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  1. Fished it thus am as well did only one major in am,went out deep had 2 knock offs and small king. Came back into the fleet fish where there but tight lipped.managed only one 8lb steely. I only saw one other net out all day
  2. You must have the trick down know 2 charters guys fished last 2 days and they both are averging 4 matures a trip.I guess the steely bite has been good though
  3. Fished 300 to 450 depths boated 2 kings one 19 one 5. Also 2 steely around 9 pounds flasher fly 185 on 2 1/2, big king was on homemade orange. My buddy's did very well boated 9 matures with a couple steely. If your on a good pod action is good finding them is key the next thing boat pressure guys are like flys to roadkill once the net comes out as we learned today.
  4. Fished today Aug 2nd ,good temp bait up high all could manage was Skippy's,went out to corner fished 25 to 29 line fleas horrible not one knock off.came back in about 3ft waves fished 4 mile to Wilson 150 ft to 220 Nada.....
  5. Went friday with family boated 1 king 18lbs and 1 coho for the couple hours we were out. Fished Saturday from the 25 line to 29 line had around 15 hits total. We landed around 8 fish with 3 kings 18 to 20lbs as well as a few small kings under 5lbs and a coho to top it off. All the kings came on flasherfly no real pattern each fish was on a different combination.
  6. Today fished 4 hours with my family 9 to 1. First hit dipsey spin and fly 185 on a 1.5,2 fish 19lbking on dipseys 3 setting 150 back complete opposite. Didn't mark any bait until 25 line than it was solid all the way as far as I went.bait started 40ft down and slowly dropped to 75.so thick I couldn't read bottom.temp was deep 52 down 80. I couldn't buy a fish on rigger. Very very very slow.I wasn't out peek times but action was slow enough for me to call it a day rather than wife and kid I got bored.lol..
  7. Nice post and nice to see your willing to run that far for your clients
  8. Fished Saturday boated 2 kings,20lbs and one 15 couple stealhead but fishing is the normal avg about 10 hits a day. But at least the size is up. Nothing beats that drag screaming.....
  9. Fished Thurs and Saturday around same as everyone it seems we boated around 5 fish each day and lost about the same amount. Both days we boated 15lb kings and yesterday we landed an 11lb steely for the board.hopefully week of stable weather and she will setup.
  10. Fished buffalo Thurs night semi good picture but no takers ran 20/30 jets, 2 leadcore and in line bottom bouncers, 6 lines and one silver bass to show for the effort.I hate ne winds never do good.
  11. I would still stick to Barcelona,for the hour u can fish there u triple your odds.fished last weekend and did 23 fish. Early morning bite all stick baits.avg weight 7lbs.weekend prior to that fished small boat 2 days 4 fish.I hope someone has better report than me as I can't make commute every weekend either, gas$$$$$
  12. We are wondering same thing fished both days out buffalo Saturday 1 6lbs and Sunday 3 biggest 8lbs. That's full days of fishing.hasn't been squat for bait but saw pretty cobsistant perch pods off of sturgeon.
  13. Buddy was fishing huge school during the day 14ft water could see hundreds of them belly to bottom.sorry to say this storm and wind I'm sure stirred them up who knows where they are now,buddy drove by route 5 said chocolate milk
  14. Nice I was board this winter and also took up lure making and painting. I make mine out of resin from larry dahlburgs kit. paint was the easiest part $100 harbor freight airbrush kit and some acylic paints done deal. However my buddy had to top me lures from china buck a piece for anything you want and I paint the for him. Like you said the hand painted out fished store bought. I use the seal all clear to finish them and they all looks store bought. I cant wait to crush the walleye with them. If I get motivated I will post picks on my kids laptop and no email.
  15. Fished sunday morning first trip of the year buddys boat. Left the pier heads to notice not much of stain west and a couple boats working east. Decided rather that struggle to catch the a couple browns we would go catch eveyones favorite lake trout. Ran out to 50ft put the riggers down and planers our with leadcore used combo sticks and spoons. Rigger wasn't down 5mins and first release of the year. It was like glass out there and we ended up boating probably close to 30 + fish and lost at least 10. The couple biggens were in the low 20s. We had a blast and what a way to open the season. However I can't wait for the scream of a king.
  16. S * K

    Barcelona Grease

    nice, I always say that i am going to a spinner combo up as the kids struggle with the baitcasters to reel them in and i know they would do so much better with the spinning tackle. Its just spending the bucks for a decent one with a good drag system in it. Escpecially on the salmon.
  17. I have to say thats the first i have scene salmon pics from a pontoon. I will cross that off my list next to kayak, whats next wake board
  18. fished today saw the rough expected am rollers. Started at 11am 2ft rollers no cap, by 1pm flat like a pancake. Only boated couple shakers and lost one decent rip. Rounds up my summer on Lake O ton of steelhead very little king action this year for me. Biggest was a 26 lber and i can count on both hands how many majors i boated. Shutten her down for the year good luck to all you pier runners i stay away from combat fishing. However with all the bait this year wonder how big the slobs will avg this year in the creeks.
  19. temp was cold as its been this year 40 down 50 degrees fish all in the upper water column. I have heard of some guys fishing 60 / 80 down but i can't get a rod to go down there.
  20. Both days were different first day was 350 next day was 450. Fish are moving constantly chasing bait pods. Saturday it was close 350 and sunday same spot was dead had to find another pod. As for spoons it was anything with gold in it. Good Luck im on family vacation the next 2 weeks so your derby guys are safe from me. My group even though i'm not in it will go for the trifecta we have placed within top 15 both spring and summer derbys, we will see if they can do fall. Lets hope the king bite picks up for you guys. Steelys are fun but nothing beats the scream of a king.
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