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  1. North End Launches Can anyone provide a status of any of the north end launches on Canandaigua, Keuka, Cayuga, or Seneca? I have a 19 foot fiberglass, and can trailer it to any of those. I saw Darkwater1 posted that Dean's Cove is doable on Cayuga (thanks, Darkwater). Any info is appreciated. I can call the various state park launches, but if anyone has any first hand knowledge, I'd appreciate it. I'm hoping to maybe get out Sunday. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for all the input, guys. I'll be out for my last couple trips of the season on the weekend. I'm thinking I'll try LO out of Irondequoit for some browns on Saturday afternoon, and am considering both Canandaigua and Keuka for Sunday. I'll be trolling. I know Keuka really slowed down from a couple years ago. Which would you guys recommend for decent action, as I haven't been on either this year, Canandaigua or Keuka? Any general areas I should try south end of Canandaigua, as I've never been out there. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, guys. I take it you're both referring to the north end launch in Canandaigua, and not the Woodville launch? I've only launched from the north end. I thought if it's as windy out of the south as predicted on Sunday, I might try the south end for a smoother boat ride.
  4. Does anyone have any recent update on the launchability from Woodville or the marine park at the north end of Canandaigua? I am thinking of heading down there on Sunday. I have a 19 foot fiberglass, not heavy, but I'm not sure of the draft. Thanks.
  5. Went out with my brother for our last LO fishing of the season Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Saturday we fished just east of port in 110-125 fow. We went 2 for 4, with a 12 and a 21. We lost two fish on a wire dipsy out 290 with a blue dolphin sd and blue atommik fly. One shook and one broke us off. Both felt like in the mid teens range. The break off of the fly was due to a small piece of wire on a swivel. The 21 lber came on cut bait, out 285 on a wire dipsy with a golf flasher. The 12 took a magnum 42nd spoon down 90. Worked a couple waypoints, and had some action. Returned this morning to the same general vicinity and had a good fish hit our wire dipsy out 260 with a mtn dew sd and atommik fly at 7:30. It's nice to have a wire fish take good line to start-you know it's a pretty good one. It was 24 lbs and is dark with some red on the belly. That was our only hit for our 4.5 hr trip. Again, marked good bait and some marks in 100-120, but they didn't seem too interested. Sounded slow on the radio. A decent couple trips for us, good luck to all. Here's a pic of the 24.
  6. Thanks for the opportunity to post this -I saw this guy on my fencepost when I was walking my beagle about a month ago (NJ). When we finished, I went back and was able to get a decent picture on my phone. If it rotates, the shell is pointing skyward. I have never seen one at quite this stage before.
  7. The picture is taken from the east beach at the state park, looking west. The north end of the bay would be just left of the crashing wave against the pier. Still breezy here.
  8. It is windy at Fair Haven, NE winds close to 15 mph. I would say probably 4 footers out there. Wave forecast calls for them to come down around 5 p.m., but we'll have to see. You know how the camera doesn't seem to capture wave heights. This is pointing at the pier from the beach, essentially pointing west. Will add picture in next reply, didn't click "full version" on my phone before typing this, so I think I have to come back to attach pic.
  9. It has been slow for us the past couple days.we have fished from 140 to 190 fow with most of the other boats. Fish are very scattered, with only occasional marks. We lost two decent fish yesterday morning - one to a pulled swivel on a pro king magnum spoon green and black, and one broke us off on cut bait off a 250 dipsy. Yesterday also did an evening troll in the same vicinity and was still slow, but did manage two hits on a blue dolphin spin doctor with a blue dreamweaver fly. That was out 285, and my cousin, just in from Seattle, was able to land an 18 pound king. He was happy, and that made our trip. Just one skippy this morning, sounded very slow for most on the radio. Hope to get out this evening.
