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  1. doesn't look like i missed too much. seems that it has been slow lately there. i have been looking at the waneta lake web cam lately and it seems that i don't see many people fishing lately. hopefully it will turn around once the lake settles and gets colder. good luck boys!
  2. i believe that the perchbaits are at least 5/0 and i believe mustads. plows- now thats a good size hook- must be like 6/0 or 7/0 long shanks. don't forget to t-them also.
  3. good luck brad. want to get out but you know.......
  4. youtube has a cool video of a 6pack of skies from the niagra.
  5. don't really limit myself to musky its just what i prefer. i ice fish for lakers ( love them ), the wary walleye and the goofy crappie. muskies are just the king for me. i'm still looking for my personal best. my guess is that my search for the personal best may never end.
  6. no walleyes here. i am fishing for the mighty muskellunge.
  7. too bad he just died! only 3 years old.
  8. got a new elite z-28 and can't wait for the first good shot. plan on going to the acorns in Bath for the opener and hitting up hennrietta when i can't get down to the tier. good luck boys! i'm ready to start slinging some arrows and following some blood trails soon! 8 points or better for me on the bucks and any doe that comes in alone is done. walking jerky is what i call the does.
  9. just wondering who here will hit buffalo harbor when its time? i plan on going at least once since i will be devoting most of my time to bowhunting. i know to go slow w/ plows but thats about it. have never been there before but have read alot about it.
  10. my guess is a small pike. very easily could be wrong. if it was 55" i think we coud get a better idea of what it was.
  11. after this weekend i think that i may change my name to "the worlds worst musky fisherman" all i got was 15lb carp i snagged in the butt trolling. for a minute i thought i had a big musky, but as "the worlds worst musky fisherman" i was soon to find out i snagged a big carp. damn it. casted my butt off and did no good. stayed casting weeds until dark with double 10's and should have left earlier. sore today in the shoulders from those things and i have a big rod and reel i was throwing them on. could not do that every time out! its a good thing that bowhunting is starting soon. is getting skunked the last 2x out consist of being in a rut?
  12. andre the giant could hold that fish behind him ten feet and it would still look big and yes it looks like they are holding it way out. i do the same thing when i take a musky pic. remind me to never put up a pic of a good fish on here.
  13. so am i fishing against just bob and chaut tony or what? solgrande-its on! my suckers will get hit! went through hell to get em. nitro- getting down? doesn't seem as though that many people will be there. tony good luck, will be nice to meet you.
  14. photoshop is ruining the musky world. this one was real though boys so it can be now laid to rest. a dead certified fish doesn't lie about its weight. i think that the red fins on this fish made it look weird. still looks 2x bigger than the 56 incher from chautauqua.
  15. just joking nitro- yeah- looks like a larger wiley knock-off. there are so many that are so similar to the wileys. probally the most copied design out there. pic is in the article, there are 19 pics in the article. they said lure was a musky magnet. googled musky magnet and you just get the jerkbait. maybe its locally made?
  16. i heard it hit the new 5" plastic tuff shad w/ rattle from one person and from another person, i heard it was caught on a x-rap. btw this fish was certified by alot of people, its real.
  17. not to stir the pot but this looks 2x bigger than the 56" from chautauqua. this one was 55".
  18. it is soooooo big. good ole black and silver does it again and the guy was fishing alone. scary big. it says that the guy doesn't even have a car, only this nice musky boat. fish hit the propwash lure also.http://www.fieldandstream.com/photos/ga ... ke?photo=0 look through the pics.
  19. a quick strike rig usually involves more than one hook. look at hollie and hellens under quick strike and you will see the rigs, some involve rubber bands. at the very least its a regular hook through the suckers snout and a treble 1/2 way back on the minnow. you hit the musky soon after hitting the bait unlike the single hooks which you let them take for like 20 minutes and stomach hook the fish. this is looked down upon b/c most fish have a problem with a size 10/0 hook in there stomach and it may take there life. ordered big minnows from red creek and they won't be here until wed.
  20. i'd give 4 bucks each for those 12-16" suckers right now. i know in the spring time i can get them in many places but now all my hopes lie in a red creek pond. will call them today (even if they don't have them thanks a ton LANDSHARK for the advice for trying this bait farm). i'm afraid that they may be like everyone else that carries them and they will only run 6-8" oh well. Mr BP Swing a hulcano rig is a quick strike rig. sorry maybe i should have specified before we went this far. btw i have never used a single hook for suckers or have ever waited more than the time it take to clear the rods before setting the hook. this won't be my first time using them for bait. i learned sucker fishing from going on guided trips to eagle lake with herbie (and his crew of guides) from andy meyers lodge with my father years ago. you should see what my ole man when using suckers. he has a tailgunner spinner blade off the back of the sucker and paints their gill cover red with ma's lipstick. i works for him.
  21. called that # in red creek and got the answering machine. gonna attempt to call agin in the am. maybe its close to bobs house? bob if they have them wanna split some? i can whip you up a quick strike if you need out of 125lb flouro. i tie a bootleg hulcano rig.
  22. i think they will be tight to the little structure there is. last time down there it was under post front and i didn't mark as many suspended fish as i have all summer and i did crappy. fronts passing through all week it looks like. my bet is for a tough bite. was @ gander last night and saw a promo for the tourney.
  23. thanks guys will call asap. freakin out man.
  24. i'm freaking out- can't find a big sucker in town. called everyone. striking out big time. "i can get you shiners" is all i hear. "did i ask for shiners or suckers sir" is my response. can anyone help me out?
  25. nitro- fishing is fun, family is serious. we all wish her the best. as for larry and nitro not being there, wow- i may actually have a chance! i'll drag perchbaits for larry since he wont make it. larry what color do you want me to fish for you? looks like rain this weekend.
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