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  1. Well oil is fine - started to pull the plugs to check them out and first 2 were ok and than 3rd one I could tell something is wrong. Was tough to get out and when I took it out the spark plug was blown up. Top piece of metal gap missing floating around some where. Guesing lifter is shot. Taking it apart to look at the head and most likely taking it to mechanic for the go thru. Only problem is as usual more than backed up and summer will be over by the time they get to it. There is always next year. Can't fish much in August. Lukcy have a smaller back up boat and fishing with a friend. Like my father always says money will fix it. thanks for everyones input
  2. Not my year - well took boat out after the filter flip and she started up smooth ran no problem trolled about 2 hours and went to run to the next hot bite went up on plane and all of a sudden she died and quite 8 miles out lucky I put the kicker motor on. Well she started up again but was still under power and limped in again. this time ticking sound in motor. Nursed her in towards shore and fished the way home. First guess is rocker arm or cylinder hanging up but guessing. Here I go from water issue to now motor -can't win. I am going to check the plugs to see if one is more fouled out than normal since they are brand new or try unplugging the spark plugs to see if she dies out on one. Any suggestions I am thinking of taking up bull heads from the bank at this point
  3. Classic, well last year had a friend of frined who used to be a marine mechanic diagnosis my problem last year which was the in line fuel filter on the Carb. Ran end of last year no problems. With my boat I get one plane and then back off so no big problems. Ran the boat probably 3 to 4 more times that year no problem this year 1 time out no problem. Than it hit with the hestiation. Well long story short I am not a mechanic but pulled the fuel filter and thought it was weird the covered end was facing the fuel line on the filter. I looked at the manual and flipped it around. BINGO I think friend of friend had to many pops before working on my boat or in a hurry. Not sure why I didn't have a problem last year but I took her for a test run and floored it a couple times and she took right off. UNBELIEVABLE. I was 2 seconds about to rip the CARB off. Thanks for eveyones input
  4. tried that couldn't see any water - I think maybe the carberator is gummed up ? I have never touched it in my 2 years of owing it and it woulndn't hurt to go thru it. I am going to throw some new plugs it in even though they are fine I figured it can't hurt and I think I am going to run another hose by passing the water separator just to see if that is messing me up as this boat never hard one and I just put it on and maybe reducing gas flow? Who knows but I am pissed as the best fishing is slipping me by. Luckily friend with smaller boat and we can get out but I miss my boat as you get beat to a piss in the 17ft aluminum compared to 21ft fiberglass. What a differnce.
  5. Its a 1986 V6 and runs like a top until NOW cough cough. I put a new cap and rotor on last year spark plugs are one year old and look good. Points / condensor / timing is all new to me it might be the next step. Seems like she wants to go but starving for gas. I put that water seperator on it and I wondering if its messing me up. I might bypass and run a new fuel line to it to see what happens. I just pulled the fuel filter on the carb since it was that last year and it looked good. Thanks for the suggestions keep them coming
  6. Well here I am again fourth of july weekend with boat problems. Last time out trolled all day go to shoot back in 9 miles out and hit 15 miles and hour and boat starts to stuter. This happened to my last year and I had to limp in 5mphs and it turned out to be fuel filters on carb. I installed a water seperater this year to try and catch any debris. Well this year my limp was 15mph in. I took it out for a test run after replacing the water seperator which I didn't see any water. Also I forget to add i put a new fuel filter in the fuel pump this year. My test run did the same thing hit half throttle and once over that boat starts to hesitate fast slow / fast slow. Any ideas I have never had the carberator rebuilt I am thinking maybe floats or something. I am by far no mechanic just trying to elimate possibilities. I live in the North Tonawanda area.
  7. Well finally made the board. I will let my son pose with the fish. I made a rookie mistake we hit this fish and had the other rigger go off. I knew I had a different fish on but it was so close to the other one I thought we were tangled and pointed the rod at the fish. GONE It end up being this 12 pd steely on the one rod and I new the other one was just as big as it was staying deep. To add fault 15mins later rigger goes off and fish is on but not moving under the boat. Guessing it doesn't know its hooked. The wife was on the rod and she has landed many big ones before but this one she said was like a rock. One huge buck and gone... story of my life. Should of had 3 on the board. My brother in law was 12th Sunda done to 15th now.
  8. thanks for the suggestions -- I have a long shaft johnson and to be honest of have measured it like 2 times not in the water on the boat and it seems to barely hit the water line on my boat. First time out this year and I didn't want to experiment with messing around with it. I took another measurement and had close to full tank of gas and another 220 pd body and I think it dropped me a littler closer. I am going to have to put her on and give it a shot to see where i am at with the current bracket. I honestly still think I am going to need the drop down customer mount. I appreciate the feed back. I got stuck about 8 miles out last year luckily I was still moving but slow and it turned out to be the fuel filter on the carberator. I swore never to go out again without a back up.
