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  1. Great job Bob, your killing me! can't wait to get out there.
  2. Pro-Troll black box, used on my old boat. Sells new for 99.00, sell for 35.00 plus shipping US... Make Offer...
  3. I have 2 Shakespeare Ugly Stik CALB 1102 I won last year 7'' medium light 8-20lb line checked on line sell for 47.00 each, take both for 50.00 plus shipping to US.
  4. If this is a "Load Range C" I'll take it, you can call me at 315.447.4020 or email me at [email protected]. Frank, Thank you,
  5. Hey John, we left a few for you. And even have some new spoons for you. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. Yeash, I’ve got to get on this board more often, “Bob calling me the sheriff, NOT!" Sounds good to me Bob on the taxing deal. I’ll take all the booze and end up doing exactly what you said, taxing it because we all know where to go when you need a beer! This way I would have been paid for all the tackle and other crap that “Purple Sea squirrel†takes off my boat. And no fun on the RED docks! That’s hard to believe with a bunch like us, that’s not possible. Someone will end up with a “FOR SALE†sign on there boat, the family jewels’ hanging from there rod holders, or some hot blow up chick just begging to go fishing. All in all Oswego is by far I believe to be the best port for fishing, you don’t have to go far, lots of fish and like Gray said it’s nice having the coast guard right there, so if you end up driving your boat into ford shoals they can come and get your stupid a$#. Bob I would be careful this year, sounds like you’re in for some RED dock extras.
  7. You got that right! Can't wait to see you holding him by his ankles again to fish for lures, boat anchors, grills, mops and what ever ells is in the drink.
  8. He can bring in ALL our copper this year!
  9. Had a little fun last night with a friend of mine and his 12 year son, left the harbor around 3:30 setup in about 125 fow, just got the center rod set with the prob and only doing about 1.5 at the ball down 110 it fired green chip w/hammer boated it and continue setting up. Went slow for a bit then after about 20 mins the riggers started firing 1st with doubles then a triple worked our way from 140-200 fow down 125-145 with my new 20lb sharks all green on green, wires set 2.5 out 350 with white spiny and a pretty blue. When all was said and done we did 7 for 12 and we took a few skippy’s as well, with our biggest being 22 and one sore arm boy.
  10. About 3 months ago our Raymarine ST5000 A/P failed on us so we needed to get a new one this unit was in the boat from day one so we where very happy with Raymarine A/P. So I did some surfing and looked and talk to some boat owners who had different brands and came to the conclusion that I wanted another Raymarine. So after about a month of waiting for it because it was on back order we got our new X5 Sport Pilot, installed it, used it twice and it stated making a very loud noise then it failed and would no longer steer the boat, so I called Raymarine who gave me a Fed-X number to ship it back. After about a week I called them back looking to get an update found out that this was a problem in the sport drive and that they where receiving a lot of failing units back. So I been calling for about a month now just to try and get a ETA as to when it will ship, and all I get is “That these units are made in the UK and they have NO ETA as to when they’ll receive them†Today “7.20.09†I received this from Raymarine: As customer safety is of paramount importance to Raymarine, we have decided to initiate a voluntary recall of this product. We have identified a potential component problem with the SPX5 Sport Drive Pilot product which we have sold between February and July 2009. As a result the mechanical clutch assembly may fail, causing the steering of the vessel to lock in one direction, with a possible risk to the safety of the vessel and crew. Customers must stop using the products immediately and arrange de-installation and return to the retailer/dealer from whom it was purchased. The retailer/dealer will arrange for a replacement or, if preferred, a refund. We are sorry for any inconvenience or concern caused. No other products are affected by this recall. Please don’t take what I’m saying about Raymarine the wrong way they have been very help full and I’ve been able to get them on the phone very Easley, and they do understand my frustration. I just wanted to pass this information on, I still believe that I made a good choice, but on a unit that was to new to the market.
  11. Patty and I took some friends out Sunday afternoon and took a few bites out west, just before the rough weather hit. Started out in 100 fow and fished to 175. Found some bait and a few hooks down around 75-85. Riggers where setup with stingray size spoons 42nd, tuxedo, and an alewife 2.2 -2.4 at the ball we had the dypies out around 225 and 200 on a 2 ½ setting with green/glow spin-doctor and an tg and hammer fly, took 3 bites on the riggers and 2 on the dypies only to land 2 nice fish 12-15 lbs.
