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  1. or throw thundersticks and rattletraps glow is not important even at night
  2. beautiful dog ray and had a great owner/friend in you. you should be proud and may you meet again in the next life. rock on Riley
  3. so true.... deep in the piers, not the front..
  4. i was wondering where all the kayak reports were nice job much more rewarding then trolling from a boat.. rock on
  5. i guess its just fun..... internet rhetoric snakeheads are way cooler than bowfin and would beat the bowfin up in a fight...
  6. looks like a snakehead and not sure what the record snakehead weighs but i bet its more than 5 pounds
  7. ontario fish are bigger, meaner, more numerous and just better lookin'...
  8. seafoam and filled up end of story put lock on gas cap
  9. rattle traps will get a look but i would still throw the eggs when you see them next time
  10. why is a witness the gospel? is it not possible 2 people may lie for something like money? jis sayin BTW i know a rule is a rule but shore fisherman get ripped off IMO
  11. put a lock on gastank also in olcott. sometimes gallons of water can find its way inside your tank. overnight"condensation" iv heard it called.
  12. never been to i bay but isnt a fish cleaning station or baitshop? you could also j plug em i bet they hit that
  13. hunk of orange or red skien fresh under a float about 2-3 ft deeep trust me
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