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  1. Impulse 4040 Fish finder with transom mount ducer and Impulse 490 GPS. I have all the installation manuals and cables. 175.00 Plus shipping. I've seen this fish finder alone sell for over 500.00 on ebay. Taken offers frank [email protected] 315.447.4020
  2. Just a FYI, Scotty makes an antenna adapter - contact sleeve just for that purpose cost about 10 bucks.
  3. 28" bag is designed for boats from 24 to 30 feet in length. Used once, Fish USA has them for 60.00 each, Will sell for 75.00 for a pair , plus shipping US only. frank [email protected] 315.447.4020
  4. Thanks Rich, The only thing I can seem to get out of there techs is "An A/P wasn’t design to go that slow and it has to work harder"
  5. It’s going to be a great season! Sounds like any blow days are going to be even better.
  6. I have qty2 Cabelas tripel rod sytem with no bases,almost new only used once 125.00 plus shipping takes both. Cabelas has the bses for 8.00 each.
  7. I think I have the manuals and I’m not 100% sure on the range. [email protected] 315.447.4020
  8. Raytheon Radar with Aray and RL 9 screen and Ray Chart 600xx. Complete system for 200.00 or best offer. and it all works plus shipping.
  9. Yeah, Sorry I just have to fine time to deliver them.
  10. Thanks Brian I appreciate it, it’s the I/O version that I’m looking for. I know there’s no issues with the true inboards talk to a lot of them all ready.
  11. Come on Bob your making us sound bad. You need to move to red dock and stop playing inscent, we all know you could kick anyone of us under the tabel with red n whites. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  12. I have a 25’ Bayliner Trophy hardtop with a v6 I/O and this year we’ll be installing a Kicker. We have the new Raymarine SmartPilot X-5 Sport which is a helm control A/P. I was wondering if anyone has this configuration maybe not with the same A/P but something similar “a helm control A/P†Theirs a steering arm that goes from the I/O to the kicker to steer it and the kicker moves left and right really easy with out much effort, The question I have is with out my main engine running “cause I have power assist steering†is my A/P going to be able to steer the kicker? It doesn’t take much to turn the wheel with the out drive in its down position but you can defiantly feel the difference as opposed to when the engine is running. And of course every marina is telling me that I shouldn’t have any trouble but would rather hear it from someone that has this configuration and what I should expect. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  13. I’m surprise that it doesn’t have more then 1-in and 1-out. Never seen one that only had 1/1, the one I have has 2-ins and 2-outs.
  14. Yes. That's how I have mine. Your kicker is a 4 stroke, right?
  15. Don’t you have a water separator? If not you really should install one, not only will this give you the extra line that you need fuel it will separate any water that gets into your gas.
  16. Listen to you Gray, double J Jim being able to sniff out the jug. We all know that's what you do best. My $'s on sharky this year, he's been sniffing around writes finding all the hiding spots. WHISKEY MAN needs to move down by us.
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