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  1. just placed an order for 2 jones baits and the lady was the nicest woman i have ever dealt with. larry- was the color you ordered custom? she said yes and is doing it for me also. each one is tuned also before they send it out.
  2. attempting to get there thursday night (new boss sucks) but we'll have to see. may stay for sun am also. going to try to catch up w/ you this time. too many variables right now to be 100% sure. mark my word- perchbait will be my smallest bait! going for the glory! may get skunked but oh well. i never get to fish chaut as much as i want so i'm going for a fatty! bob- i can try to slow down to 4.5mph. gets boring going that slow though.
  3. i know that smaller has been catching them lately (larry i read every post of yours on both websites) and have been getting fish this summer on the 5"-6" baits. was that big one from the p.a. boys on red's website caught on a smaller bait also? thing was a hog. i have a good supply of smaller baits but just for the tourney i will only run big plugs! gonna live and probally die by the big baits. even if the day before the tourney i am getting them on the smaller stuff i usually run. still need a jones bait. hard headed i am.
  4. am i the only one or has anyone bought anything else just for the tourney. i am guilty of buying 2 plows, a big hooker (don't let lexie know about the hooker!) and a 14" muskietrain big m. i also added 2 more deep wileys and 2 jones baits after hearing about larry and last week. anyone else getting stuff? before the last tourney i got bought some perchbaits and got 3 hits off them on tourney day, even though i only boated the one.
  5. larry- are you the volunteer babysitter then? you can teach my little 17 month old boy colton all your musky ways. Hmm... the Baker Musky Clan (in training) watch out ya'll.
  6. i got stuck to a bomber long a in high school. front treble in me, back treble into the back seat of an old jeep cherokee. stuck myself good and attached to the back seat @ midnight going after walleye.
  7. i have had my money in for the tourney for awhile- these were her first 2 but i have been slimed before. i took a 44" in the first tourney. she was excited!
  8. nice. mostly north end larry? big baits, small baits?
  9. My boyfriend (zach) took me out to Waneta last night and I caught my first 2 muskies ever! I only got a picture of the first one though, because I forgot the memory card to the camera, I left my phone in the truck, and by the time we caught the second one, Zach's phone was too dead to take another pic! The first one was 31 inches and the second was 32. Both were caught on a bright Tuff Shad. I made Zach hold it for the picture because I didn't want to get bit! Another boater was nice enough to come over and snap the pic for us. Later this morning, Zach got a fat 43 incher on a perch bait right before we left. In a total of 5 hours fishing, we caught 3 fish. It was a good time, and now he calls me "Muskie Lex" lol
  10. taking the ole lady out tonight and tomarrow morning. she is looking for her first. we'll see if we can't get her picture up here.
  11. sounds like a killer morning. deep fish? any size? how did you do it? im jealous.
  12. my big sister lost two smaller fish at the boat.
  13. i am suprised they got it in the net so easily w/ that small net.
  14. if it wasn't direct tournement competition i would love to give you what i know. i troll, troll, troll. earlier this year we got them deep trolling the north end. not so sure that work this time. follow the bait and they will be there. most people troll but you could spend a week just working all the weeds in that lake. big lake- alot of fish on weeds and suspended so they are everywhere. i troll faster it seems than most and sometimes i get them. good lake though. best #'s that i know about in NY. the best color is the one that they hit. good luck, i will see you there! find the bait fish and keep going though them from every which way. on larry's website he said that in a tourney a couple years back in august a group smoked them in the triangle doing like 20 fish in one day on tuff shads! wow! we'll see how clear it is when we go.
  15. years ago i remember really having a "tuff" time on waneta. this year i cant really complain. yes fishery may be maturing or this is the results of catch and release. i think h2o temps may have something to do with it. on another website they were talking about heavier fish this year since the water temps never really stressed them out. tuesday night and all day wednesday i am taking my older sister out to waneta to attempt to put the smack down on the elusive toothy critter. look for a pic of her up here if i am any sort of musky fisherman and can get her a fish. pressure is on me to get it done. nitrolicious- nice skunk buster what color did you do it on? did pickin up the lures at church have anything to do with slump buster. i mean, should i bring all mine to church so they get hit more? did the hooks work out well? . bob- did you make it to lamoka or end up staying dry or both? p.s. i am selling all my lures to buy x-raps.
  16. all remaining tuff shads are now $99.99 + tax!
  17. [email protected] he is making baits and is working on a new website. just added 10 more to my collection this week!
  18. you sure its not an atlantic?
  19. make some friends at the launch and people are usually pretty good about info if you are cool to them. sounds like you can get the little perchies anywhere. for bass there's alot of weebeds for the largies and some points and rocks for the smallies. alot of people pitch jigs and senkos. tubes for the smallies. i think that if you just drift some points with live bait you could have a blast catching anywhere from bass to waldo's to perch to gills to even the elusive paddlefish. just kidding- they haven't got one in along time. it was the biggest fish ever from chaut. just b/c we are goofy and chase muskies doesn't mean u should. go out catch some fish- have a fish dinner and enjoy yourself.
  20. thanks for eating our fish buddy! i release all of mine and if you are eating them, i am sure that they are the most toxic of all the fish in there because of their age. i like to eat deer. the differance is in three years you can have a nice deer. in 3 years muskies are what 20 inches? it takes alot more time to grow a trophy musky than a trophy deer. eat more deer. i am sure that no one here will give you any recipes. at least i hope so.
  21. "some" tuff shads? be honest bob- you have more than "some". like 1/2 a box of them now-
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