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  1. bob- i haven't seen any for sale for some time now. chad- dont feel bad, my dad and i spent a week on the french river musky fishing and i got a 48" that flopped outta my hands and the only pic was it falling outta my hands back into the water. was the only fish i touched that whole week of casting big heavy bucktails.
  2. got pink tiger, perch, night shiner, fluorescent bluegill, shad... no green tiger. was it that straight one?
  3. where is that pic from? think those goldfish are nervous in there? i was reading on muskyhunter that back in the day they had muskies in ponds where you could buy frogs and minnows to feed them in wis. heck, i'd be throwing in frogs until my arm got sore if i went to that pond.
  4. come on guys, no more pics from saturday? chad, nitro, lee?
  5. complain and be dissapointed on all wileys durability. these wileys are good for a short time, then they fall apart imo. not the toughest plug made. it only has clear laquer as a top coat. i would talk to dale wiley but it may take some time for him to get back to you, it does for me when i try every single time. idk? for how much they cost you should be able to hand them down to your kids but we know that doesn't happen. i would be p*ssed and most likely never spend big $ on his plugs again and he would never miss the $ as busy as he is pumping out plugs. just my 2 cents.
  6. no bass in lamoka remember they moved to waneta when all the muskies moved south. waneta for bass, lamoka for muskies duh?
  7. nitro- how does having a kid smile from ear to ear sound boring bro? sounds great!
  8. sounds like a blast, wait another year and i will be reading all your musky posts while colton and i are chasing crappie and bluegills and that is what fishing is all about! i hear honeyoe has been killer for smaller bass on topwater. good luck and after bob wier i think my head would hurt to bad to fish the next day anyways!
  9. u lost a chuck of wood out of that plug? no way. dont know what to say other than try out these rockets. i dont think that could ever happen these. i feel for you, b/c when u got that plug i am sure you thought it would be good for some time. sorry nitro. the only wileys i am keeping are the 5" deep divers and 4 headshakers, everything else, gone.
  10. this saturday is my birthday and i have full intentions to put in 24 hours at waneta. i want to start at midnight friday and fish until midnight saturday night. sounds cool and it will be a week after my last time out so i shouldn't be all sore like i am after this weekend. my ole man should be my musky partner for the first time since he moved away to the city 7 years ago. i can't wait, i don't even know if he remembers how to use a baitcaster. i am so excited to share the boat w/ him and i really hope i can get him on a fish. for him it doesn't need to be big, i just want to get the old man back into the game and have something tugging on his line. we had some great trips to canada when i was a kid chasing muskies and i miss fishing w/ him. he is only gonna be out for the morning. anyone else down saturday?
  11. did extremely well on the musky rockets during the tourney first time pulling them, plan on selling most of my trolling lures to stock up on these and that says alot. the only lure in the past 15 years that i have bought that i have been 100% happy with and performed as good as expected! deadly wobble and unbelieveable paint jobs, best hooks ever on a stock plug, strong screw eyes, triple split rings, thick clear coat and i could just go on about them. imo i have wasted alot of $ on cheaply made plugs. had them over 6 mph and held great. highly recommend to anyone who wants to catch fish. even selling some of my wileys to get more! i am a muskyrocket fan. our wiley's got hit 1x and the rockets 4x- no comparision with almost equal running time.
  12. SLIMY try musky fishing if you feel you have conquered all other fish there boy- thats what i did when i wanted to make it tougher and now i find it so challenging and also rewarding i never b*tch other than when solgrande comes in and smacks a 45" right in front of you making you turn green w/ jealousy .
  13. bob- i will sell you the 6 i have if you want- i am only running wileys and musky rockets for the immediate future. let me know, i have some decent colors. lex's fish hit a 5" wiley deep diver that has caught 7 for us in one year. its the short fatboy and for $100 i wouldn't sell it. bob- check out those musky rockets, i couldn't be happier w/ a lure and if your a pain in the a$$ like i am he will even do a special color for you, it just takes alittle longer, best baits going right now, i plan on selling alot of lures to stock up on the musky rockets. bty i was so jealous of your big one one saturday it wasn't even funny! nice catch again, that musky in your pics is as pretty as they get!
