicked up later so we trolled into 60fow in front of the wall and hooked into a double one on nk orange crush and the other on the "black betty" spoon 25 and 30 down. we landed both and they were both over 20lb. glow frog and habenero were also the key for us. ====================
  7. Yes Congrats to all! Hey Zebedee, my wife got a great picture of you and your father on your boat when we were working that pocket of fish. When I figure out how to get it from the camera to the computer I will send it to you! On Saturday, I fished the pods of bait in front of Sampson in 80-85fow. When the sun came out the dream weaver Bloodydeath spoon fired on the riggers 78 and 80 feet down. On Sunday I continuously worked a pocket of fish in 30-40 foot of water north of sampson. Green and black also worked well. was great meeting all of you at the friday event and cant wait til next year.
  8. im 99% sure who and what site do we pay at?
  9. Im in! we have sites 302-305 i believe. I think we have slips 70and 90. You stopping by for a drink zebedee? and its my b-day! win win situation!
  10. Glad to see you found them!! Wish I could have met you guys up there again. Let me know when you are coming up again
  11. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:Double D ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6-11-10 Time on Water:11am-3:00pm Weather/Temp:sunny 75 Wind Speed/Direction:VERY light WNW Waves: FLAT Surface Temp: 64 Location:North of point LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 9 Total Boated:6 Species Breakdown:5 kings 1 steelie Hot Lure: green/black glow ladder PRO KING Trolling Speed: 3-3.1 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 380 Lure Depth: 55 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Fun day. decided to fish for a couple of hours. Had a rip on everything. Dipsy set on 2, 75 feet out with a orange luhr jensen flasher/ blue ATOMIC fly took the first king. Had a steelie hit a Rapala off a yellowbird. The rest of the hits came off the riggers set at 51 and 55 feet down. One had a green black glow ladder PRO KING and the other best was the Bloody death DW. All fish ranged from 20-8lbs. South troll took all the hits.
  12. Congratulations Jeremy! Great fish! By the way we went back to the dock and looked for you phone when the water cleared and did not see it. Wondering if someone else got to it first. We tried and the water was COLD. lol. Snorkeling in May is not recomended on that lake
  13. Nice to meet you Jason. Any time you are up my way and want to go get them out of the Oak let me know. Congrats to all the fellow LOU's that cashed in. We picked through them and ended up with a decent cooler but it was not like the other years. We did happen to catch more rainbows and landlocks than we ever have before and it was priceless to watch my boys reaction when that landlock spent more time out of the water than in it. As he was reeling in the next laker he was asking why this one wasn't jumping as much Gotta love it
  14. site 303, 304,305 slip 81 channel 68 going up wednesday afternoon. Drive safe
  15. Is that little bait shop with the small campground just before Sampson going to have the tickets again this year? They said they might not even be open.
  16. We will be at Sampson slip 81 and I am leaving a day before my wife so I SHOULD be safe Sounds like 68 is the place to be.
  17. Wanted to wish everyone a safe trip to the lake and can't wait to see everyone there. Good luck
  18. Does anyone know where there is a map of the marina at Sampson?
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