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  1. Fished both days out of Wilson offshore. We boated about 30 steelys between both days and lost probably the same amount. We also had a few small kings 10 to 15lbs in the mix. Caught a few on flasher fly but 98% came on all spoons. Caught one of my biggest in the boat in a long time over 14lbs looked like he was already out of his prime on the down slide. If his head matched the body he would of been well into the high teens. Its seems the average this year is between 8 and 10lbs. Very few kings caught a couple guys hit some kings but most people seems are like us may average one mature a trip.
  2. Fished the bar 2nd time all year first time was a skunk. This time out wasn't too much better started in 2fters but calmed down mid morning. Screen was more than bleak out there first fish on was a 10lb laker 150ft of water 40 down. Temp was pretty cold 40 down 50 degrees. Than it was a steady pick of shakers until about and 8lb brown hit. We than took the first and only rip of ther morning #3 setting dipsey on the wire /spin doctor and hammer fly. Took 400ft out and than decided to do another 100. Fishing has been so bad for kings down here this year i haven't heard the scream since May. Don't get me wrong i can't complain about boating 20 steelys 8 to 10lbs a day but nothing beats a mature. We ended up landing him and he went 26lbs. The weeds more than made up for the lack of sea fleas which were also present. I love working the bar but they just have not been there this year. Blame it on the polar vortex... I am going back to the depts 400+ for more action.
  3. I used to be a lowrance guy until i got hummingbird - simplest to use great picture. My buddy has a lowrance and its the biggest pain in the but with pages , charts etc...don't get me wrong it must have the functions as the direction book is like war and piece..back tothe chevy ford debate.
  4. fishing su**S as mentioned was one of those trailers last weekend fished 350-450 out to 30 line. hit some steelhead and a couple small kings but no majors. I have been out 4 days total skunked on 2 of them. I am friends with 2 guys that are out 3 times a week and same results. I keep saying its got to turn on but hasn't happened yet I would delay the trip especially how the weather keeps changing. However I have one rule you can't catch them on the couch and this weekend winds are going to cooperate. Rain / Thunder storms ?? . Good Luck see you on the water in 650
  5. Limited out both days over the weekend and it seems everyone i know boxed out walleye fishing amazing again this year. It was deadliest catch in route back to harbor at sturgeon. 8 mile drive at 8mph - zero fish at myers only silver bass - don't get me wrong i love walleye but can't wait to get on Ontario for something that doesn't skip over the waves into the net . I was running riggers on the bottom and dipseys - ditto on the gold and orange along with running stick baits.
  6. wow 4mph at the ball , you were flying but the saying goes you can't outrun a fish.I just the same principal for walleye
  7. I was there sunday around 10am with the family and they had a guy making sure nobody launched from the retrieval side. I didn't see anyone coming out around 2pm over seeing it than. When the fishing is good and everyone is catching fish people come from all over. Yes if you want to make the run down the river believe me more "people pleasure boaters" use these launches more than the fisherman. I was about 1 hr in the hole there as well but thankfully all fisherman and everyone had their Sh** together. However i will point out people who drive their boats on tend to think they can drop someone off go get the trailer cut line to pick up. I will not be lied to again by people pretending not to be cutting it was a great example to show my 10yr on boater edicate. Even he picked up on it and made a comment.
  8. there is always one. i bet he was zig zagging as well. Hitting it tomorrow as well. 2 more weeks of walleye than salmon here i come...
  9. fished sunday, we boated 25 eyes kept 18 for 3 man limit. 3 of my other buddies also boated over 10. Looks like another banner year. I love to see everyone catch fish only problem i have when fishing is this good is people that aren't fisherman come out and have no clue to whats going on and drive right up on you when you have the boards out or whatever. 50 boats going East West and always one cabin cruzer flying north south.. Oh well thats why you have to catch them before 10am and get off the water. FISH ON....
  10. fished buffalo today and pounded them all eaters. My buddy did grand slam today boated 2 man limit yellows and than did the perch. Way to much cleaning for me. He said walleye cleaning took 15mins and the perch took 2 hours and about the same in meat in comparison.
  11. i looked at scotty but they don't have what i'm looking for. I might be able to modify but i know what i need just have to find it again. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. nobodys got nothing LOL... ?
  13. I am looking for a rail mount to mount my homemade planer reels. I saw the bracket at gander last year and of course this year when i go back to buy it long gone and all new kids there have no clue about it. I can't remember company but I swear it was like greal lakes angler green and yellow packaging. Any ideas would help and again its just the bracket that mounts on the rail that i can attached my wheels to.
  14. I would get ride of them all and use Down East no messing around pulling up and fighting to get them out of holder. I have used all of them and bar far the best design for at least the dipsey rod.
