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  1. anyone going this weekend? gonna do my best to get there saturday am. south end is my destination.
  2. thanks larry, have a long way to go before you and i could ever compare #'s though , you have helped me become a better fisherman and you are the reason i give info so freely.
  3. i am no master but by far the hottest plug i own is the 7" jointed foiled perch w/o rattles. second is the custom painted sucker that if you ask him he will do for you. between those two baits i have had 22 have hit the net this year for me from semi-local pressured waters out of 9 times out so far this year. i know some of you guys in pa like bigger baits so he is also sending some 10" rockets to try that aren't on his website yet. I have never been a fan of rattles or firetiger patterns but that is just me. it has probally cost me some fish at times but i like non- ratteling lures in semi-clear to clear water. if you have an idea for a paint job feel free to ask him, he will do almost anything for you which is awesome since most companies don't give a darn about your ideas, they just want to mass market lures instead of making each plug one by one for their customers. is jointed is better than straight? depends on the day. i think you could take that foiled perch and sucker pattern to almost any lake that muskies swim and do well. just remember i am no master and this is only what has worked for me. you might find the oppisite is true in your own tryings. start w/ 1 or 2 and see if they are worth your hard earned money. all i know is i have alot of other $25 baits that have never caught a fish. these rockets do for me. i might have been a little excited in that last post but thats 'cause i was, i am sure most people would be if it was for the first time in their life they got the hook up. i wasn't looking for this and i didn't whore myself to get those lures. he said he needed someone in this area to try his lures and give feedback. since then we have worked out a deal. please don't take my excitement for cockiness since thats not me, i give my info to attempt to shorten the learning curve of musky fishing since i never had anyone really help me in the past, i had lots of trial and error and lots of wasted $ on inferior products. this was before everyone got so free w/ info on the internet, today with some research you can go almost anywhere and do fish, years ago it was toughter imo b/c of very limited info. i just am trying to let people know about the very first musky lure i have been happy with after trying tons of them from all over and i felt that way before all this snowballed into what it is. once again, i am "no master", so please don't refer to me as that. you can call me zach. i compare these to a wiley on steroids that will last. rodney who makes these plugs has had some over 10 years that he still runs and they still hold together just fine. "ray j" aren't you the one who posts on larry's website also? i think so, if you want i will be more than happy to talk to you in person at the next tournament if you want.
  4. that article is funny but thats nothing- i have been doing that for years. i even have an elastic measuring tape that starts at 30". ha, ha, ha... and to think i have got you guys on this long. lol. ever see my fake plastic midget hand i put next to the fish in the water pics? makes them look billy fucillo "HUGE".
  5. waneta has smaller fish no doubt on average. waneta also has fewer fish imo. so if i would guess the average of 10 from each water. waneta somewhere around 34"-35", chaut- 38"-39" but there are always exceptions. only a guess from my experiences on both waters. bty, if anyone (semi-locally) wants to borrow a lure or two this year feel free to contact me and i will let you try any rocket/ hey cisco( coming out w/ a 6" in addition to his 9" ciscoes) you want for the day or a weekend just don't lose 'em. i will also have some of his prototype deepdivers ($80-$90 each, ouch) and a new bait like a super nice tuff shad w/ a round lip. i got so many lures b/c i have to go around to the shops and show them and try to get them to carry his lures. some are to fish w/ and some are for just for show. everywhere from baits shops in pa to the 1000 island baitshop on the larry i have to stop by and try to promote his baits and get them to carry them. i am also most likely (98.497% sure) doing the winter shows (4) in this area for muskymaniacs. after talking about his rockets on muskiefirst, mike king who makes the slashers says he has a so called "better bait" and wants me to compare his new prototypes to the rockets, so thats how i got those free. i guess mike king has a new lure that is alot more like a les chubbie than his thinner slashers. fished waneta last night,just myself and the red lowe boat guy were out there. everything was in shallow for me, 12fow was my deepest hit last night. all trolling and all on the lucky foiled perch muskyrocket that has been so good to me all year (14 now on that one). horrible cell pics so i won't put any more that are even more blurry. all fish at sunset and after. fished 7pm until 1am. the bait has moved around alot from where i was finding them earlier. the water temp is dropping finally and i had 75 degrees water temps last night w/ alot more surface activity (splashing) than i have seen lately.
