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  1. slobs! they took that pic off iceshanty b/c of the stink everyone is making (good job). who knows how many are killed by panfisherman and slobs that fish there. it sucks b/c i plan on taking my little man there in a few years and these could have been caught by him, so it pisses me off also. is it just me or do alot of skies get wacked out of this lake. all summer i heard rumors of kept fish. kill all the pickerel but keep the skies! was that 31" one that my ole lady released b/c she was a 31" musky magnet this summer at waneta. she did like 6 that size in 2 trips down there. ps- bob i saw your post on iceshanty- nice job!
  2. been paiting some, but have spent most of my time learning the wood lathe to make some sort of wiley copies. got cool eyes now and have switched over to automotive paint only.
  3. anyone want to share any stories about catching muskies out of wanetas little sister?
  4. rapala shad rap repaint and finish w/ eyes
  5. larry thanks for the xmas card also!
  6. four here, but my family is young and i got 2 new ones this year for a total of 6. actually its now 5 after the little guy was done playing with the fishing bear and broke it. oh well
  7. , first chrome lure i have ever painted. only joe bucher has any chrome lures other than the old bagleys, which are discontinued. will mess with this chrome in the future when i get more transparent paint. this is like the frog pattern they run on lake st. clair, but in chrome. this is future muskie man with old school strawberry. i've never personally used this color, but howard wagner has 54 reasons to do so. this is a half done niagra river walleye with a lot of gold flake. this is the little guy that the colton crusher will be named after. its a tuff shad copy w/ a twister tail and a more contoured profile. working on it and will post when done in the future. colton crushers will catch fish!!!!!!!!!!! the tail will be attached with a wire screw so u can change it out w/o gluing it, so it will be easy to change on the water and to change tail colors (in the picture, fire tiger and shiny perch). shiny perch with crappy eye; will add more detail by hand painting, or adding store-bought bubble eyes. zb (initials) on the tail for fun. just another picture of the shiny perch, but too much glare to get a good pic, because of the shine from pearls. the bottom of the fire tiger. i don't know who started the dots on the bottom, i'm just keeping with tradition. does anyone know why there are dots on all plugs from NY, PA, and Lake St. Clair? so these are a couple. i will post as i go. anyone got a pattern to paint? posting sexy lexy shad and crappie when i get to them. remember that the eyes would be finished w/ either bubble eyes or hand painted. these eyes were quickly done crappy and have no detail at all. i also saw a person on ebay selling crazy detailed eyes i most likely will buy them soon.
  8. nice job nitro! where did you get them and on what? share your secerets. you should have seen me at cave run then, i was super hot throwing topraiders in the coves. kind of makes me want to go there for real since i did so well. lmao! 1647 boy!
  9. NITRO- i bet you dont want me to touch that beat up perch invader that has seen better days do you? ole lucky should be its name or nitro's fav.
  10. yeah thats where i start. there are chemical peelers and good ole fashioned sanding. from there i can seal them again if they are wood as in the trophydivers and primer them with etching primer. i can then also fill holes and smooth out the bait w/ epoxy if needed at that time. from there its painting and finish. if they are your black and pink ones they will be super easy to paint. u like that chunky silver sparkle also don't u? i wonder if you would unscrew the lip on those trophydiver before painting them and then reassemble them after painting.
  11. i dont know if anyone on here needs any baits redone? i have been repainting lures of mine that have needed it and wonder if anyone here wants a custom color to an existing plug or repair to a good plug that has lost its paint. i have been using paasche airbrushes and can use acrylic, enamel, createx or automotive paint and have access to all the pearls to add crazy shine to any paint job. i have been finishing them off with either envirotex or epoxy and many times this has made the finish even stronger than what came w/ the plug. its something that has been fun for me and have got alot better since i started. not trying to make a million dollars but i can get more life out of your favorite lure for you.
  12. i have never heard of waves that big on the great lakes. wow is all i can say.
  13. i love my archery and have tried lots of heads. tried expandables(old 3blade spitfires) and never had a bad experience but only took one deer and no passthrough on a broadside shot. have used magnus stingers(great head), g5 montec (my #1), muzzy's, slick tricks and wasps. of these, by far the 2 most consistant heads are the montecs (#1) and the magnus 2 blade stingers (#2). montecs will last you many deer, shoot well and no blades to replace, just sharpen w/ wet dry sandpaper or the special $30 stone they sell. i am using these once again after straying from them for no reason and 90% of the shots are passthroughs for me. shoulder blade passthrough this year for me also. on to the stingers, magnus is only blade w/ a warranty from the manufacturer if that is a worry for you and they can be resharpened like the montecs. w/ only 2 blades they passthrough easy (low draw weight) and fly good. as for bloodtrails- you can hit a deer with 10 differant arrows and the same head in almost the same area and get totally differant blood trails. some people will say this head or that head give better blood. some of this may hold merit, but is all about where u hit em. i lean towards smaller <1 1/8th" short profile heads b/c i feel they fly better at the higher sppeds i shoot. they only reason people shoot expandables is because they dont take the time to tune their bow to be able to shhot a fixed head. i shoot over 300fps and both the montecs and stingers are dead on. best luck- but i am shooting montecs and when my son is old enough he will shoot stingers b/c of the lack of draw weight.
  14. i personally saw a 30" caught from the genesee river on a twister tail in may- saw it w/ my own eyes. only one i have ever seen there but i am sure a couple make it in there every year. i have put out a musky lure in genny 1x.
  15. awesome job!! jealous even though they weren't the big one! sounds like your being transformed into a caster huh? i have done the exact opposite. I used to only cast.
  16. a salmon wouldn't hurt these. these would stand up to them but maybe somewhat larger than u may relieze.
  17. i'm sure that they work but looks like they could use a keel weighting system to keep down on all that spin. use a swivel with these! great job on the website though chad! 100x better than his old one.
  18. great job man! just got back from illinois bowhunting (sucessful trip, 1 more for my wall) i need to get out fishing. how was it casting w/ the pfd on?
  19. you can order sledges anywhere. same thing right? 6" and 9" from any bigger company. ebay has a bunch also. i have heard sledges called sledgehammers before, i read an article about trolling sledges from 6-11mph and putting them in rod holders. no jerking, they swim in a s pattern and can easily handle that speed. sledges have been around 10 years and i believe are from p.a. i have a chart/ black dot one that you couldn't get me to sell. great pike bait also.
  20. size 14 oregon cheese glo-bug. smaller the better. all other egg flies are just copies of this. 4-6lb flouro tippet. you can get fish on buggers early in the day- but as soon as that sun hits take it off and you will do 5:1 on the littlest glow bug you can tie.
  21. zach

    Bear meat

    it is ILLEGAL TO SHOOT A BEAR WITH COMPANY according to the rule books - better hope the DEC doesn't hear this story cause they would have real problems with this. you also have to have the DEC check the bear before you take it to the taxidermist. they take a tooth, nice bear though. but i wouldn't tell anyone that they came in together!
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