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  1. F/S is 8 Moonshine & 1 super slim spoons. All are new in package and very good spoons. Price is $60.00 shipping & Pay Pal fees included. Post here.
  2. F/S is 10 church walleye boards 6 used but in great condition and 4 new all with S.S. rear pin also 2 extra front releases. Price is $275.00 shipped to lower 48 also includes P.P. fees. F/S is (8) OR12 boards 4 left and 4 right also (2) NEW OR37 pro SST mag boards. All with OR16 clips on the back and OR12 boards have imitation lock jaw while OR37 has OR18 snapper on the front. Flags are included for all. Price is$325.00 pay pal fees and shipping included to lower 48. F/S is 2 mag Opti inline planer boards with stock front clip and NO back clip. Price is $50.00 pay pal fees and shipping included to lower 48. Post here.
  3. F/S is a new style tekota 600 left hand reel. Reel is new in the box with all that came with it. Price is 180.00 includes pay pal fees and shipping to lower 48. F/S is 6 Tekota 600lc reels in good condition. Price is $1275.00 includes pay pal fees and shipping to lower 48. SOLD!!! 3 Charter Special reels TR2000, F/S is 3 double paddle handles for tekota 300/500/600 reels. Price is $65.00 includes pay pal fees and shipping. For sale / trade : Do you want to turn your 700/800 non line counter into a line counter? I have 6 left side line counter plates that I am asking $155.00 and your 6 non line counter left side plates in return. Payment via pay pal and I will cover the shipping on my end. Post here.
  4. I would also look into a battery switch to isolate your starting battery from the others so you have the starting battery ready when needed.
  5. Cisco 6" track is $32.99 each Traxstech 6" track is $36.99 Cannon 6" track is $49.99 All prices check at the home web site of each product.
  6. Yes, I am still looking for 7'.6" and 8' only and black or green in color.
  7. Same applies for want to buy adds. I have 1 up now and all replies have been from SCAMMERS!! They reply thru P.M. and say its for a friend that has what i'm looking for, sure sure! Hope you get your MONEY back and they catch this POS!
  8. Try here https://www.spoonpullers.com/forums/index.php?topic=43843.0
  9. WTB I am looking for Diawa Heartland trolling rods (black or green) In sizes 7'6" Or 8' only. Must be willing to ship to 48706 or meet in Michigan. Reply here or send P.M. Thanks
  10. I have an AP14 and have found that the hot wire should be fused to the battery as it needs a lot of power, another place to look. Had the AP in a fuse block but didn't provide enough juice so put an inline fuse to the + side of battery and has been working fine!
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