  6. yes, after all these years of boycotting firetiger i finally jumped on the band wagon w/ a couple of those ugly lures- i just have always thought that firetiger was the most common color thrown in just about any body of water so i always stayed away from it thinking everyone else was throwing it and the fish have already seen it. bob 5.5mph ain't WARP speed imo its everyday summer trolling speed, at that speed they don't have to be hungry imo, they just get turned on by the speed of a lure wizzing past them. i am surprised that depthraider went that fast and tracked okay. i hear all the chrome falls off those baits too in only a few times out also so i have stayed away from them. last time out i got one running over 6mph and it hit the outside rod on a turn. the lure was traveling even faster than 6mph most likely closer to 7mph. good to see you finally sped up and i fully believe there is a time to go fast and also slow. low light i go slower than i do at 10 am. when they aren't feeding is when i go fast and when i feel they are gonna hit and feed i go slower. bob, bob, bob- you are making this too difficult. imo there is no need for leadcore, wire, or riggers at waneta. just choose differant baits for those depths. i can only think of 2 times i would want to run a rigger for muskies. 1 would be in the 1000 islands and the other would be to troll bucktails. i can fully hit bottom w/o any help in any spot in waneta w/ the right lure trolling. there you go bob13 thats some info. just remember it takes a special lure that is "super tuned" to go warp speed. i have some that hold true over 7.2mph. can't wait until i get all my new lures in. i am getting a ton of musky rockets/ hey ciscos soon and even am having some 8" jointed slashers being sent to me for free from mike king. i am getting almost every color and style rocket and hey cisco made and even some custom deep divers that look like bigger perchbaits but should be even better (mr. jones who makes the musky rockets is sending me close to $3,000 in free lures) wow! mike king and rodney jones want them run in NY and both want feed back from me about how they work around here and i have to post my results after giving them some time by the end of the year. cool i think. i am getting the hook up from 2 companies now! but don't think i am trying to be some hot shot b/c that is as far from the truth as possible. i just talk to these people and they have offered this to me and i am rolling with it. talk about pressure to produce fish but the rockets haven't failed me yet with them getting at least 2 fish for me every single time out for me this year w/ two differant 5 fish days on them. i fully believe these rockets are by far the best made plugs. p.s. ever see how lamoka is loaded w/ pickeral and waneta has very, very few? am i the only one that has noticed this? i do have a pickeral colored lure coming just for this idea.
  7. count me in larry- will send $$ when i can. zach +1. trying to get the old man motivated to fish w/ me on this one.
  8. thats musky fishing for ya- look back in the archives here on this site and we have posted lots of info on this subject for lots of people.
  9. i saw a ton of fish on bottom and went deep after them and nada. i thought nitro knew something i didn't when i saw him going out. i was skunked for the first time there all year on the tigers ! some of those fish on the bottom looked good size at least according to the graph.