  9. Does anyone have any suggestions for a kicker motor bracket that I can mount on my swimplatform. I bought one but after I put the motor on it I realized I am only about 4 inches in the water. I need some kind of dropdown one. I found one on this website Ocean Marine systems but I am looking for other ideas. I am mounting 2 stroke johnson weight about 100pds guessing. I can get creative and mount something on the mount I already have but I don't know if it takes some of the strength out of it and we all know the pounding its going to get back there. Suggestions appreciated
  10. i agree you must lose the fish ID in order to see the true image. I think they just put that on there to get everyone exicted thinking there is fish there. I like when you go over a clump of weeds and its solid fish -
  11. what other job can you keep and be wrong 50%of the time. Amazing
  12. I also am up for ideas. I love trout fishing on the big O but not that big of fan keeping them and thats pretty much what ends up happening. I hang over the side for 15minutes and they look good and let them go and belly up they go. I can only had out so many pounds of fish to people.
  13. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: S * K (skill and knowledge) ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):6-20-10 Time on Water:7am - 1pm Weather/Temp:1 ft chop Wind Speed/Direction:West 10-15 Waves: 1 ft or less Surface Temp: 60 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated:4 Species Breakdown:salmon Hot Lure: everything Trolling Speed: 2 Down Speed: 2 Boat Depth: 150-200 Lure Depth: 60 Fished out of Wilson Today first time on the salmon waters for the year. Like to actually know I have a fish on the hook rather than a 15 inch walleye that I have been dragging around the lake all day. I finally can come out of the lurker stage to post. We had a slow pick all morning but finally the dipsey went off 200 back on a 2 1/2. 42nd spin doctor with a green hammer atomik - 400ft run produce a 19 pd king always that one pd short for the derby- story of my life but it was nice to finally get out.
  14. nice report - heading out tomorrow myself first trip this year on the Big O - sick of realling in walleyes might as well put my sneaker on the line and real it in 200 back same amount of fight
  15. I fish there on a regular basis and if you have a big boat like we do never use the north launch to shallow. As you guys learned the hard way some may argue but with the water being low and all the bass boats in the summer driving the boats up on the trailer and reving those 250's it has set up a gravel bar there. I wish they would dreg it out - i had the unfortunate hit and run last year down their with someone who was kind enought to back down the whole side of my truck with their trailer guides. When I came back to pull my boat out I had a nice suprise. What pisses me off is they new they hit me and didn't have the guts to leave a note or wait.
  16. I heard it was slow out there as well. With the warm up I don't know if it will turn things on or slow them down out there. If anything fish the bar and if things are slow troll the shoreline. With the record temps I would imagine it going to be a little crowded out there tomorrow - Good Luck
  17. Thanks Guys - I may flip a coin and give it a try
  18. How hard is it to change the drags on these reels. I admit I have been taking my reels to a guy who does a great job for a few bucks but how hard can it be? Any suggestions if its worth my time and or where to get the parts?
  19. Question about the HD lowrance I was using one of my fishing partners and the only thing I didn't like or didn't have time to mess with was a quick icon marker. I like to mark my spot if I catch a fish and swing back thru. Does this graph have that feature? I am guessing yes its just that it didn't stand out to where my current graph a hit 1 button and spot saved. I don't like to have to scroll thru menu after menu looking for it. I know you can customize your screens but I looked with no luck. Any input ?
  20. Ok, guys and girls need a little feedback. Last year one of my buddies bought a new Lowrance HD5 and I couldn't believe how sensative it was. Although a guy at West Marine said it wasn't working right on the Canadian side. I really don't fish much in Canada but I want to make sure I can see the line. What are your thoughts for a new toy?
  21. I also think it stinks but think of the tackle shop that opens at 6am and is open until 8pm. Long day??? Most of the tackle shops around me are mom and pop places and I don' think I would want to hold down those hours at my job.
  22. fished the bar again this morning dropped one at the boat maybe 10 -15 pds white spin doctor green homemade fly - didn't see any other boats have any action that i noticed. Still great picture but lock jaw. Ran out to 30 line caught one small steel not much bait out there. Went to pack up to come back in and boat acted up would only go 5 miles with hesitation took over an hour to get back. I putted in luckily, no back up but one is going on next year.... I am throwing in the towel 2 trips and 4 fish. Hopefully someone else did better but radio chatter seemed about the same SQUAT
  23. I fished the bar on Tues and tons of fish but lock jaw - I am fishing the rest of the week and pondering the same. I don't think it matters where you go its tough this time of year and the more I fish the more I am starting to agree with my buddy Sept 1st put the boat away and switch to goose. I guess the bar it is for me tomorrow maybe I will be lucky to have one of those salmon that are jumping out there jump in my boat..
  24. Fishing Report Your Name / S & K ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9-1 Time on Water:10:30 to 5pm Weather/Temp:75 Wind Speed/Direction:SW Waves: calm Surface Temp: 72 Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 4 Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown:1 rainbow 1 coho Hot Lure: homemade Trolling Speed: 3 Down Speed: 2.5 Boat Depth: 450 Lure Depth: 30 Fished the bar mid morning about 2 hrs on the shelf - good looking screen no takers. Picked up headed to the corner popped 1 5pd steely right off the bat and then missed one. 1 1/2hrs later no takers. Picked up ran to my 30 / 31 line spot and hit small coho maybe 14 incher. Ran back to the bar and still the same picture but no takers. Tried spoons/ flasher flys /cut bait different speeds / depths . Finally waived the surrender flag at 5pm. I know I wasn't there prime time but was disappointed in the day. Oh well thats fishing.
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