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  1. East wind on the west side of the Lake stay home. I felt bad for a guy I saw that drove all the way from OH today. If you can fish in 5ftrs all day god bless you. I am a weekend warrior but I have learned to not waste my time. Even with the 25 bucks for the derby and I live 20 mins for the Niagara Bar. Anything over 10 out of the east forget about it. Plus per surface temps lake may have flipped already
  2. I didn't examine the fish. I was playing doctor trying to get the treble out of his mouth and pray the thing would make it. Sorry to say he is probably sea gull food by now. I zoomed in on my pic and I don't see one, but I can't say for sure.
  3. How about this for 2 different fish on the flasher fly. I can't believe I dragged this guy around for 1 hour wasting my last hour of day light. Other than that we caught 3 other fish in total biggest 10pds and a few shakers. This was Monday night out of the fort.
  4. thanks for the help guys close but no cigar - I only had one and lost it otherswise I would have a pic - also truely I haven't taken time to post some pics yet so no clue - I bet I got it in gander but still not it - Rule of thumb always buy 2 spoons. I but it before I was heavy into salmon fishing and it collected dusk for 10 yrs. Thanks for everyones help the search goes on.
  5. I am in the same boat I have a couple 47lc and I had the drags replaced but still the same problems. My wife was kind enough to battle a 10 pd coho yesterday and I was asking her what is taking so long. She said the reel wasnt' working. I gave a few smart remarks and she finally got it in. Well to my suprise upon the next fish I thought I had a monster on which turned out to be a 8 pd steely. Which took me way to long to get in. I am saving money for the 47 sealines what a difference. I am working on retiring my 47 to walleye fishing they don't seem to peel the drag - ha ha
  6. NBK and getter dunn - my new favorite spoon ...for this year
  7. I give you credit any time you fish by yourself in seas like that any fish is a good fish
  8. Ok guys and girls I lost my lucky spoon and have no idea what it was. See if anyone has an idea. I believe i got it at gander many years ago and I think a no name company. It was like a like a light lime green check board pattern almost like a snake skin kind of checker board pattern. It wasn't glow or anything but a white back with lime green checker board. Any ideas???
  9. Was out yesterday night out of Wilson fished 4 to 8pm. Guy said he got some action 50 to 70 ft steelies and small kings. I went out and tried that program but the temp stunk. The closer I got to shore the colder it got 40 degrees 50 down in 50 to 70 ft of waters. Picked up and went out to 150 to 200 hit a 8pd steel right off the bat on a white spin doctor green atomic. Poked around for 1 more shaker king and called it a night. Temp was tough out there as well 40 to 50 down fluctuated between 45 degrees and 52 once a awhile. Nothing stabil. Friend went out today and did a couple teenage kings depths unknown... guessing out deep again.
  10. you forgot the kitchen sink - Some days are just like that aren't they - One hot pole
  11. (Your Name) : S & K ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): (6-26 Time on Water: (5-9pm) Temp/Weather: (85°F and sunny, Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at 8 MPH) Waves: (Calm) Surface Temp: (65 degrees) Location: (Wilson) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: (3) Total Boated: (1) Species Breakdown: 1 king Trolling Speed: (2.25 mph) Boat Depth: (150ft) Lure Depth: (70 ft) Fished out of Wilson Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a feeasko as usually as when filling the boat up for probably once in my life gas came overflowing out of the over spout. Okay no big deal that means I have 70 gallons but since my first time overflowing since owning the boat I felt an urge to check inside the boat. Lucky when I opened the hatch I smelled gas and saw it seeping out from the float. Well since the wife and kid were in the truck and when I said were weren't going and headed back to the house they were a little disappointed as the wife was waiting all day for the sun tan. Lucky long storage short drianed some gas and got some seal all and got in the water by 5pm. 2 hours later. Took a shaker on a slider and lost one on a rigger 70 down on NBK. Took on shot on the dipsey with a spin doctor and before I could grab it, it was off. Weird I thought. Well on the clean up for the trip home looking over the fly the treble broke off. LUCKY ME... Fished Sunday morning before the rain moved in and first set up went over 3 kings and bam white on white spin doctor took a run which put a 18lb in the box only fish of the morning. A couple pounds more and we could of put it on the board. Buddy just got the new HD lowarance and its amazing I couldn't believe the detail and fished we marked.. I need one for my boat $800
  12. S & K ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6-22 Time on Water: (12-6 pm) Temp/Weather:(80°F and sunny) Wind Speed/Direction: (NE 10 MPH) Waves: (1 Footers, Calm) Surface Temp: (60°F) Location: (Wilson ) =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: (6 total hits ) Total Boated: (2 landed ) Species Breakdown: (1 King, 1 Bow) Hot Lure: (Orange / blue dolphin) Down Speed: (2.25 -2.5 mph) Boat Depth: 180-240 Lure Depth: (50 ft) We had temp from 100 to 240 at 55 to 57 degrees 50 to 80 down. A couple pods of bait no hooks by them. Heard 70 ft and less also productive
  13. Hit the upper Niagara came into a bay with about 300 plus (no joke) I shot 8 and called it a day. Fun wheres our quick when you by yourself. I might go back the the recurve as the compound is a little to easy...good luck guys just starting to heat up.
  14. what kind of lure is a fireplug blue or silver clean ? Never heard of them . Please explain
  15. I was going to purchase Sub Troll but now you guys got me thinking. I live right in buffalo or suburbs and figured it was a plus being a home town company where you can walk in the door. I guess to each his own I will still keep debating
  16. I am with you sea lion I do it ever end of May / June in the upper niagara. My favorite time is when the weeds come up. Its more of like a spot and stalk then just ride up and shoot them when spawning. To bad they didn't taste like walleye...
  17. Nice catch hope they're still around for Sunday - towards the can or off of 4 mile?
  18. thanks for the info - I also enjoy making my own nothing feels better than getting a fish on something homemade.
  19. Thanks guys I will save my money I mean copper for a new rig. I was told Penn 350 is a good choice for a reel? Of course I just bought a Penn 330 for my 10 color of lead. Do you have to get a spring tip and special guides for the rod?
  20. What did you use to for the line to go thru? I have tied some of my own using a coffe straw but I know there has got to be a little piece of plastic to substitute. How do you hold yours in the vise when tying them?
  21. I have always used 10 colors of lead but now everyone seems to run copper. I would also like to know what benefits do you get from copper. Please someone explain the math between 10 colors of lead compare to ## of copper???
  22. Nice catch guys. We also fished on Friday worked hard but only had 1 runner which we lost within about 10 seconds. Marked that spot to start Saturday morning and luckily we dropped lines and had 1 on within 5 minutes 10lbs. Got him and and banked another 10 pder got him and had a feista 18 pder. Before we new it we had 30 boats all over us and there goes the school. Managed 1 other small one for the day. I had fun fishing it but I didn't like how some people brought in short fish and were not disqualfied. I don't know if anybody else picked up on that at the weigh in.
  23. Mick, nice boat I was the guy leaving next to you launching at Wilson. We did a couple cohoes and one 14 1/2 laker. No kings for us.. hopefully our luck will change FRI . Sat . Sun
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