  14. oh yeah i forgot- it was from lamoka and i used a borrowed measuring tape from #d c^&%g. fish told me that all her buddies have moved to the south lake also. its gonna be a tough year at waneta w/ no skies left in there. thanks bob. i was thrilled, i heard the fish before it hit. like woosh, woosh and then the line got very tight and i yanked up bill dance style on her a$$. swam away good and its gonna take me a week to make up for all my lost sleep. typing this now i am beat down tired, hands hurt, shoulders, nose and forehead are sunburned to a nice crispy leathery surface. shoulders are sore, foot hurts from stepping on a 3/0 treble barefoot that almost went into the barb. it was a full weekend.
  15. yeah i got that same feeling ray as i was reading his post. i like walleye and when i fish them i dont expect long fights and huge runs but i always seem to enjoy it for what it is. a good time! slimy time to pick a new hobby and past time if this ain't fun!
  16. i wasn't sure how i was gonna add it but i made like 5 edits to that long post. 48.5 at waneta is a big deal to me also. i have got mostly fish around 32-33" w/ my second largest being a 44" last july. fish had some scars on it and was fat for the season but all the fish this weekend were thicker than most openers i believe.
  17. this guy i know got this small one last night on topwater. sorry its so small you can barely see it p.s. i am done swimming in waneta after seeing this one. 48.5" i had to photoshop the background so u cant see where i got it. just kidding. i hate when people do that!
  18. u both should have been @ chautaqua supporting the musky fishery and raising much needed $ for the musky stocking, making sure we have future musky fishing like all of us were. you guys could have helped all of us out seeing u chase them like we do. anyways................................
  19. thanks ole man, it was almost 20 hours straight musky fishing, where where u? still would love to meet you. weeds were part of the game plan and i know that u can throw that rabbid spinnerbait as good as anyone in the weeds. chad- i believe you know kevin from greece, he said growing up you had some beautiful trout mounts at your house.
  20. sounds like u had a great time!
  21. great time had by us, thanks larry for getting it going. lex got her biggest so far after being stuck @ 33" for some time! here is her 38" once again, great job babe you earned this one. look at my hair in this pic, the fish soaked me thrashing at the boat. my buddy kevin got this on his FIRST cast ever for muskies 39.5" six casts later he got another one, we have video but i was swearing the whole time so i cant post it. i was calling him lucky but w/ many swear words mixed in. 41" . once again, awesome job kevin on your first 2 muskies! we did 3 in one 20 yard stretch through out the day. crazy. heres me, no need to mention that mine is the smallest of all of them 36"- no monsters but i never get any big ones so i'm not dissapointed. lost one more decent one and that was our day! the one we lost was on a bite off on 100lb flouro (first time for me and i was changing out leaders almost every fish so it wasn't old or cut or anything, just left w/ about 18" of leader after my swivel). chaut has been kind to us for #'s but not for slobs. largest for us was 42". thats along way from the 52.5" that we needed but thats fine w/ me b/c thats whats going make me sign up for octobers tourney! fun, fun, fun and some sunburn! but at least we all got slimed! lex got her biggest, kevin his first 2 and me talking smack the whole time. it was a long day and i cleared enough weeds off my line that we could have fed the world salad for a year. it has been a long wait and i am glad summer is finally here. next weekend is my birthday and i will be waneta looking for some action. once again thanks larry and i wish we did these tournies every month, maybe then i would actually have a chance! p.s. stopped by the hunting camp in bath, left lex to sleep and kevin and i went out to my girlfriend waneta's house and got this small one on topwater after losing 2 at chautaqua on top. finally got the hooks to stick on my topwater, was a good day but very long- 48.5" and thats no "king of waneta" measurement. i wanted to stretch it to 49" but she just couldn't make it. 2 lakes, one day- 43 hours awake- one hour sleep- like 2 packs of smokes later- still smiling- and my largest from waneta! its gonna be a good year for the buffalo bills!!!
  22. recieved my lures and i dont think i will ever buy another wiley after seeing how much better these are built. 10x better paint job and an actual protective finish on these unlike wiley's clear laquer non-existant finish. built like tanks. best built lures i own.
  23. i carry superglue on the boat for that reason. something i have recently learned for emergancy stitches.
  24. then i hope my burger is so dry and burnt that i can't eat it! getting pretty excited here guys! its musky eve, eve.
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