  10. "a homemade double 10" is a big 10" bucktail with twin #10 colorado blades on the front and alot of skirt material in the rear, they are pretty easy for everyone to make at home w/ huge 6/0 trebles in the back. no dumb questions here buddy. you think i always knew what a "dcg10" was? no, someone told me. you think i always knew how to short-line? no, someone told me. what the hell is a "wiley" i used to ask? "how do you catch them out in the middle of the lake in no-mans land"? yes- someone told me that one also. why those damn long 4 foot trolling leader? someone told me too. the big bucktails pull very hard (like a 5lb clump of grass on the end of your line) and even w/ 6oz trolling weight 4 foot in front of them, i bet you a dollar i never got deeper than 10 feet down while trolling around 4.0mph. nitro and sol- all work and no play makes for unhappy boys, get out fishing. it has actually been nice being the only boat out there a few nights this year but i don't need to rub it in anymore than i have. good luck everyone that is lucky enough to get out musky fishing. sol and nitro- don't worry your time will come, i will be jealous reading about you guys crushing the fatties come october and november when i am hunting and not fishing. so it will all come around full circle. P.S. ray- keep the comments coming, i really think you have an amazing sense of humor and i laugh after reading most of your posts. keep it up, i love it! "the fashion police of corning" . this was actually the only picture i took b/c the i wasn't gonna take that expensive camera out in the rain. this was the first fish i got right when i started. 39"
  11. not posting any pics this time but waneta lit up last night. i was watching the radar at work yesterday morning and told boss man i had musky fever and had to leave work. a storm was going to push through waneta last night and i had to be there. i took off from work early and got down at 3pm and by 3:15pm i had a thick 39" in the net shortlining shallow weeds! towards evening the storm came through, the light switch flipped on for the fish and the heavy feeding began. bam, bam, bam, bam. the muskies went crazy before the storm and stayed that way until after dark when i left at 10pm. all hits were high up in the water column on "bigger" bright baits trolled slowly ( slow for me ). ended up w/ a 34", 37",39", 41" and a solid 43" while losing another fish before i could grab the rod it came off. an hour before sunset it was totally pitch black because of the rain clouds, there was lightning all around the lake, real high winds and you could feel the electricity in the air. i had my headlamp on my head and needed it by 8pm. crazy times and i am at 23 muskies for the year. i am getting spoiled but the tough months of august and september will set me straight. all fish were caught trolling in the top 5-10 feet of water no matter how deep the bottom was. all fish and hits came from the same "general" southern area of the lake. the fish were so hot i even got one to hit a trolled homemade double 10 w/ 6oz of weight in front of it. bty i am not condoning fishing during hostile weather as it could be dangerous.
  12. thanks very much "ice legend"! i just finished an article from indiana that talked about during warmer conditions they use billgills alot. it said that it is common for almost every boat to have "a few" hanging off them while the anglers cast. thanks again!
  13. can any tell me if this is legal? i hear of indiana musky guides using bluegills and crappies for livebait while they are casting muskies during the warmer months when suckers die too quickly. question is, if you catch a bluegill or crappie on the same water you are musky fishing and don't transport them to another lake can they be used as livebait? if you can't use 'gills or crappies- are there other types you can use?
  14. dont forget to get that rod wrap if you want your handles to last.
  15. just tie on a leader, troll and wait to hear the clicker go off. larry runs 50lb and long line sets to get the lures down. would wire be a better option?
  16. how could chad cast w/ leadcore. i think at slower speeds leadcore would come into play but at 5mph? i don't think its really needed to get bit. good luck chad i am dying to get back.
  17. go to stripertackleonline and get them or order directly from down-east. i have ordered through both and am super happy w/ both companies service and shipping. stripertackleonline got them to me in a day and a half before the first tourney cause i was running 6 rods total and needed 2 more holders and didn't want a crappy plastic one (which have broke on me in the past). get the salty clamp-on's or my favorite the taller horizontal mounts. if you need it today, drive all the way to seneca marine. they were the only place semi-local i could find them when i was looking. imo, i would get a rod wrap for the foregrip on your rods as down-easters are rough on the cork from my experiences. some people like those new folbes rod holders also as they don't eat up the cork as bad but i can't comment on them since i don't have any. you may also be interested in running a rod leash from the butt of the rod to an eyelet in the boat as i have heard down-easters failing but have never seen it yet myself. funny i just checked my e-mail after posting this and stripertackleonline says if you make them a friend on facebook they will give 10% off an order! its a start nolad, hope it helps.
  18. i really think its something new to those fish and old man- once again, great job! i think you may have another musky hit that net this year w/ a hunk of plastic hanging outta its mouth at the rate you are going! sorry to ask so many questions and thanks for your response. i think a sucker in colder water w/ those baits next to them or casted would be very hot! good luck next time out! did you ever get that lawn cut? or did it storm on you?
