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  1. MIDNIGHT TO 4pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what i am talking about! its on! most amazing tourney times i have ever heard of! thanks larry!
  2. i saw on the musky hunter website that in Minnesota they shoot the hell out of these nasty birds by the hundreds. wondering what you guys think about this. in my opinion we should shoot them all. could we even get a season on them?
  3. as a musky fisherman i have t'ed my hooks for years and this year getting ready for trout/salmon trolling i have started t'ing my rapalas and such. i was wondering if other people t there hooks for fish other than muskies?
  4. bob wouldn't just let us go down and fish with out him... my bets are he could be talked into it also. doesn't sound too far. april 1st is the start? thats early!
  5. the good ole bill sandy's chicken. he got more action on that chicken than i did the last time at waneta. lol.
  6. nitro- since cave run is alittle too far for me this year (sounds so tempting, throwing rattlebaits back in the hollars crash style). i think i would like to take that pa trip also. if you want another boat trying to figure things out w/ you pm me and its on. i got the fever, never went away.
  7. this winter i have been making some musky baits and i reliezed i have never given the "pikie" style plugs their fair shot. i have made 6 in different lengths (7"-11") but was wondering what peoples experiences with them have been. i made them with the idea of trolling them. going old school making pikies... is it worth it? let me know, they look neat. what is your thought on the metal lip? will it attract fish or scare them away with that shine?
  8. bob- remember, all i run is x-raps... and cut everyone off on their trolling passes with huge planer boards on the smallest lake on a busy saturday running 8 lines while u are running 2! can't wait until summer again having fun w/ "the king of waneta". "the king of waneta" has caught some skies on big nk spoons when he was forced to take the bunker or gold colored x-rap off. god i love rapala's and to take pics of every 24" musky i catch. how many 24"ers can u take a picture of until its no longer cool? i didn't even get one that small this year, but i also run lures bigger than 4". oh wait... i got a 54" in july. didn't measured it on a tape but it was 54". that 54" out of waneta was just as big as that supposed 54" out of chautaqua this year. can i get one of those measuring tapes for this year that they have, i might do better in the tourney's then. lmao!
  9. when i did cast last year thats what i threw the most of and 0 fish on the dub's. still open minded to them but bill sandy makes it look to easy. maybe if we all fished lake of the woods... plus they're a pain in the a** to burn and thats how i fish them the most.
  10. trolling accounted for all my fish, casted for only a short time last year. it was tough to stop trolling cause i was getting em. now i didn't catch a musky under 4mph though.
  11. plus bob doesn't need any more lures. i saw him on the tv show hoarders b/c of his lure addiction.
  12. i know of some nice muskies caught by other people on spoons this summer. never tried them. solgrande got some spoons wet this year for musky, maybe he will post also. spoons at one point were a staple lure on some bodies of water for muskies. thought about it many times but instead picked up a "normal" lure instead. give it a try, i am sure they will hit it if given a chance.
  13. u guys with them rages. i have heard so many horror stories on archerytalk about them i cant let myself try em. they will not go through a shoulder! i know that this isn't our target but sh*t happens some times. i think that the only reason for a mechanical head is for someone that doesn't tune their bow. keep using those rages until u lose your biggest of all time. tune your bow and shoot a cut on contact head. a cut on contact head takes less than 3lbs of pressure to push through a deer skin, compared to over 30lbs of pressure to get a "bone splitting" tocar tip through. take your bath room scale and a deer hide and try it for yourself if you dont believe me. get good front of center weight and tune your bow and "most" heads will fly correct. i shoot over 300fps w/ my elite bow and carbon tech arrows and get montecs to fly right everytime. nothing to fail on a one piece head and easy to resharpen. have killed one bear and 5 deer with the same head. cant beat that. slick tricks gave me about 4" of penetration on a big illinois buck quartering away and i soon gave them up after finding that a broken blade cost me all that penetration. just my 2 cents. i have strayed from montecs 2x only to come back.
  14. zach

    Coopers Pond

    we dont talk about coopers on here. ice is always crappy w/ water on top and channel is unsafe.
  15. the pike can be easier caught in my opinion. from what i have heard some monster skies get sighted in those bays in the spring but from what hear they leave soon after the spawn and head to the deep water. good luck though.
  16. right on if he was caught. looks damn proud of himself in that pic also. i will second larry. scum bag!
  17. man oh man those are some nice ones- lets get this guy!!!!!
  18. good points! is there any way to do a brain transplant switch between larry and i? i would like all his knowedge but he wouldn't come away with much. i am sure with all of this technology now it could be done- anyone here a doctor?
  19. i am all about it but think that fish attempting to spawn should be left alone if there is any evidence of them sucessfully spawning. instead of year long how about making it open earlier and end same as canada's end date? high size limit or how about a catch and release early season like they do for bass? end of june is torture to wait for and i will soon be begging nitro for any pa fishing information come open water. nitro- what lakes do you hear most about for early season that aren't a 1,000 mile drive?
  20. just wanted to repost on this subject after opening my muskyhunter last night- gregg thomas and herbie are talking about the ultimate leader system and they say to tie direct from braid to flouro and its advantages like being able to reel past the knot when needed, at night having this knot as a connection will let you know when to figure 8 as you reel it through the tip top instead of smashing that swivel in the tip top, light lures will also have better action. you can still leave a long tag on the flouro as a weed catcher as we all like to do. anyone else read this article. i think that other than bucktails this will be my system in this next year.
  21. nice old man- i assume casting buckstails?
  22. i agree w/ a higher size limit- have fished otisco a couple times and think that the locals keep a good amount of tigers. it seems that every tiger pic i see from there is from someone fishing off that point w/ suckers and a dead tiger. good idea but we have seen lately that even when the season is closed, muskies still get killed by fisherman. will we ever win?
  23. you can get them off ebay sometimes look for leo jerkbait not the ready eddy- they do sell them at some chaut baits shops as i have bought them by the one shop that is right off 81 after crossing the lake- you can order from his son i believe that has taken over production- i may be wrong though. similiar to you sledge but wood and non rattling. i have some that i cant sell but i have seen them on ebay lately. heck even pete mania uses them more than his own jerkbait. he has 2 styles but i know the one u are talking about, looks like a thinned out reef hawg. u would love them if you have been throwing sledges and they are easy to use and dont pull hard at all plus u can troll them too. they make 6" and 8". i am fond of the 6" rubber tailed one for good reason. good luck. google leo lures and see if they are still being made after leo died. somewhere i thought i heard his son was kicking them out. get the rubber tailed ones if u can.
  24. sorry to rehash this topic but i have some interest and cant stop thinking about it. chicken myself-
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