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  1. No, It was not me. I didn't get on the road until almost 8 am. I fished out of Sampson and came down from Seneca Falls. I did meet YukonStu at the dock though.
  2. P.S. I know my fingers were in his gills but my uncle was taking him home for dinner.
  3. Got a late start and endured some fairly crappy weather. Picked away at the Lakers and ended up going 8 for 11 with one being a fairly nice 28" and 6 1/2 lber. coudn't get anything to sniff any of my spoons. Spin Doc towing silver/black jointed Rapala and Spin Doc/Atomik flies were the best combos for me today. Just about anything I put behind me Spin Doctors would take fish. Dipsy's did WAY better than riggers. I think 2 came off riggers and the rest of dipsies out 225 feet on #2 or #3 setting. All in all a long but pretty good day.
  4. Yep...from DEC Angling means taking fish by hook and line. This includes bait and fly fishing, casting, trolling and the use of landing nets to complete the catch. Anglers must be in immediate attendance when their lines are in the water. An angler may operate no more than two lines with or without a rod, and each line is limited to not more than five lures or baits or a combination of both, and in addition, each line shall not exceed fifteen hook points in any combination of single, double or treble hooks. Snatching, lifting, hooking and use of tip-ups are not angling.
  5. Better cash mine before I spend all my money on fishing gear
  6. Buy a couple of Dispy Divers, Flashers, and Flies. If you only have one downrigger and a chasing Lake trout you'll want to get deep like they say. Dipsy Divers seem to work as good or better than downriggers sometimes. Flashers and flies in green colors. Search dispy divers and flasher and trolling flies on google and you'll get a pretty good idea what to do. Then, fish them near the bottom in 60-120 feet of water.
  7. Yeah, That coloring is pretty wild. I catch a ton of lakers and don't ever remember one that was dark and spotted all of the way down to the under side of the fish. I wonder if that is some kind of funky hybrid? Doesn't look like a Splake though.
  8. Do you mean Taughannock Falls State Park? I thought Treman Park is 5 miles south of Ithaca?
  9. Where on Cayuga were you fishing? I was out on Friday and fished Dean's Cove and Long Point area. Got completely skunked although we did have two hit and runs on spoons down about 40 feet on cheaters. Couldn't really find a good concentration of fish. Found a couple of spots in the 140 feet range but no bites. Fish were all over the water column too. Made it hard to target a certain depth. Not a single Lake trout bite on the flasher/fly combos. I was very surprised and disappointed.
  10. My check was mailed yesterday! Can wait to start collecting some of it back
  11. Right now I'm leaning toward Sodus. Is probably closest for ma and seems like a pretty good spot....although I have never fished out of there.
  12. I'm looking for some advise as to where to launch this Saturday. I have launched at Fairhaven before and can get to Fairhaven, Oswego, or Sodus all within an hour. I'm fairly new to fishing Ontario and this will be my second trip on my "new to me boat". The new boat is bigger than what I am used to and don't want to launch at any hard to launch spots. I obviously would like to launch where my best chance of catching fish is Thanks for your help and input.
  13. No....Thank you! I found some great tackle and hardware that I just had to have
  14. Man, You know your a plumber when you use teflon tape on everything
  15. Hey, Don't brag up Cayuga Lake. We don't want everyone knowing what we know! Seneca is known for great trout fishing....but, Cayuga is actually better.
  16. I'm fine with $50 entry...More money for me in the end Seriously...$25 or $50 total...$10 per outing is pretty cheap. I like the idea about missing a day. Sounds as fair as it can be.
  17. Mark, I'm in. Weigh and honor system is o.k. for me. I just don't want to have to kill a bunch of fish that I probably will never get a chance to eat. Looking forward to it. Wayne
  18. Guys, Thanks for having me along. I had a good time and learned a few things. The biggest thing I learned was to frisk Redeyes Jeff before letting him on the boat! The bananas did curse him because he dragged those dipsy's around on that new 19 strand for about 8 hours and not even a whif of a fish...musta packed his gear in with the bananas. Thanks again Dave. I'll have to get you out on "Balls Deep" soon.
  19. I'd be interested. I like the idea of agreed upon picture...maybe length only. Should be able to fish any finger lake and e-mail in photo with ruler and dated newspaper? That way we should be able to release the fish if we wanted to. Start a thread on this website for uploads of pics and judge by that???
  20. Best bet is to get out with someone and learn hands on. I learned more on a 4 hour charter than I learned in about 3 months trying to learn by myself. I should have my new to me boat in a couple of weeks. I'd be happy to take you out on Seneca or preferably Cayuga. Shoot me an e-mail or PM in a couple of weeks if you are interested. Wayne [email protected]
  21. I might be in. Launching at the North end or South end? What time?
  22. Agree with everything said. Also those "beer cans" or "christmas trees" or whatever you call them with those green "popcorn" about 18" back work pretty good too for Lake Trout. Once in a while I'll go after 'em with flashers and live Sawbellies about 18" behind the flasher. I here walleye has been pretty good a the Sacandaga Reservoir. You ever fish for them at the Reservoir?
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