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  1. Ive gotten em at night over summer casting n trolling including 3 hits in 15 mins last July.

    Growing up we used to cast depth raiders along the weedlines at night and i also got my casting pb on that lake on a top raider at 1am.

    Here's Katia with a south end night fish from last summer.




    Anyone know if there's a night bite on Chautauqua? My guess would be more likely in the north end? Trying to get my father on some muskies (bucket list fish for him). No experience on that lake but should be easy enough, it just seems like boat traffic is going to be enormous this year. It might not make a difference for the fishing but I'm limited to weekends, and Id prefer a more peaceful outing if it's worth it


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  2. My business partner for shows bought 2 this winter and was a St Croix user for years, says his new 2020 is the best rod he's ever used.

    Ha! That's about how long I deliberate over buying baits. I'll have 20 baits in my cart at TRO for a month. Just look at them every couple of days. Then I finally decide I'm gonna pull the trigger and get it down to maybe 10 and place the order. Great service from TRO and MTO.
    The Whiskey Walleye is a beautiful pattern. Love that orange belly.
    How do you like the 2020 Assault Stick? I was thinking of getting one of the original Shock & Awes for throwing heavy baits but now am thinking about the 2020. Just wondering if it has the lightness and feel of a St. Croix since it has the price.

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  3. Hell musta frozen over, did I just see ole man with a trolling set up?
    You'll like the set up, just make sure to tighten those holders down good first time and imprint the plastic disk into the ridges on the holder. Once they are imprinted with the grooves u can loosen a lil n start fishing. If you don't do that, holder can move on ya while fishing.
    Best wishes fishing this year!

    IMG_4015.thumb.JPG.a3434777bb4233f3511cc69d5bc6abe1.JPGcleat was in the way so I drilled the track to match and used it for the center mount

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  4. Some say that the downrigger ball actually attracts the fish and that long leads are unnecessary. The times I have fished with Rich Clarke he has always set his baits 15-35' back off the ball but i have zero experience doing it myself, just repeating what I've seen and heard. Maybe this is of some value, idk?

    Older footage but this camera is within feet of the ball.


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  5. The fish keep hitting despite the cold 36 degree water temps. Heaviest fall fatty hit the net yesterday along with 8 others. 40lb fish are rare on chautauqua.
    2nd year in a row Bakers are going to win muskies inc release champ, Vance and his wife won men's and women's last year and buddy Dave is gonna win this year.
    So- last 3 of 4 muskies Inc release champs were from Chaut and used the baits as their best lures.
    To those interested in baits, shows keep me plenty busy all winter and invite you to come experience a musky show!88592E92-.jpegIMG_0944.jpegIMG_0626.jpegIMG_0618.jpegIMG_0934.jpegIMG_0920.jpegimagejpeg_0(28).jpegIMG_0590.jpeg4DC3E272-.jpeg59F7C5C4-.jpeg2F6200F8-.jpegIMG_0489.jpeg20191112_121431.jpeg20191112_121411.jpeg20191112_121218.jpeg20191112_121138.jpeg20191109_103309.jpeg20190825_120908.jpeg

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