  15. surface temp went from 54 degrees wednesday to 60 yesterday. The boat traffic as expected is unbelievable. We have been getting them with everyone else on woodlawn and hamburg has been hot. Don't know how long it will last with warmer temps. After last nights experience with a yaa hoo starting up his boat and literally almost ramming me and taking 3 lines with all the braid. I might wait for the day time people that don't know what they are doing.LOL I hope the guy cuts a seal in the lower unit. Some people are clueless and have no right to be out there.. unbelievable.....
  16. Awesome Congrats, its my favorite place to fish and lucky i live 20 mins from it. Awesome fish .....
  17. I didn't see one below top 5. This being the first year i think they still need to work the bugs out.
  18. Weird as there was another boat named Outlaw fishing next to us in Canadian water we thought he was the guy. We gambled on weighing the 14lber on Wednesday. Whether or not the stars would allinged who knows but we ended up boating that 20 and one pushing 19 that would of made the spread even bigger. You never know. Only thing i learned in this tourney being what i would consider my biggest tourney to fish in amongst the top salmon guys is read the fine print could pay up to $10,000 up to 70 boats. I believe 35 were entered and i didn't see anywhere where it mentioned 5 places being paid out maybe i missed it? What a heart breaker learning how many boats were actually in it and the final payout.. We had a fun time none the less
  19. Fished the Welland last week and they were thick like that too. Spoke with one of the guys from a Michigan Team fishing the WHI and they went out to 400 ft of water and marked a solid 200ft of bait down. . He just kept shaking his head saying never scene anything like that on Lake Michigan...LOL
  20. We ran a spoon program, the 2 big boys came on green gator and NBK. I think we boated under 100 fish for the 4 days we fished mostly coho biggest around 3-5lbs and a couple browns under 10lbs and a handful of lakers biggest i would say maybe 8lbs. I have to admit we lost 3 kings one which looked around 18lbs at the boat and the 2 were on may hands pole took off and they were on for about 20 seconds and came off. Needless to say i didn't touch another rod that day after my jinx.....
  21. sorry guys contact information is 716-535-9349. This boat is located North Tonawanda NY 14120
  22. Well took the entire week off to fish the Salmon Slam and 1000k a day tourney. We fished out of Canada all week it was exciting to say the least. Saturday we pulled in front of the Welland and the bait was thick as could be within 15mins had a king on around 10lbs. That would be the only fish we boated that day. Took sunday off to return on Monday. Drove all the way across the border launched the boat and i pulled the trailer up to the lot. Came back to the boat and my 2 partners were deer in headlights. The starter took a sh**. So much for vacation day number one worked on it all day and luckily got it repaired in time for Tuesday. Tuesday was beatiful day our program was 2 leadcores, 2 riggers, and 2 dipseys. First line in the water and we couldn't keep a pole in the water we boated no joke around 40 fish that day with 2 majors for the combined weight 30lbs total for our first tally to the 7 fish. Wednesday was semi calm in the morning but got nasty however first fish on was our first fish over 20lbs. We ended up catching a mix of fish total weight around 60 some pounds with 4 fish. Now comes the exciting part do we weigh in a 14lb fish or gamble to catch 2 more fish. We decided to weigh in the 14. The next day was left over East winds which were supposed to be heavy so we opted to not fish. Of course we later found out the lake was flat... figures. Friday our final day to fish and last day of tourney. We knew we needed over 17 to have a nail biter and another 20 we make us feel comfortable. First fish on we happend to stike gold i fought it for about 30mins and we ended up landing another one over 20lbs. What a relief...........next fish ended up being 18lbs which would of help the cause but we could only weigh in the 20. It was fun to fish and hearing the sound of the drag scream reminds me why we all love to fish Lake O......PS the boat is now for sale in the LOU classifieds my buddy didn't plan on selling it as the engine was just redone last year but he came across a great deal on a bigger boat and jumped on it. Here is a pic of the Friday kings.
  23. Posting this for my friend, 1986 Starcraft Islander 170HP 4 cylinder comes with 2 Electric Mag Cannon downriggers, igloo fish cooler, big john planner board mast and planer boards, salmon net, 2 deep cycle batterys, Raython Fish Finder and Marine Radio. All the rubber on trailer is good with 2 new tires and rims just put on with 2 new tires also extra brand new prop. The entire motor was redone last July from head to toe as well as the bellows and shifter cable were replaced last year with a new water pump. Brand new mouring cover along with biminy top. New Led lights and wiring just redone as well on trailer. The bearings on trailer were replaced last year. $4800 Best offer. Please do not contact me via the web any follow up please call owner John on cell 535-9349.
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