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  1. Started trolling on the face of Burtis pt around 7 am, 44 degree, 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. Picked up a beauty 6lb rainbow right off the bat on a jointed Rapala and lost another fish there. Landed a walleye on a Rapala glass shad rap not long after. Started jigging using the south wind to bring me down the buoy line North of Koenig point. Landed some perch, lost a walleye and caught a couple big smallmouth. There are a couple of partially submerged logs in 15 ft of water on the South facing side of Burtis point, please be careful.
  2. sandwick50 hit the nail on the head with his reply. I totally agree that we should be able to kill geese in late January, February and early March, not only in the South zone but also the entire Western zone. That change was made at the federal level. AP geese have migrated out of the area by then and the geese left in the Finger Lakes are "park geese". Not saying that some AP geese aren't still around and that some aren't killed in early March when the season used to be open, but as we all know, waterfowl hunting is very weather related, and the weather has been weird the last several years, to say the least. I totally agree with returning to an 8 per person limit in September, increasing the limit to 15 was a mistake IMO.
  3. Fished Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, caught 28 Stripers both trolling and drifting with blood worms. The regulations changed this year, you can only keep 1 fish between 18 and 28 inches. Last year it was 18 to 28 inches and anything over 40 inches. Last year my brother and I fished 2 days and had no problem keeping our limit of 18 to 28 inch fish each day. We also caught 2 big fish, one 38 1/2 inch and one 37 inch, both had to go back in the water. This year, over the 3 days, 4 of the fish we caught (3 guys this year) were WELL over 40 inches. We caught 1 that was just over 30 lbs, 2 that were between 35 and 40 lbs, and I caught the biggest freshwater fish of my life that weighed 50 lbs, an absolute slob. All 4 fish were successfully released and swam away strong.
  4. IMO having only one mast in the center of the front of the boat causes the boat to be under the tow lines when you turn. On my brothers and my boat. we have a mast on each side. set as far forward as possible, but not too far keeps the tow line out of the rods on each side of the boat. I agree that the taller the masts the better.
  5. I start my 7 day break this Thursday, let me know if anything changes
  6. On my way down to Owasco park this morning to do some training with my lab, I watched a guy move cones and 2 " launch closed" signs to put his Crestiner in. Just now, on the way back from a walk with my family and our lab, there were 2 Troopers standing on the dock as the guy was coming in. Don't know what the outcome was but it is obvious they are checking the launches.
  7. I drove by the launch on Thursday and it was open
  8. Yes, the duck season dates will be the same for 5 years, then be re-evaluated.
  9. We had a meeting via conference call on Saturday. The Goose limit of 2 and 30 day season is still in effect for the West central zone. The question was asked if there was any chance of the Atlantic Flyway council getting us back to a 50 day, 3 bird limit anytime soon and the answer was no. No flight observations are taking place over the breeding grounds this year due to the Corona virus. Duck Oct 17 thru Nov 8, Nov 28 thru Jan 3 West Central goose Oct 24 thru Nov 8, Dec 21 thru Jan 3 South goose Oct 24 thru Jan 9 Youth weekend Oct 3 and 4 Veteran/Military Wed, Nov 11 AND Sat, Nov 14 Brant Oct 3 thru Nov 21 Scaup First 40 days of duck season the limit is 1, the last 20 days of the season the limit is 2 Good luck and safe hunting
  10. I have next Th, Fr and Sat off, wondering if I could meet you in Watkins one of those days to buy them
  11. We had our meeting today in a conference call. Here are the 2020-2021 season dates Duck- Oct 17 thru Nov 8 Nov 28 thru Jan 3 West Central goose- Oct 24 thru Nov 8 Dec 21 thru Jan 3 South goose- Oct 24 thru Jan 9 Youth- Oct 3 & 4 Military/Veteran- Wed, Nov 11 AND Sat,Nov 14 Brant- Oct 3 thru Nov 21 The 2 Bluebill season is Dec 15 thru Jan 3, 20 days, the rest of the season is only 1 bird Happy Easter
  12. The launch at Union Springs is open
  13. I fish a lot with Sliders, my favorite is pumpkinseed pepper flake, motor oil also produces. I don't know why spikes wouldn't work, we were catching perch on worms and minnows under slip bobbers. Sometimes I will have a 1/8th ounce jig on the bottom and a tiny jig or even a fly on a dropper 4 or 5 inches above the jig. Hope this helps
  14. I have been launching at Mud Lock on River rd
  15. Like everything else, the Coronavirus cancelled the task force meeting that was supposed to be held two weeks ago. We were sent an on-line form for our recommendations on season dates for the Western zone youth hunt, dates for the new veteran/active military hunt, the brant season and both the West central and South goose season. The Mallard bag limit did not change, neither did the goose limit and number of days for the West central zone (30 days, 2 birds). The South zone stayed the same with a 80 day, 5 bird limit, being able to split 3 times, no later than Jan 31. The feds decided to cut the Scaup limit to 1 bird for 40 days of the season and 2 birds for 20 days, leaving it up to the task force to decide which 20 day period we could harvest the 2 birds. The duck season dates are October 17 thru November 8, and the second split is November 28 thru January 3. We will meet via conference call or Skype to review our suggestions and finalize the dates so they can be included with the new hunting regulation book. I will keep you posted.
  16. Not sight fishing now, the water is too dirty, can't even see bottom. Same amount of boats today but the fishing was a little slower. Is it really a big secret that the perch are biting on the north end of Cayuga in the spring? On minnows?
  17. thejigger

    Cayuga Perch

    Fishing has been great lately. West side of the channel out in front of Canoga is where I have been catching them. Tons of boats, counted over 30 the last 2 times I fished. A lot of guys are jigging, I have been using minnows under slip bobbers. Good luck and be safe.
  18. We fished Fair Haven today, the old east wind saying proved to be true. In 3 hours we boated 2 and lost 1. The water was very dirty in close so we had to fish deeper than I like to this time of year. Water temp was 36, fish came on pink Thunderstick jr and NBK.
  19. We hunted 2 different areas on the Finger Lakes National Forest today and put up 1 bird about 50 yards ahead of us. What a beautiful day for a walk in the woods. Gonna try a new area tomorrow that I have been wanting to check out for a couple years now, then back to the area I saw all the tracks in the other day.
  20. Just got back from hunting pheasants on a preserve. We reserved 8 and killed 7. We put the 8th one up but it flew towards the club house and my son did the right thing by not shooting. Hank is a machine. The birds were holding very tight today, so tight he actually caught a hen! I plan on walking my hangover off tomorrow hunting grouse again. Good luck and safe hunting/fishing
  21. Hunted a new area today. We only put 1 up with no shots. Tough conditions again today. Saw a ton of tracks so we will definitely go back when conditions improve. Chasing pheasants tomorrow, then beer and wings for the game
  22. Hank and I hunted yesterday and put up 6 grouse. Conditions were tough, crunchy snow and the snow that fell overnight where I was hunting was on the branches, making shots nearly impossible. I watched Hank look up in the trees that we put birds out of. He is learning all the time. Yesterday started my 6 day break and we plan on hunting every day. Sunday I am taking my son to the pheasant preserve for his 16th birthday. It is a tradition we started when he turned 12 and something we look forward to every year. Good luck and safe hunting/fishing
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