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  1. I have had good luck in shallow water (4 to 10 ft) early in the morning casting small pumpkinseed colored jigs. As the sun gets higher in the sky, the smallmouths move into deeper water (20 to 30 ft), and if there is a decent wind, they can be caught drifting shiners or crayfish as well as casting jigs. Smallmouth only have to be 10 inches to keep on Skaneateles and are excellent eating. good luck!
  2. from the weeds in. It will get tougher to deal with the weeds as time goes on, but those spawned out females are up in the shallow water. If the moss and weeds are too much, try not letting the jig go all the way to the bottom. I also have good luck throwing the smallest stickbaits you can buy. This allows you to stay above the moss. Good luck!
  3. I caught some nice perch along shore just south of Ensenore throwing brown plastic jigs.
  4. I have fished for perch during the early summer on the big lake and found that off the bluffs you can see the perch in shallow water and catch them on jigs
  5. Thanks Jim for the info. I have fished Fair Haven quite a bit in the past but only fished Sodus through the ice. I live <1 mile from Owasco Lake and grew up on Cayuga Lake so I have some ideas, just looking for some inside info. I would be glad to share any info on Owasco, Cayuga or Skaneateles Lakes, because that is where I mainly fish. Tomorrow I am going to Oneida to fish with my brother, he has been doing well on the walleyes.
  6. I am renting a house on Sodus Bay the second week of June and would like information on panfish spots to fish.
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