  12. Fished with Jim from double J this past weekend decided to stay inshore because the kings where just not there. Fished 30-75fow out west by the green can did like 10-13 on stinger spoons and stick baits 2.2-2.4 at the ball down 25-37, sticks where on the church board back 100-125. Mono # 0 dypies on a 3 settings where out 120-150 Saturday Jim fished with his better half and took some more nice BT’s, Jim was fishing for trout but always seems to find a walleye or 2, he found this pig tipping the scales at 13+. Way to go Jim!! Another fish for the wall.
  13. Way to go Paul, we'll have to hook up again this week.
  14. What a great weekend to be on the lake, couldn’t ask for better weather just wished the fish would have cooperated more. I fished with Jim from double J Friday night right out front and just a touch east, seen some good marks and not much bait between 125 and 200 If I remember right I think we did 3 for 3 all small fish. Saturday morning Jim joined us for some deep water fishing started way out west in 400+ fow seen to many hooks to count so we setup and dropped the riggers down over 200ft plus, started trolling back on a south east troll only to find they didn’t want to play. We ended up take a small Skippy on the copper out 500 and a teenager down 195 on a green e-chip with a hammer. Saturday afternoon after sitting at the dock for a few cold ones we decided to have a little fun with Double J, Gray and his crew from Sea squirrel to see who could bring in the biggest fish and be back to the dock by 8pm. “Jim from Lone Wolf would be our judge†Patty my lucky charm went with Jim and my son and his girlfriend joined me. Gray and his crew where busted, Jim and Patty brought back a big Skippy wish Jim kept alive in his fish well “Way to go Jim†only to release when they saw what my crew did, a nice 12lbr which came on the rigger in 125fow with a green e-chip and an sweet pea down 85. Better luck next time guys!
  15. I'm sure they are hooked now! Sounds like they had a lot of fun, WTG
  16. My son and I went up yesterday morning and headed west and found some trout that wanted to play, wasn’t hot and heavy but a steady pick, small spoons on the riggers and sticks on the church boards fished 15-45fow from the green can back to Rudy’s. Stinger alewife and gator on the riggers and black and silver on the boards 2mph at the ball was our best speed 5-6 with a 5lb being our biggest. Once the trout stop biting we heading out from the green can and setup in 150fow for some silver, trolled west to 250fow with out seeing much then turned around and headed back, seen maybe 5-7 hooks with very little bait. Started trolling back and did 2-3 using stingers e-chip, white with green dots and a glow hammer 2.3 – 2.5 down 95 on the riggers. All fish look good and healthy and where released but one BT for the grill my son wanted. Sorry for the lack of pictures, left the camera in the truck.
  17. Great job Del, We'll see you at the mustad challenge. Good luck out west.
  18. Awesome job Rich, great report!! some day Patty and I will have to make the trip there, every year we say where going to do it but it never happens. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up in the BT derby this weeked.
  19. Looks like you and Jim had a great time Pete, thanks for the post and pictures very nice catch. While you and Jim where enjoying the king bite, Patty and I had to work this past weekend. We did our annually Seneca Lake Trout Derby and did better then last year. We had a tuff time fishing the first day, had to get out of king mode and once we dialed in the bite was on non stop from sun up till sun down with most fishing coming in under 7lbs. with the last day of the derby being our best. Started out with a nice 12.3lb which put us right back in fist place and got even better when Patty ended up with 3 very nice fish which took 1st, 3rd and 4th. Jim our other team member took 4th in the rainbow and 3rd in the men’s lake trout. Over all a very nice paycheck for us all just missed the grand prize by 10oz.
  20. Zebedee, Yes Patty and I will be fishing the Seneca Lake Trout Derby, Not sure where we'll be staying I should know sometime today. DP, that large mouth came out of the harbor on an orange crush stinger.
  21. Next time Pete take Patty with you, You won't drop any!! Hope all goes well with your wife. Just think soon you'll can add another 2 poles.
  22. Boat Name: HomeOffice Port: Oswego, NY Wrights Landing Boat: 25' Trophy, Cuddy-4.3 I/O Hello everyone! My name is Frank my girlfriend “Patty†and I live in Auburn, NY she has been working at advance auto as a parts pro for the past 25 years, and I have my own computer company that has been in bus for over 6 years. We are rec fisherman fishing out of Oswego, NY. Over the past 8 years we have made some really nice fishing buddies and looking forward to meeting more. Not sure why we haven’t registered on this site sooner, I guess we’ve just missed it. Look forward to posting and reading what everyone has to say.
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