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  1. Clean your connections at starter block ground and batteries and if a switch is in between there also.
  2. I'm just curious if anyone knows where to get a hold of the Geezer spoon and if they are as good as I've heard thanks for any input.
  3. Night fishing aloud to the route 18 bridges on the streams our way, not sure to the east .
  4. Go west waters warmed drastically you may get a few eyes way east but mostly you'll waist your time . Another thing to that really affects east end is the moon . I would at least fish west of sturgeon Pt . Deeper water is going to be your best bet . Oh yeah Erie is now 2 degrees above average.
  5. I help him with info randy is good people. He called me when you left harbor headed home.glad you did well ,no net and all lol
  6. Ryan_63 were you out with randy ?
  7. If your anchored you have the right of way other boats should avoid you anyway . I've never had a problem trolling around anchored boats or fishing while anchored. I fish Erie mostly and it gets hectic out there at times.
  8. You have no worries the fishing hasn't been good for most , it's bound to turn on soon .
  9. Thanks for the tip slammed em going back on the weekend
  10. check out ITO FLIES idk if they have a website but they are on fb , if you go the fb route also search out Ryan Koepke he is the owner . He's got some great meat rigs and Flies .
  11. Yes Bay Rats are the new walleye slayers they are all 100% American made and have a strict quality control . Renowskis are junk I won't buy another no more leaky baits or worrying about hook eyes pulling out let alone the front loop and the paint stays on no more Chinese junk for me . Some friends of mine took a tour of the bay rat facilities and they are big boys they grabbed a body out of a rack and hooked leaders to front and back with handles they tried to pull loops out it was a no go. You can ask them yourself look up Point Blank Outdoors on FB or Mark Hitcome they'll tell you personally. Also the color selection is awesome I am slowly stocking up on them .
  12. Oh yeah I pull mine with a buick rainier 275 hp 275 ft pounds torque towing capacity of 5000 pounds no problems at all
  13. Do your homework the aluminum islander is a great boat the problems lay in the power plant or a certain one the 3.7 170 hp mercruiser or what's called or referee to the 460. they have exhaust manifold issues especially the closed loop cooling systems Plus the charging system has issues if it's a magneto type. On the good side repowering with a dependable engine can be cheap and easy I did it with a 165 mercruiser straight 6.a 3 liter is an easier swap . Google it if you know what engine is in it search for issues and problems it would of cost me more for a manifold than it did to go more dependable Then you have to find an uncracked manifold which will eventually crack if it's that engine in it.
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