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  1. We were up this week and weedcutters were out. You should be able to find good green casting weeds in some areas come October while other stretches are dead.

    For trolling, its a crap shoot. Depending on barometer and local weather the fish will suspend or hug shorelines. Your gonna have to fish to find out sir.

    We were up this week and didn't find much suspended bait, most fish were close to shore. received_591716028182324.thumb.jpeg.b4e2f90b9f405252ed003ba60830281f.jpegreceived_801223247353128.thumb.jpeg.f8a75164e519c5e75bdf64122081faf6.jpeg20200819_111826.thumb.jpeg.ff4c478d47aa9358fa84f70eb4855d2e.jpeg2020-08-18-20-25-08-766.thumb.jpeg.e886f2fb93af34039c3dbc099244e6c6.jpeg


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