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  1. That sucks Pete, I'm sure you'll get another chance.
  2. Very nice buck Pete... Hope you can take him out.
  3. Way to go Jeremy We left before the awards were given not sure where Patty ended up in the womens. Can't wait till next year!
  4. Ok, I won't be back untill Tuesday of next week, fishing the Seneca lake trout derby. If you want it sooner give me a call. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. LMAO , Gray how could you say that? If I remember correctly more than 90% of the cans that came pouring out where red and whites. Here’s a pic of what whiskey man was doing when he opened his umbrella.
  6. Jason, which end of the lake did you fish?
  7. I have 2 used Moor Sub Troll 900 with probes. Not sure how much coated cable is left with them, but more than 100 ft. I installed a new auto pilot on my kicker and I can’t seem to find a fix for the interference I’m having with these units. Both units are in excellent working order and other then the interference I’m having with my A/P I’ve been very satisfied with it, works well below 200 FOW. These speed and temp units last a very long time on 1-9Volt battery even had been using last year’s battery. So I have no choice but to purchase the new X4 Fish hawk. New these units sell for 400.00, will sacrifice for 275.00 each , buyer pays shipping or can pick up in Oswego/Auburn. Any questions you can call or email me. Frank 315.447.4020 [email protected]
  8. Gray, You know you should leave any tech related issues alone , so I’ll post the pic for you. When it comes time for any engine problems we’ll call you or if we need to find ford shoals we’ll defiantly need your help . And you forgot to mention the Jersey trout that Pete caught, so here’s a picture of that as well. And for the record I have NO CLUE as to what Jim is talking about .
  9. Patty and I'll be there "HomeOffice" will monitor 5,16,68 & 72. Be up Friday after work staying at Barrett Marine. Wish everyone good luck and be safe!
  10. Looks really good Gray, now get her wet! And we need beer. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  11. Yikes! It's going to be a great summer [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  12. Not sure what your asking, but if its the price your talking about, its for both.
  13. Will do Brad! If we fish it, never fished that before. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  14. Thanks Brian. I might try that! It seems to be just the temp that's having the problem. Speed seems to be fine, I'll know more this weekend. still have a lot of tweeking to do.
  15. Brian, Thanks, I know there isn’t any problems with the fish hawk, Jim “Double J†has the same A/P and a fish hawk and has no trouble at all. Did you say you say you’re running the depth raider as well with no problems?
  16. Dave THANKS! I've done pretty much all the same things you have with no luck. I wasn’t clear on what you said about the depth raider, did you say you had the same problem or the depth raider didn’t have this problem?
  17. Hello Everyone, Just installed the new Garmin Tr-1 Gold A/P which was a really easy install for the most part, what I thought was strange was the fact that you didn’t really need to calibrate the compass in order for the unit to work, Its seems this A/P will hold a course even without a compass and still be able to change headings either to port or starboard from the remote control head. I found out that the only purpose for the compass on this unit is for connecting it to your GPS which you then in turn can set a course via your GPS. This unit will do “S†turns and “Zig Zag†and other patterns all by its self by just entering a code from the control head which is very easy to do and you can also set the rate in minutes for these patterns from one turn till the next. I know a few other boats that have this A/P and one of which has a moor speed and temp which I happen to have as well, it seem that there is some interference between these two devices. So I called and spoke with a Garmin Tech who told me the only thing he could think of was to make sure I have separate power source for each device “Which I do†So I thought I would post the question on here and see if anyone else has had this problem. Or if anyone has a depth raider and is experience the same type of problem. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  18. Let the games begin? Jim I would just like to make it thru the season without having to buy a case of beer! My netting skills where put to the test on these fish and to date I'm batting 100 . But it’s early and there’s a lot of fish out there to be netted.
  19. Way to go Bob, Gotta love fishing with the kids!
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