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  1. I run my flasher / fly about 8 feet off the balls. Seems to give better action when it is closer to the ball. ...also, that is what the instructions say on the spin doctor package
  2. We should do a poll and see how many former military on here. Those days were some of the best and most memorable of my life. for me...12B Combat Engineer 4 years Ft. Polk, La. P.S. Lil Jake, you look like a former Ranger...
  3. Yea and those bass boat guys get out of bed real early!!!!
  4. I haven't been out in a few weeks due to boat issue but it is good at Dean's. Head to the middle of the lake and south a little from deans and the water will get to 250 feet pretty quick.
  5. Try out these Torpedo Divers. I have 4 of them and they are pretty cool to fish with. They won't replace my riggers or divers but that are nice to fish with and get the job done. http://www.torpedodivers.com/
  6. I find that flashers...especially spin doctors seem to work better with about a 6 foot leader back from my diver and about 8 or 10 feet back from my downrigger ball. The longer the leader is, the less action the flasher seems to give off.
  7. Good to see you had a good time. The fish aren't as big and nasty like the big lake but its pretty cool and Cayuga has a lot more fish per square mile in my opinion than lake O. The water off of Taughannock gets extremely deep extremely fast. Once you go out of the launch under that bridge the water drops to over 200 feet before you get 200 feet offshore. If you have to make the trip again, try Dean's cove. Same side of the lake about 15 miles North of Taughannock. You must have drove right by it but you have to be looking for it to find the sign. You can also launch at the state park at the north end of the lake in Seneca Falls and motor south about 5 miles until you get to deep water.
  8. If you are running spoons at 30 and 50 use small 2.5" spoons in greens and reds. Also run a slider - cheater on each of those. Then run Divers out around 250 feet with flasher / fly. The diver rods must have wire or braided line. The mono is too thick and won't allow your divers to get deep enough. PM me if you ever go out and need some help. I'd be happy to tag along and bring some of my gear. P.S. Go to Cayuga Lake...fishing is better
  9. I was reading this a few days ago and was pretty grumpy at the time. I was about to say "how in the hell do you not make your buddies buy a derby ticket?". You have 10's of thousands of dollars tied up in boat and gear and they cant spend $15 to go fishing with you? Two shots at derby cash and your out.... For future reference you and your buddies can register on-line in about 5 minutes at http://www.loc.org/derby/registration/r ... e_java.asp P.S. I must still be a little grumpy Very nice fish though!
  10. Oh? You mean THIS corner? That's pretty funny
  11. I think I'll convert it to an alternator if I cannot figure it out.
  12. I have an 18' Penn Yan with a Mercury 3.7 liter I/O. I was out running Sunday trolling around and my motor started running crappy and stalling at trolling speed. I though it was a fuel problem but as I was pulling it out of the water I tried to start it and the battery was very weak and barely started the motor. I got home, threw the ear muffs and battery charger on it. I started it up and tried the old trick where you start the motor and pull the ground connection off the battery to see if it stays running. It did stay running but immediately stated idling very poorly and barely stayed running. As soon as I touched the ground cable back to the battery it would purr like a kitten. I then revved it up to about 2500 rpm's and pulled the cable off. As son as I pulled it off it started running crappy again but did stay running. Put it back on and purred like a kitten. Anyone ever heard of this? seems like my magneto is only charging about 1/2 power. Charging enough to spark but not enough to give a full spark. I did put a meter on the output side of the magneto and did get about 12 volts. I also put my meter on what I think is the output side of my voltage regulator and got 14 volts. Any ideas or suggestions of things to try? Thanks, Wayne
  13. Love my 2002WA. Boat has been great other than the Merc 125 outboard that just spun a bearing. Luckily dealer is covering it under full warranty. I think you'll really enjoy it and it handles the waves very nicely in my opinion.
  14. I'll be out Sat morning at Dean's with my old boat. 18' Penn Yan. I'll try to catch you on my little radio.
  15. Dave that fishing out of the Oak right now is unreal. Makes Cayuga seem a lot less fun
  16. I'll be out on Cayuga Saturday in my old boat. New Boat is in the shop for new powerhead. I'm not in the derby and have an amateur crew on Saturday but we should catch a few. I was out on Ontario and Cayuga last week and the fleas are 5 times heavier in Cayuga than they were at Sodus. Fleas are reallllllly bad right now. I'll be on 68on my hand held radio. Wayne
  17. Nice job Dave. You fishing Cayuga this weekend? Wayne
  18. Yes it will get expensive but it is worth it. Nothing is better than a fish screaming off a couple hundred feet of line before it even slows down!
  19. I agree. The Sgt 1st class must be a pretty short dude. 44" from knees to top of his head!!!!
  20. Wow, I would have been pissed if it were a 35 lber! Next time you go out and need a 3rd man, get ahold of me. I have a Derby pass Wayne
  21. I agree with everything said but if it remains like it was Sunday make sure you can get your gear way down deep. Most fish were hanging in the 100 - 130 feet deep range. Bring heavy downrigger balls and BIG divers. I think we had a problem getting deep enough with standard size dipsy divers and small downrigger balls. If the family gets sick of fishing, give me a shout. I'd join you some morning! Wayne cell: 585-703-4465.
  22. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Wayne / Balls Deep ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 7/2/10 Time on Water: 6 hrs Weather/Temp:nice Wind Speed/Direction: wnw Waves: 1-2 Surface Temp: Location: Oak Orchard LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 14 -15 Total Boated: 9 Species Breakdown: Kings, Steelies, and One Laker Hot Lure: Spoons early flasher/fly later Trolling Speed: 2.3 -3 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 250 - 330 Lure Depth: 65 - 105 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== My first ever successful trip to lake ontario as the lead man on the boat. 2 of us fishing on a boat that was not set up for fishing very well but did the job. Lines in the water at 8:30 am and broke off a big one by 8:45 on diver at #2 out 225. Fishing ws very busy until about 12:30 then it died off. Went to lunch and back out around 3 pm. Steady pick caught a nice 9.5 lb steelhead in 150 feet on slider. Also lost a beast king that ripped 200 feet of line off then came out of the water and spit the hook. Looked at felt BIG. By the time he came out of the water he was about 500 feet back so hard to tell. Really happy to finally have a successful trip on the big lake as the lead man on the boat!!! Wayne
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