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    On the last day of Katia being in her 30s before her 40th bday today we only had a few free hours so we hit the lake on a gorgeous day. With lakers being the only game in town atm we took info off this site, went out and had a successful and memorable day even though we haven't ever laker fished before.


    10am to 1pm , 120-130' running mag spoons and spin n glos we got a few and she had a great day! Fish seemed only interested in cowbells and spin n glos for us. Thanks to so many here that share info so others can enjoy themselves!


    A neat experience for us was having both downriggers going off same time, we thought we musta been crossed up or had a double bc something weird was going on. As we both reeled in our rods and the fish came closer we realized the fish ate both rigs and we reeled in the same fish on 2 rods, we are still talking about it!


    Idk if there's ever been a place or website with such a wealth of great lakes fishing information as we have here and we owe that to generous members - without you guys, we couldn't have had such a great day so thank you!


    If you happen to read this Katia, wishing you a wonderful birthday babe! Making memories!53lN2fBE-892428620.thumb.jpeg.36a1051f68dbc6094073910b5bf37379.jpegResized_20210506_112115.thumb.jpeg.e5dc3b5cac925c243435e0aabffdbd56.jpegurTYCnp0-885277983.thumb.jpeg.e89ccd037ce2dfb090c120744de53bec.jpegResized_Screenshot_20210506-123732_Gallery.thumb.jpeg.72b34805a99c478524d2e3bd7670f97a.jpeg41uNriWZ-885758189.thumb.jpeg.9e4342a201bbc57051b3ff8fa77671b2.jpeg0ee1tfGh-893443768.thumb.jpeg.9c72959d928c208948ab851fb8f022ad.jpegATbcMIld-892451936.thumb.jpeg.cb16b6231b5dc5c8d6db9874478109c8.jpeg27450245141643.thumb.jpeg.0b96ef330822b0c7ed936f755ec2b093.jpeg


    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.




















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  2. Thank you Ivan! We are thrilled to be able to travel this spring, last year we didn't get outta state fishing 1x bc of damn ' rona.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful season and of course all the luck in the world! Bet your daughter is getting big by now! See ya on the lake this summer!

    Nice work you two. Great fish.

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    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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    Katia n her netman filled up the gas tank once again and drove to some open season waters bc sitting at home sucks and who the heck wants to cut their grass when it's covered in snow or do home repairs when slob muskies are chewing on hunks of cedar only a few hundred miles away!


    8/13 in a day n a half with a fat 49" prespawn beast for Katia (pics do no justice of girth bc she couldn't lift it well for camera).


    Any color Baker Musky Lure was good as long as it was chartreuse/purple. Loving this early season fishing and we are learning a ton each n every trip, 50 degree water and cold AF above water! PdSSWY5W-1649141156(1).thumb.jpeg.d12f64595e0d2e349ce6f9ab33163342.jpeg


    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.
















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  4. Katia and her net man snuck away outta state for the weekend to try n scratch the musky itch.

    What a great lil trip, 9/13 with a 48 in a day in a half on new waters.

    So nice to fish places without houses n cabins all over it, just woods n water!



    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.




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  5. God bless the hard working small business owners in America like Bill! From my personal experiences he is a professional in all respects, honest (saves all the old parts and itemized bill) , hard working and beyond knowledgeable. The job he did to repair a previous mechanics "hackjob" in addition to around a dozen additional jobs I had him do was excellent and in a super timely manner.


    I have bad to horrible experiences in the past with boat mechanics and marinas taking forever to finish jobs n always above quote, Bill went above and beyond what I could have expected and from my experience I'd highly recommend his services!


    Thanks again Bill, your a person who I have full trust in and someone I hope to be dealing with for many years to come. Word of mouth is everything in this industry and he's the best I've dealt with.


    I'd also like to thank LOU for having this post up, I like many didnt have a reliable boat mechanic and without his post still wouldn't have one. Small businesses make this world go 'round and if we don't support em, we won't have em anymore!


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