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  1. chautauqua tony needs the beer helmet. you know- the one with spots for two beers and the straws that come out of it.
  2. bob- still have that terminator, woodie or jointed wiley? watch out- just put new hooks on my suicks and bobbies. used to troll these alot and back then the diver jerkbaits were the only baits we would troll when i fished with my father. have caught a good # trolling weighted jerks in the south end. we did many multiple fish days back them. we would troll the jerks when casting wouldn't get the job done. always went fast back then. all black or chart w/ black dots. can't imagine that they wouldn't still hit em. how many firetiger and perch cranks do you think those south end fish have seen this year. getting all excited and such. trolling jerks was a workout though. sore backs and shoulders. we will see if i am still man enough to pull em. will try to have 3 cranks out and switch between the trainwreck and a jerk for the last rod. we used to do like 2:1 on jerks over cranks. but that was back in day with out any specialty speed cranks like i have nowdays. the most muskies i have ever done casting in one day happened in the south end with a black jackpot. all casting- 6 fish- one morning. used to fish the jackpot alot. missed some nice fish also. lost a monster off long point in august on one of these baits a few years back. second biggest musky i have ever had on. damn it. still makes me sick to this day. i think over time- i have missed close to half of my strikes on the jackpot. don't worry- i am still missing fish on topwaters though. have done it this year too. i am really good at missing em.
  3. bob- send it to my house. can't leave til friday am and could hook u up at chaut. she said mine would be here by then. did i tell you about the new plug that they are sending me free? brand new model that goes 15ft+. oh- did i say that? my seceret is now out. watch out for the mighty "musky lex" next weekend. she is representing a strong 33% of the Baker Musky Clan. Make sure to get her all excited about smacking a fatty when u see her. get her all pumped up. she is looking to break the 32" barrier. when we were taking the boat out of the water last time at waneta some people came over after seeing the musky lures and talked to her. this was going on while i was getting the truck and trailer ready. boy oh boy was she talking big. you should have hear her bragging- gotta run this plug, this color, this amount of line out, etc.... i had a laugh.
  4. just in- musky lex has a 95% chance of attending the tourney. watch out- 2/3 of the baker musky clan will be there. coming at you @ 66% strong! i am her official net man!
  5. bob- she told me that she talked to u? didn't you get one? i told her to mail yours on next thursday though. i should be at your door step when u get home...
  6. i got my biggest musky ever casting a topraider off the warners bar at night 4 years ago in late june. long thin 50", 2:30am after tooooo many beers. empty cans all over the boat- big fish- crazy night. 2 others that night also. used to love and do very well casting at night there. night shiner depthraiders along the weed edge and topwaters over the weeds. my dad had the hottest black jitterbug he used to work real slow. i think that the fish ran bigger at night also. haven't done it in sometime though. good luck boys-
  7. i thought instead of me keeping the free lure i would enter it as a give-away. hopefully someone here wins! if its bob- hmmm... we'll have have to talk. i think he has enough baits .
  8. larry i had her put silver scales over the black also. thanks for the link. and color recommendation. the absolute nicest woman i have ever dealt with.
  9. just placed an order for 2 jones baits and the lady was the nicest woman i have ever dealt with. larry- was the color you ordered custom? she said yes and is doing it for me also. each one is tuned also before they send it out.
  10. attempting to get there thursday night (new boss sucks) but we'll have to see. may stay for sun am also. going to try to catch up w/ you this time. too many variables right now to be 100% sure. mark my word- perchbait will be my smallest bait! going for the glory! may get skunked but oh well. i never get to fish chaut as much as i want so i'm going for a fatty! bob- i can try to slow down to 4.5mph. gets boring going that slow though.
  11. i know that smaller has been catching them lately (larry i read every post of yours on both websites) and have been getting fish this summer on the 5"-6" baits. was that big one from the p.a. boys on red's website caught on a smaller bait also? thing was a hog. i have a good supply of smaller baits but just for the tourney i will only run big plugs! gonna live and probally die by the big baits. even if the day before the tourney i am getting them on the smaller stuff i usually run. still need a jones bait. hard headed i am.
  12. am i the only one or has anyone bought anything else just for the tourney. i am guilty of buying 2 plows, a big hooker (don't let lexie know about the hooker!) and a 14" muskietrain big m. i also added 2 more deep wileys and 2 jones baits after hearing about larry and last week. anyone else getting stuff? before the last tourney i got bought some perchbaits and got 3 hits off them on tourney day, even though i only boated the one.
  13. larry- are you the volunteer babysitter then? you can teach my little 17 month old boy colton all your musky ways. Hmm... the Baker Musky Clan (in training) watch out ya'll.
  14. i got stuck to a bomber long a in high school. front treble in me, back treble into the back seat of an old jeep cherokee. stuck myself good and attached to the back seat @ midnight going after walleye.
  15. i have had my money in for the tourney for awhile- these were her first 2 but i have been slimed before. i took a 44" in the first tourney. she was excited!
  16. nice. mostly north end larry? big baits, small baits?
  17. My boyfriend (zach) took me out to Waneta last night and I caught my first 2 muskies ever! I only got a picture of the first one though, because I forgot the memory card to the camera, I left my phone in the truck, and by the time we caught the second one, Zach's phone was too dead to take another pic! The first one was 31 inches and the second was 32. Both were caught on a bright Tuff Shad. I made Zach hold it for the picture because I didn't want to get bit! Another boater was nice enough to come over and snap the pic for us. Later this morning, Zach got a fat 43 incher on a perch bait right before we left. In a total of 5 hours fishing, we caught 3 fish. It was a good time, and now he calls me "Muskie Lex" lol
  18. taking the ole lady out tonight and tomarrow morning. she is looking for her first. we'll see if we can't get her picture up here.
  19. sounds like a killer morning. deep fish? any size? how did you do it? im jealous.
  20. my big sister lost two smaller fish at the boat.
  21. i am suprised they got it in the net so easily w/ that small net.
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