  10. Launched out of the state park with my brother at 5:30 to hopefully get some fishing in before the rain. We headed nnw and set down in 175 fow. First hit was at 7 on a green and silver spin doctor and fly off a dipsy out 275 on a wire rod. Unfortunately, the swivel was inadequate for a decent fish, and it pulled the ring on the swivel -hate it when my poor decisions lead to lost fish. We worked the 165 - 180 range and hit three fish in another hour and a half. Two kings, at 11 and 14, and a small brown. Two hit on an nbk at 90 off the rigger, and one king hit a meat rig down 80 off a rigger. A good day for us, and hit the pier heads at 8:30, just beating most of the rain. We are camping at the park, so hopefully we'll be out a few more days.
  11. I'll take them if ckawaki hasn't already.
  12. Well, we're one of the ones that didn't do as well as you. We caught one small king on a blue and yellow stingray spoon on a free slider on the 65 ft rigger. That was in 200, fished primarily that 200 foot range. Marked just a half dozen or so marks in our few hours of fishing, although there were some lakers on bottom in 200 fow, didn't go after them.
  13. Thanks, jk1. My brother and I fished out of branchport this morning. We set up about a mile south of the launch, but couldn't get anything to go. Pulled lines and motored down to the bluff. We hit a couple small lakers and a nice pickerel on spoons in short order, but that was it. Marked plenty of fish 60-100 feet down, but they apparently didn't want what we were offering. A beautiful day on the lake. Winterizing the boat now.
  14. Somehow double posted, removed text.
  15. Has anyone been out on Keuka? I fished it last October for the first and only time and did well on the lakers. It will be my last trip for season, and it's a ways for me, so just looking for confirmation they're biting. Planning on launching from the park in Branchport. Thanks.
  16. Nice fish, WWIV.met you at the launch a couple years ago. I will be out a couple times on the weekend.
  17. I have the Sea Chaser 19, and really love it. I bought it off a fellow LOU member. Of course, I moved up from an 18 foot Starcraft aluminum. The fishing room on the boat is impressive. I think you'd be hard pressed to find many 22 foot boats with more deck space. If you've done the research, I think you probably know the Sea Rangers in the same size have a little more room in the cuddy, and less aft. That, and perhaps the Sea Rangers all come in hard top. Don't know if I'm recalling that all correctly. It is good on gas, I've got a 130 HP Etec that doesn't use much at all when trolling. I think it's pretty topped out at around 35 mph with another couple fishermen and gear. I feel it handles the conditions I'm willing to fish in just fine, but I do feel the boat bobs quite a bit. Maybe going a little bigger would help. The only other thing I would mention is it seems to ride high to me in the bow. I'm 6'3" and I almost have trouble getting a good view out the windshield. Nothing a different chair or additional cushion wouldn't remedy, but I find that kind of odd at my height (maybe I just need to sit up straighter). I believe Iron Duke on this site either owns an Arima, or it may be a buddy's that he fishes out of regularly. You may want to PM him. There's a great Arima owner's forum, too. If you haven't checked that out, and are seriously considering the boat, you should. Lots of good info on there. Feel free to PM me with any other questions, and good luck. Oh, where are you in North Jersey? I'm in Hunterdon.
  18. Fished from 6 until 11 pretty much straight directly north of bay. Set up in 150 fow and pointed north . Marked very few fish, some small marks as high as 50 and nicer marks around 110. Hit one 17 lb king on wire dipsy out 275 with bloody death spin doctor and fly in 180 fow. Continued north to 220 with a few other boats, but didn't do anything. Came back in to around 150 and the lakers near bottom were hungry. We took 4 from 9 to 15 lbs on a Finger Lakes Tackle king of sting spoon on our 135 rigger , and the largest on a 42nd spin doctor on wire dipsy out 325. Finished 5 for 6, so a really good day for my brother and me. Our hits were 2.3 to 2.8 sog with speed at our probe of 2 to 2.4. Fleas were not too bad on wire. Hopefully back out around Labor Day.
  19. The big fish came on a blue and silver head behind a gold flasher.
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