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  1. Went out with my buddy and our girlfriends on Saturday. Fished from North end all the way south of Deans Cove. Did a little wine tour as well and hit 3 wineries to break up the fishing. Since my boat is in for repair, my buddy trailered his 26' pleasure boat and we rigged it up with two riggers and two extra rod holders. Fished one rigger down 90 and the other and 35 to chase after the Salmon and Rainbows. Also ran the divers out about 225 and 260 using flasher/fly. Ended up catching a small brown, a small rainbow, a bunch of small salmon, and then at least 6 or 8 nice Lakers. About half way between Deans Cove and Thirsty Owl winery we hit two pig lakers both over 10 lbs in my opinion. We didn't have a scale with us but I'm fairly sure they wer in the 10-11 lb range. We also caught a few in the 7-8 lb range and a couple of 3-4 lbers. Here is a double! And my buddy's GF very excited. And my catch of the day... Do you think this fish was attacked while being dragged? Looks like something hit it and peeled some of his skin off. P>S. All fish were released to fight another day...except that sawbelly...he was done.
  2. Getting bad now on Cayuga but the fish are still biting.
  3. Hey now....ease up! Some days the fish are very hard to catch even with the best technology out there!!!! Every lit bit helps.....and yes it is fun even if you don't catch any....but a lot more fun when you do.
  4. You can argue you want all day about temps.... But it really helps to know the down speed of your lures. In Lake O and the Fingerlakes, there are currents that can be 1+ mph slower or faster than your speed over ground. If you are running 1.7 mph but going with a 1 mph current, your lures are probably not even working. You might be able to catch Lake Trout for example as fast as 2.3-2.5 mph but I doubt you would do very well at 3.5 mph. Ask DButts how much he misses his Sub Troll now that he has been without for a few weeks.
  5. I notice this is your first post. Make sure you are logged in. I don't think you can view if you are not logged in.
  6. Mexico/Oswego area should be great around that time frame. I don't think any place will be any better than that area.
  7. Me, Yukonstu and crew landed about 20 on Saturday on Cayuga. Only Lil Jake knows how big!!!!
  8. nice job. I'll b on a water for the next 3 days it should b awesome [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  9. That's alright Jason. We'll get out again some time soon. I can't wait to get out with you on Ontario and slam some Kings! You are welcome to come fishing with me any time. Wayne
  10. I can't wait. Just trying to figure out if I want to boat 30 - 35 medium sized fish or 10 or 12 bigger fish
  11. Yea, Now that i look at that again...I removed it. That was pretty nasty. Here is a much better pic. Wayne
  12. Went out last evening with Yukonstu from 4:30 til 8:30 and had a blast! Launched out of Dean's cove and headed North. Got the first rod down 35 feet plus a slider and before I could get the second rod down...BAM - FISH ON! 4 lb Laker on the 35 down spoon. So, I thought...Wow, this is going to be a great night. Then we poked away for about 30-40 minutes with nothing. Hunted around for the fish and found a sweet honey hole. Next thing you know it is GAME ON! Ran two riggers with sliders small spoons on all. Riggers down 35 and 40 feet. Also ran two divers with flasher fly combo #2 setting out 140 - 180 mostly. Both YukonStu and I had a first. We took a hit on the rigger and when he reeled it in...BAM. It's a double on a single pole. Two Salmon. One hit bottom lure and other hit slider. We both talked about how that is a first for us. We kept fishing and BAM!!! another double on single rod! All in all, we had three doubles on single rods and at one point I was also battling a Pig Lake trout that got off at the surface. I would say that counts as a TRIPLE! All in all we landed 8 Lakers around 4- 6 lbs, 9 Salmon between 12-19", and a nice 18 - 19" Rainbow. We also lost the Pig laker at the top of the water and had at least 5 or 6 hit and runs! Not bad for two guys out on the water for about 3.5 hours of fishing time. Here is a pic of the first double and a nasty pic of my Live well after the fish were gilled. Oh yeah...fish mostly came in 60 -80 feet of water but a couple came out in 130 -140.
  13. I was reading this thread and finally got it....Kooter469...That's pretty funny.
  14. Made a solo run from 5:30 - 8:30 pm landed a 4 lb laker, 2 small Salmon, and a 15" Rainbow. Salmon and Rainbow were about 15 feet down on sliders. Small spoons seem to be the trick. Hot lure was a small Needlefish (Nickel/Red Head) silver spoon with red on front 1/3rd. That lure has been catching a lot of small Salmon lately. Caught the Laker on a green spin doctor with a Big weenie Pole Dancer 1 fly over 115 feet of water 85 down. I was pretty happy catching that small Rainbow. It is my second this year and more than I caught all of last year. Maybe they are making a comeback! Can't wait for those Salmon to grow up. I have caught a lot the last few times out. Marked tons of baitfish about 15 - 25 feet down in about 35-40 feet of water. Also marked schools of bait down about 25 -35 feet in 140 feet of water.