  19. i over analize everything about my fishing nitro and attempt listen to what i consider a good fisherman w/ experiece has to say hoping to learn something. even if it only helps me get one extra fish a year its worth it to me. i look at my all my tubes and all the differant ways to use them but have yet to get them wet. i got them like a month ago and have them all rigged differant ways but yet to try them. i think you (nitro) would be intrested b/c you are the deep jigger sometimes.
  20. old man- you jigging it or casting it? looks tough to cast so i would assume your jigging. i almost brought my red octobers last night to cast but thought i didn't have enough daylight to fish them correctly. i will bring them down next time since you have proved it works. nice job either way. i am guessing 37" and jiggin'? good to see you finally took off your lucky spinnerbait (was your snap rusted on yet?). anyone here ever try trolling cowbells in front of your lure? seems like a better idea than behind the lure. how about 4-5 big blades in front of it. think they would see it then? would need a brick to keep it down though. old man- how was the hit when the musky picked it up? a hard pound or just feel the weight of the jig dissapear? was it hooked well also? i have alot of questions about tubes and all the differant ways you can rig them. the jimmy has a nose rig ment to be casted and have a jerkbait sort of action but you proved they can be jigged also. is that the 11" or 14" jimmy? i think they would be deadly in the late fall jigged on bottom. i also see my catch rates go straight down come august/september and i really think its b/c of pressure (cause its gets BEAT) and i think tubes will get those pressured fish easily. i don't really know what muskies do after mid-october since i am always bowhunting but early october i usually struggle and will maybe do 1 a day.
  21. ???? i don't know where this stuff i come up w/ comes from but i think he has a new name with me. lets just hope "the big one" doesn't make up a name for me b/c his may be true. hope he's not p*ssed off at me for this. i just love to laugh even though the funniest person i know is me. 16 so far for me this year!
  22. i don't know if "solgigalo" has a singles mingle this weekend or not? if not, he maybe down w/ part of his fan club members. i try to avoid the weekends if possible but fish when i can. have fun! I saw a bald eagle flying around before dark last night for the first time at waneta, i haven't seen one there before and don't know if he was just flying by or has made a home nearby. you should have some nice weededges to fish since i cleaned them up last night dragging that damn crank around. 2 fish hit after cranking into the weeds and ripping it to clean it and bam they hit like freight trains. the small one hit 10 feet out as i was ripping the bait towards the surface to get ready for the 8. all fish took off just fine and were honestly very scrappy for the 78-79 degree water temp. no hits/follows/wakes or misses on topwater for me. i am secretly a "closet case topwater junkie" but will do what i have to do to put fish in the boat.
  23. i hand landed 3 last night b/c they were smaller and didn't want to get the net tangled up. horrible pics, this i know. all fish came after dark. first one at 9pm and last one at 10:30pm. was able to get out from 6pm to 11pm. not one other musky fisherman out there last night. did a 41", 37 and a 31" casting rattling deep divers along the deep weededge taking a play from what i learned from night fishing w/ my ole man for all those years. all fish casting! we used to do alot on those straight night shiner depthraiders along the weed edge! alright- heres my bad hand landing story from maybe 12 years ago. hand landed a low 40" casting suicks in asheville bay in jamestown. reach down and grab fish boatside and lift fish into boat, fish thrashes and hooks on suick get caught in the arm of my sweatshirt, i go to bring fish into the boat and it thrashes cutting open a 2.5" gash straight down my left thumb, cut was deep and cut up my hand also. bleeding like a pig my ole man thinking quick comes right over to hold the fish still on the floor with his foot, hands, knees, and what ever else he could as we first cut hooks from my shirt w/ a pocket knife, that he helped me take off and then the fish. we released the fish and i went to go get stitches right then, ohh the good ole days before i had my net. bob(solgrande)- may have a story about a northern and a 5/0 for you if he ever gets off his social networking dating sites. (he's the main gigalo in his area if you didn't know, they call him solgigalo).
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