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  1. Fished 6am-10:30am, had the boats best day so far this year. Took my sister out and she got her 1st salmon.
    Went 11/15 with DW NBK being our best bait, spin drs with homemade flies and michigan stinger diehard being tied for 2nd best.
    Got the most action at 380' fishing around 50' down. It's always a treat to get the 19' boat out deep when conditions allow.
    Best wishes to all that get out. 20210713_081822.thumb.jpg.7ae03a6cd5fce5db9e04789afa98dc40.jpg20210713_065549.thumb.jpg.09c1cce2267c82055c7fc33d496bc936.jpg1399481640_20210713_1137082.thumb.jpg.2a2f31d662b7c22af4c93318e179c8bc.jpg
    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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  2. Happy for you guys that life is getting back to "normal ". I couldn't imagine the loses that your family have dealt with, you deserve this success and im happy for you and the family that the fish cooperated!
    Great times are ahead, enjoy bc you've been through the tough stuff!

    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

  3. Was able to take the boys out fishing Sunday morning. Counted around 2 dozen boats working that 100-150' . We hopped in line for around 45 mins and didn't see anyone hooking up or fish on the screen so we cut away from the crowd. 50 down we had 41 degree water temps again.
    Headed out deeper and at around 280', 65' rigger with green diehard spoon goes off and my son got his first king after a 15 min fight! 23.4lbs on the scale and needless to say- high 5s n hugs were instore!
    Lost another king out there shortly after on glow frog spoon 50' down n landed a smaller laker which was suspended way up high.
    Looked at the weather and said rain was coming, turned the boat towards shore and high diver with mag carbon 14 starts ripping and my sons best friend Logan gets his first steelie. Pulled rods after that n headed in.
    Made it to shore and the rain started, perfect timing! Got ice cream after n soon after that the war stories started. What a memorable morning! Fished 7:30-10am.
    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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  4. Waves kicked us off today at 9am but went 4/5 on spoons off rigger 50' n 60' down and mag off board in 120-150'.


    Fishhawk told me 41 degrees at 58', new replacement probe so I hope it was ready right. Do people do like factory resets when they get a new probe?


    Crazy to see the lake flip and get cold like that to a rookie 1st year Lake O wannabe salmon guy.fAYh5WFa-498820266.jpg20210709_074409.jpg


    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.




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  5. ^^^ eriebuck, thanks again for selling me the items I paid for here on the classifieds which you said you shipped just to refund my $ and renig on the deal.

    Bty if you read Yankees previous posts he has graciously written for us so we can have the success he's having- that he normally runs the coho stuff off boards on fishusa stealth leadcore up higher. Almost like what you were going to sell me.

    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

  6. Think thats is the issue? Display on boat works but couldn't read probe. Took probe apart, wiggled the battery wire connection, seemed dry n nothing came of it.

    Just ordered new battery pack like mentioned. Thanks.

    Fish Hawk sells replacement battery packs. They are cheap. Buy 2 and carry a spare6056FAB2-A622-45F7-9F82-61127D6B2B66.thumb.jpeg.b9998cfe4dbe5133594c19ead02a713c.jpeg



    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.








    Barely marked any bait today and fish hawk crapped the bed but got a brown, couple steelies and a nice king today. 160' back on a mountain dew ff over 115' took the king and steelhead. Fleas have started but not bad.


    Replaced batteries, think the connection from battery pack to probe is faulty. Anyone have a fix for this? Trying not to buy a new one. Maybe I'll contact customer service for fish hawk. fRzGOCyO-2918916932.thumb.jpeg.21ebccf6d778f7bfa01441e1aca5750b.jpegZwwvUY2O-2925235873.thumb.jpeg.723e8c390326459f14e4e0d91333ce2a.jpeg20210624_092723.thumb.jpeg.c2fcc3457de5765c16755aacde0ea155.jpeg


    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.












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  8. Got busted while on probation for doing the same thing that got him in trouble in the first place......... tough to feel bad for people who do things like that.


     article said,

    " Saiff also admitted that he was on federal probation when he committed these offenses in 2018, having been convicted in federal court in Syracuse in 2017 for guiding illegal waterfowl hunts over bait in violation of the MBTA. "



    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.










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  9. Thank you gentlemen.
    With the NY season underway, unless we catch a good one I'm going to go silent on fish pics but am willing to answer any and all questions anyone has about equipment, techniques and fish handling.
    Wishing everyone a successful season with lots of memories made! Tight lines and best wishes!FB_IMG_1622800022582.jpeg20210602_123127.jpeg

    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.


    Feel free to post your opening day fish. Katia "The Musky Whisperer" got a couple and lost a couple but cooler than that- Baker baits took a father and son double 30 mins into the opener with one being a 50.5" and another 51" pb for a friend to end the day.

    I can't remember another inland opener with 2 fish over 50.5".

    Good luck this season everyone and last time I overestimate a cold front....... but it was cold , windy and miserable. 6tHLsuGD-696352181.thumb.jpeg.7357845b55ff290b1d5e0bf1a9e07e8a.jpegQ4XULjyE-691024540.thumb.jpeg.463316b22c41971e5693c4e9ee120357.jpegFB_IMG_1622287015684.thumb.jpeg.38361248a9953be05b983dcdcb201802.jpegFB_IMG_1622287007402.thumb.jpeg.5e254b9a37d50e57b1cdfca771e06279.jpegGCqOSHKh-704994181.thumb.jpeg.78efa1684b9d908c856ce6574b646f2e.jpegqfIPVSAh-699349024.thumb.jpeg.09d4b13399a29a63b733feaa5bd600fe.jpeg20210530_064540.thumb.jpeg.de71c782679d88323dd697afbe3cfdbc.jpeg


    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.










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