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  1. its alright brad- my good karma always comes back to me in the long run, not worried. i would lend u another one tomorrow and not think twice.
  2. or just but other plugs. muskyrockets have been super hot for me this year.
  3. if its good for you roll with it. i dont own even one firetiger but you have me thinking about getting some, i just think it is the most "overused" color out there. looks like it may be for a reason huh?
  4. almost thought that pic was of e.c. i didn't recognize you w/ that nma hat, nice fish- bob are you only fishing firetiger this year? did u make or buy that "floating" ruler?
  5. http://www.fishinfo.com/fishing-article ... _485.shtml i have gone though this article a few times and its that time now according to tony grant.
  6. hey nitro- i saw 76 degree water temps. after 80 shouldn't we all stop fishing them until it gets cooler? thats what makes all the guys in kentucky and indiana stop. i hear you just can't release fish b/c they go belly up and die. what are your thoughts? if yes, we have about a week to fish waneta but will the locals stop fishing muskies down their? it could be a bad year for waneta's muskies.
  7. how come everyone wants to fish w/ her and not me????? i don't understand? ray, would you have met me out if i looked like that?
  8. nitro, i know you can still get on ed's boat if you want, he said there is room for you even though bob brought so much stuff w/ him on his boat. finally got a musky after years of trying on my b-day. 2 small ones and i booted another small one. casted all night and nada. slept on the boat and woke up like 10x b/c of it being so cold and wet out. trolled up those muskies and had a nice one roll on a manta jerkbait but no hooks found their way home. i also had to cut hooks outta a fish for the first time in 2 years. also saw some guys throwing big shad rap rapalas try to release a 28" and i saw it go belly up and they just left it. i asked them if they were going to work that fish to make sure it made it. they said it wasn't legal, so no. i have no idea about why you would spend time making sure a big fish made it but not a small one? weren't the big ones once small? anyways i spent about 5 minutes w/ the little guy and he finally made it and swam off right side up! i yelled at their boat and cussed at them once or twice (or 37x). they didn't like that but oh well and we finished yelling in the parking lot w/ me not backing down. happy birthday i kept telling myself when i got all worked up. nitro- you did 2? nice job! any monsters?
  9. thats funny nito. me love you long time
  10. i may be getting married but no plans yet. i believe you where talking to chad or someone else. congrats again. i was toying w/ the idea of going back this weekend but i think i will be at waneta! i bet you still have a smile on your face today after that rush!
  11. it was nice to talk to you on saturday. did everyone at work believe you when you told them you got a monster. i was the one saying it had a head the size of a shovel! good job again. neat story about how this fish was caught but i will let brooke tell her story!
  12. u still get stuck by walleye fin barbs? stop lying, the great slimye couldn't have gotten stuck, nooooo, not the graet one.
  13. how funny is that comment. ray is gonna get you back!
  14. mudkies are lik cross-dressng wimon tu me. sory- i shud have knuwn not tu ax the best fishremin tu a fishnig context. i niid tu choos mi batls mure caerfuli. sory slimye! u win the fishnig context slimey. sory tu duobt ur fishnig abelity. shud have noan bettr,
  15. ray, i have read most of your posts and find you most likely the funniest person on here. nice deer last year by the way, the woods are safe again! i plan on casting equal hours as trolling this year and my boat did 3 casting and 4 on trolling for the opener, almost equal #'s. i am the poster child for the a.d.d. fisherman. yes old man i find trolling at 2.5mph boring. speed it up to 5mph and on short lines (like 10 feet back) and we are talking a differant game imo. i cast mostly at night and troll mostly during the day, always have been like that. ray- you get to waneta and if i am there you don't need to worry about lures, i could even take you out and share my boat w/ you for awhile saturday if you are feeling the urge but don't bring "SLIMEY" with you? i love having a good time and laughing and i think you could make me laugh once or twice w/ you jokes.
  16. i heard that earthquake was supposed to turn fish on 2x more than a thunderstorm.... wait that wasn't in musky hunter. are earthquakes good for fishing? i wonder.
  17. a good musky opener for our boat.
  18. 40".only 1/2 of the fight and had to put music over the video to cover up all my swearing. last musky tourney @ chaut. he got one (38.5") on his first cast ever and this was on this 6th cast ever. lucky [email protected] good day of fishing.
  19. been drinking tonight slimy (from your spelling) ? if you have done that many muskies- you have done way more than me. if you want to make fishing more fun- i challenge you to a one day musky contest at waneta this saturday. i will through $20 bucks up if you can out fish me! that should make fishing fun for you since you are so good right? i will be at waneta all day saturday fishing out of my grey tracker if you want to take my $$$$$?
  20. this was kevin's first time musky fishing and he already got a 38.5" on his first cast ever. i was calling him lucky and couldn't believe he caught this one on what ended up being his 6th cast ever for muskies. 40". lucky [email protected]@rd. i had to put annoying music over it b/c i was non-stop cuss words.
  21. fishing pictures don't get much better than a great looking woman holding a nice fish! congrats on your new personal best after being stuck at 33" for a year! you are awesome and i love sharing the boat with you, plus you try really hard. i am sure a lot of guys would love to take you fishing. musky lex !
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