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  1. this year i went through all my lures and sold what i didn't use and kept my favorites. i had 120 crankbaits and jerkbaits and this was way to many to fish in a season so i ebayed most of them. during this time i wanted to upgrade to alot of the lures i used and was also interested in. first order i placed was for some wiley crankbaits. i love to fish them and they do well for me, always have. i am a huge fan of wiley cranks in all sorts of sizes and styles and would recommend them to anyone. this order was placed in march in hopes of getting them for this season and most importantly for the opener at chaut and i knew it would take some time. on the wiley website it says 6-8 weeks to get your lures. since then i have also placed orders through muskietrain, for musky rockets and some talonz slashers. i have recieved all but the musky rockets and that order was just placed last week and their customer service is as good as jones bait from wv is, as the best i have ever seen in any sort of business. i emailed wiley b/c it has been 9 weeks and haven't heard anything about my order. it took 10 days and 2 emails for them to get back to me letting me know that i may not get them before 6/19. in the original order this was my request and they were aware of this when i placed the order. i am hot b/c the comminication is horrible from wiley (every other company either ships fast or is in good contact w/ you) and shipping times are way over the 8 week max it says on the website. if you are looking at wileys for this year dont even think about ordering through him. i am not sure if i want to tell him to cancel my order or what. is he too big to keep up with orders? this should be told to his customers that he doesn't worry about the smaller (couple hundred $ orders) fisherman and only caters to large commercial orders getting tons of baits for resale. i have enough other lures that i can run instead of wileys. my question is should i be pissed about this or not? would you be? i dont know if i will ever order from him again after this. if he can't get them to me before 6/19 thats 4 months (16) weeks, thats 2x as long as he said it would be if he can even get them to me by then which he doesn't even think he can. i know he may be busy but come on.
  2. i lost a very good friend also this year. feel for you and his family- best wish's.
  3. very nice fish. i take it these fish were caught trolling as that seems to be what you do the most for your trout/salmon/and walleyes. any info on how deep?
  4. zach


    fished last night- one pike, one smallmouth-6 largest walleyes weighed over 30lbs total (5lb average)- gave them to a guy at work who is needs all the help he can get right now. total- 11 eyes boated- 3 lost only 1 under 18". so long-
  5. something we all have to get used to.
  6. so in the late fall when the water starts to dip the bigger tigers come in from being suspended all summer and set up outside the drops? i mean if its so easy a kid can do it. looks like in the pics they are trolling? am i correct? what do you consider big baits? 6-8 inches? 8-10 inches? 10-14 inches. what is big to you?
  7. what- you dont hop in the water to land all your 30" pike? come on ole man and be responsible to the fishery- get in that water and release those fish- makes you look like you know whats going on. hey didn't we see pictures of that 12 foot pike come on this forum earlier this year? you know the one that has been caught in 10 differant places? how come that guy from europe didn't get in that water to release that pike? i wonder if that pike made it through that whole release process even though that angler didn't get in the water to release it like we all know we should. should we all release them sturgon style? even in the cold? what happens if the water is deep, do we need scuba gear? burrrrrr. old man- where are the big tigers at? do they stop growing @ 24" or is there so much competition from the pike in there that most dont get big?
  8. thats were i bet the bigguns are i bet, chasing walleyes- does conesus develop a thermocline? if so that my be the best time to target them as most esox will be around the same depth and are able to be trolled more efficently in my opinion.
  9. couldn't resist- it takes over a month to get them so i sucked it up and ordered 5 jointed/straight musky rockets. ouch.... but the most expensive lures i own are the ones that haven't caught a fish. dealing w/ mr. jones (do all people that musky fish have the last name jones?) was a pleasure. being the pain in the a** that i am i asked for a custom color and he was more than happy to do it for me. nice people and great communication.
  10. so at least you are seeing the same thing as i. i was the guy in the grey tracker fishing alone- next time lets say hello. i may have seen you paddling around not sure there were a few . i did see a tooth raked sunny floating 1/2 dead, looked cool. hit it with the rod tip and it took off sorta of. there have to be some big tigers in there i just wonder if they are suspended? the tigers have been in there long enough haven't they?
  11. was out last night from 6-dark and caught my first tiger. even though conesus is right there for me i dont fish it. no size (24") to the tiger but it looked almost like a purebred from a real clear lake. lost one pike and saw alot of bass. no bull heads here but casted my phantom up on the north end and expected to catch more. anyways at least i am not the only one not lighting them up. no follows for me yesterday, not one. has anyone seen any "big" tigers follow or hit, like over 40"? all i seem to see are the little scrappy little 24-30" tigers. the weeds in 8-10 fow are developing well and this is were i saw baitfish boiling and fished the most. the tiger i caught was right w/ all the jumping baitfish in the weeds. tried grinding a 2oz spinnerbait also when things got tough and nada but looks like a very promising technique that i want to spend more time with. its like rooting them outta the weeds instead of fishing over them. post cold front is what i am blaming b/c last time i saw a good # of esox in that area. anyways- when you all figure them out let me know so i can get on them.
  12. i hear conflicting reports. are there muskies in black lake?
  13. its that time of year again and i have been updating my trolling lure selection (like it needs it) and would like any input on either of these some what newer lures. the talonz slashers have my attention and musky rockets look well built. before i may waste any money i was wondering if anyone has any experience with these lures. cpt larry hooked me up with all sorts of info on the mordas series from musky guys webpage last time which i endend up ordering a few (like 6), so here i am again asking advice on newer lures. thanks for any info. zach http://www.muskymaniacs.com for the musky rockets
  14. muskies in seneca? try again........ i know every lake and stream in NY that has muskies and seneca isn't one of them or i would fish there. nitro- those pickles would try to spawn with that plow instead of eating it, unless we have unique "black widow" strain pickles that eat their mate after spawning.
  15. sounds like i will be broke again. seems like a very high quality lure. thanks larry. i love the monthly lure profiles that they do. just ordered the chetos color, cobra perch, rotten corn, crappie and sucker colored mx6's. if i do well on them and am happy i will post. also got a cobra perch diesel for waneta. look neat.
  16. anyone making any plans on going down again. weather turned on me and didnt go when i planned the first time. not really any farther than chaut-
  17. did anyone find out who bought the 9$ bass plow? just wondering if it was semi-local?
  18. anyone have any experience w/ these lures? look good to me but before forking out the $ i would like to hear any info there is? looks similar to alot of lures but have heard that they are good. larry? bob? anyone have one? i know they came out last year and is a pretty new lure. i have heard that the mx9 is similar size to a perchbait which i am fond of already but alot shallower.
  19. also have a full box to look through not including pics. all are sold
  20. various mfgs pirates stingers ? forgot ? 50 some nk's all are sold thanks guys!
  21. sold 75 of them- that was quick, thanks john!- 125 left-
  22. selling 1/2 of my trout/salmon spoons. have almost 400 and i have to cut them down- lots of nk's, stingers, red eyes and various makes. all colors and sizes-most are in good shape. good hooks and split rings. will post pics at some time. cheap- cheap. any charter captions out there? will sell one by one or the whole lot. ph# 585-414-0138 or pm me. i live in rochester.
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