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  1. If it is completely dead, a three bank charger will not recognize the battery and will not charge it. Take a trickle charger, put a little charge on it and then the three bank charger will recognize it.
  2. Why do you leader down when running spoons. I'm a newbie and trying to get it all under control. I've noticed that my rigger spoons take few hits.
  3. I have one and use it when salmon fishing to keep the back of the boat clear. It works well for steering but it is hard to go straight with it. The boat always turns to one side or the other and you have to adjust it/keep an eye on the boat. I don't know why. I do walleye fishing and local 9.9 lakes and I like the tiller option. I paid about 35$ for mine and you can also make them in you go to a local hardware store.
  4. If the first two don't take the 300', I would be interested.
  5. Fished again today. Targeted 190-270. 1- 19.2 king, a small steelhead and two horrendous wire dispey/braid/mono knots.
  6. 40'-80' down. I don't have a probe so I don't know down or temp. Fished the same waters today and a small king and steelhead.
  7. Fished harbor east to power plant. Two kings 18" and about 8 lbs. 42 st. Dodger and fly and chartreuse/silver spoon. 190'-350' of water. Marks were better in closer. Fish came in 270' of water. Fish 3 p.m. To dark.
  8. Lockport inn and suites has rooms in the 100$ range (my recommmendation/pizza place across the road delivers and has very good food)about 20 minutes from ramp. Wes at slippery sinker has rooms, as well as various hotels/bed and breakfasts in olcott. They are not 5 stars but they are beds. Wes seems to be honest and won't try to sell you the tackle store. The steelhead are consistently bigger than they are on lake Erie and there is a larger population of them so they are easier to catch. After you catch the first king you'll forget about the steelhead. Gas is the same price at the ramp as at the gas station. If you're a seniors citizen they give you a break on launching and the cleaning station is a 1$ a fish. More experienced fisherman have given you good ideas on catching fish. I've done it the last 2 years and its a nice change. 3-5' waves are much different on lake Ontario than Erie. I wouldn't purposely fish them but it is possible if you get out in them.
  9. With wire, braid, mono, & fire line we smack the rod above the handle with our hand. This knocks the fleas of that are out of the water. You have to smack it fairly hard but you can watch them flip off.
  10. I didn't notice the difference between braid, fireline, and 7 strand wire 2 weeks ago. All three collected fleas. Wire took more shots on a slow day for us though.
  11. With walleye and a multi-line set up, you can bring fish over the deeper inside lines. Does this occur with trout and salmon? I can image a king deciding to go deep wrapping up a dipsey and a downrigger. I want to fish more lines but don't want to pull them every time we catch a fish.
  12. I have run a ranger 1860 out of olcott the last two summers. I found lake Ontario much easier to run than lake Erie in the bigger waves. I believe it is the longer wave length, a function of depth. If I wasnt going out neither were the charters.
  13. cprost


    Christopher Pataskala, Ohio My garage (Haven't found a marina that can handle my boat yet.) Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Steelhead. ================== Thank you LOU for the welcome. I was recommend by Lundy to join to cut the learning curve on salmon fishing on Ontario. I walleye fish on Erie and local lakes. I have a Ranger 1860 angler. I'm an avid duck hunter and deer hunt some. Both my wife and I are teachers so our summers are reserved for fishing and traveling.
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