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  1. its that time of year again and i have been updating my trolling lure selection (like it needs it) and would like any input on either of these some what newer lures. the talonz slashers have my attention and musky rockets look well built. before i may waste any money i was wondering if anyone has any experience with these lures. cpt larry hooked me up with all sorts of info on the mordas series from musky guys webpage last time which i endend up ordering a few (like 6), so here i am again asking advice on newer lures. thanks for any info. zach http://www.muskymaniacs.com for the musky rockets
  2. muskies in seneca? try again........ i know every lake and stream in NY that has muskies and seneca isn't one of them or i would fish there. nitro- those pickles would try to spawn with that plow instead of eating it, unless we have unique "black widow" strain pickles that eat their mate after spawning.
  3. sounds like i will be broke again. seems like a very high quality lure. thanks larry. i love the monthly lure profiles that they do. just ordered the chetos color, cobra perch, rotten corn, crappie and sucker colored mx6's. if i do well on them and am happy i will post. also got a cobra perch diesel for waneta. look neat.
  4. anyone making any plans on going down again. weather turned on me and didnt go when i planned the first time. not really any farther than chaut-
  5. did anyone find out who bought the 9$ bass plow? just wondering if it was semi-local?
  6. anyone have any experience w/ these lures? look good to me but before forking out the $ i would like to hear any info there is? looks similar to alot of lures but have heard that they are good. larry? bob? anyone have one? i know they came out last year and is a pretty new lure. i have heard that the mx9 is similar size to a perchbait which i am fond of already but alot shallower.
  7. also have a full box to look through not including pics. all are sold
  8. various mfgs pirates stingers ? forgot ? 50 some nk's all are sold thanks guys!
  9. sold 75 of them- that was quick, thanks john!- 125 left-
  10. selling 1/2 of my trout/salmon spoons. have almost 400 and i have to cut them down- lots of nk's, stingers, red eyes and various makes. all colors and sizes-most are in good shape. good hooks and split rings. will post pics at some time. cheap- cheap. any charter captions out there? will sell one by one or the whole lot. ph# 585-414-0138 or pm me. i live in rochester.
  11. if i were just fishing pike/pickles it would tough to beat a #5 mepps, a daredevil and a spinnerbait imo. a light leader is a must w/ these small lures though. toss in a minnowbait and you could most likely fish all year w/ those 4. live bait could get very expensive w/ those pickles. i'd stick w/ lures.
  12. nice catch- there seems to be a good number of tigers that size from what i have seen. the north end is the place to be lately.
  13. they do prosper around here! just aren't in enough lake imo.
  14. its nice to see all the unselfish support guys!
  15. sounds good! if you think it is in good enough shape when u are done moving, please think about maybe donating a dollar or two to the musky bait fish fund as this is my goal.
  16. great job old man and ray. in 10 years- those muskies will be over 40" and my little man will be 12 years old. sounds like a match made in heaven! i am sure he will appriciate all of your guys' hard work!
  17. i cant believe nobody needs a musky landing device?
  18. 10 bids already and up to $70.00 w/ 5 and a half days left. awesome job guys- we are gonna have the fattest skies this side of the mississippi!
  19. i was cleaning out the garage and found my old musky cradle that i built over 12 years ago. it is fine mesh and is still in good shape. there are some dime size holes in the mesh from hooks that had to be cut out but could help out someone that doesn't have some sort of large net or cradle already. i live in rochester and is for pick up only. just couldn't throw it out if it could help someone release a musky in better shape. i now have a huge net so this cradle is no longer needed. will fit 50" skies if you get that lucky. if you are feeling generous i will take $20 bucks for it to donate to the chautaqua musky fund. cradles used to sell for decent $.
  20. i bid $47.00 to get this going and it is all i can bid as of now-
  21. zach


    those walleyes in there are fun- but i would never eat one. nasty genny water! go to onieda to stock the freezer before u grow another eye on your forehead or just glow in the dark and start talking slower from these contaminated fish. have to be the most toxic walleyes in the state and the bigger they are the more toxic they become. be careful eating any genny fish but they sure are fun. big baits catch those big walleyes. i have seen some monsters in there over the past 20 years i have been fishing down there. nice job catching them, just makes me sick thinking about eating even one- two is ever nastier. i think the genny is better walleye fishing than oswego which is sooooo famous but lets keep that quiet like we all have that fish it for the last 2 decades. i bet u didn't see more than one or two other boats fishing when u were down there. lets keep it that way. nice job catching them. if you want any of my info for down there pm me. in my opinion, MARRY her ( your girlfriend ) she really came through for you and went most likely just for you! good woman! she do any good fishing? see any beavers, turkey, deer or eagles on your trip up the genny? awesome place to fish considering that gang shoot-outs, hookers and crackheads are only just up over that cliff in downtown roc- city. its like a hidden gem in the dirtiest part of rochester. nice job again! thinking back i have logged by far the most fishing hours in the lower genesee than anywhere else i fish.
  22. nothing trolling- got a 39" (not the same one as bobs) northern casting a softtailed phantom up shallow in the north end. moved alot of fish w/ that jerkbait and almost got a small tiger on the 8. that fish was hot but i scared it away being so ugly, he looked up at me and said c-ya (i forget to shave this week). the northern earned alot of respect w/ me. i was thinking that it was bigger than almost 1/2 of my muskies last year i made a mistake and tried to hand land it even though i had the net right there. got all cut up as it shook lifting it outta the water and decided to get going as my hand was bleeding pretty good. i think i am getting back to my roots as a caster and hope to cast most of this year. so... only 2 northerns (one good one though) and saw 4-5 tigers that followed the jerkbait and lost one fish before i saw it. you know when they hit after only one or two twitches at the end of a cast. the only thing i saw fish on was that phantom. used everything, but the phantom ruled for the 3 hours i was there. those weeds in 7 fow were hot. only fished them for one drift and had all those follows before i packed up w/ a shredded hand. i will use my net next time, i just HATE unraveling the net from the hooks. did i mention i hate untangling hooks from nets! bob when i fish alone the net is always extended for those same reasons u found out (chinese fire drill). happy to get out! bty never use phantoms, they are a complete waste of time but don't ask for any of mine.
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