  15. Zebedee, I run 2 or 3 beads behind the peanut. It give a better space between the peanut and the hook and helps your hook up ratio. Wayne
  16. That is a REALLY nice Perch! Wow!
  17. Went out with Zebedee for a little evening cruise and caught 6 or 7 little ones. Alll Salmon...couldn't sniff a Laker even though we tried. Had a great time a learned a few little tricks. Here is the beast that Zebedee and I caught a couple miles north of Dean's Cove. Then went out Saturday afternoon for 4 hrs with my girlfriend. We went 6 for 6 all Salmon except a nice 2 lb rainbow that was jumping and fighting like crazy. We also caught a 2.5 lb Salmon and a bunch of smaller ones.
  18. Where on the North end? I have fished the North end a lot over the past 3 years and have never caught a Brown. I did catch a nice 5 or 6 lb Rainbow last year there and have caught a few Landlocks but never a Brown.
  19. I have a 22' Trophy with a 125 HP Merc outboard. I do not have a kicker motor. I want to install an autopilot for trolling and was wondering who has any ideas on a reasonably inexpensive unit. I was hoping to spend less than $2000 for the unit and want something reasonably easy to install. The unit that I am leaning toward is the Sitex SP-70. Most of the units under $2000 are for I/O units or mechanical steering. My boat has hydraulic steering. Anyone running that Sitex unit? Anyone have any suggestions for another brand that I can use with hydraulic steering that costs less than $2000?
  20. I had a good time also. Talked with Zebedee for a while on 68 saturday was docked right next to Yukonstu...must have been two boats over from Tripleduece. Talked eith DButts a few times on 68. Fishing was pretty slow except Monday morning. It was pretty hot for the first two hours then it died completely for us. Never boated anything over 6 lbs all weekend. We decided to sleep on the boat Sunday night instead of going home. Met up with Yukonstu and his buddies and did some serious damage on steak, clams, sausage, burgers, pork loin, munchies, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, beer, and a whole bucket of Twisted Tea. My crew wasn't the most experienced with fishing but they made up for it at the dock! They brought all the food and beer and grill and charcoal...but of course forgot plates, napkins, lighter fluid etc. Thankfully Yukonstu came through with all plates, forks, knives, butter, napkins and some kick ass sausage. We did sort of hijack his grill to get our charcoal lit without his prior knowledge Thanks again Barry for all of that stuff. Can't wait to get you out on my boat in a "better" lake if you know what I'm saying P.S. Sunday night bed at 1:30 woke up 3 hours later and man...I was hurting! P.P.S. If any of you were trying to sleep on your boat near us Sunday night....sorry
  21. Fish finder was lit up when we were in 175 feet or deeper. Inside 150 I couldn't mark a fish but the one that we did catch was in 115 feet of water. The lake has changed a lot the last week or so and should be setting up pretty soon. Water temps at the surface and down to about 35 feet are 10 degrees warmer than they were 10 days ago. I am not too confident in my cheap fish finder and am installing a new one tonight.
  22. hmmmm, You usually fish the South end of the lake. ...and, you said you checked out your first "honey hole". Are you just trying to misdirect everyone to the North end?
  23. Fished from 4pm til dark and it was a great night to be out. Unfortunately the fishing sucked. I had more fun shooting the sh*t with Lil Jake on the radio than I did fishing. Brought my girlfriend along and just before dark we finally got our first bite. It was a 4lb LT. I had the boat running about 2.1 mph and she was struggling to reel that "little" fish in. I told her wait until we get her a 10 or 12lbr! We landed it, she was happy, that was the biggest fish she ever caught. Once we got it in and released it, I showed her where the scrub brush, soap, and water pail were located. She scrubbed my entire deck down....nice!
  24. The top bite has sucked for me also. The water is starting to set up a little. I measured about 50 degrees from top down to about 35 feet deep yesterday on Cayuga. Then it starts to drop and is about 42 down at 100 feet. I did catch a few LL's on the south end of Cayuga on lead core/spoons and flat lining with deep diving sticks. Nothing on top with straight flat lining though.
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