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  1. I have used both Scotty's and Cannons, both are great, we currently use Cannons since we paid $500 for two(2), not $500 for one but two(2)
  2. I also have Penn reels with my Shimano charter special and I don't have any problems what so ever with the clickers, having the clickers is ok but like I said before, I don't use it because it's too noisy for me.
  3. Yes, I am from the Pacific NW and that is the normal range in leader lenghts we use up here in saltwater fishing for salmon with an 11" dodger or flasher with a hoochie or salmon fly, as for lakes, it's a slightly different setup.
  4. I have caught salmon trolling at 2.5 to 2.9 knots, and yes the current and winds does matters, usually the best time would be slack tide(little to no current), I have caught kokanee at that speed in lakes too.
  5. It all depends on what your fish finder shows, I normally start out at 75' for chinooks, cohos and pinks, I usually catch all three species at that depth but sometimes if i'm not being productive at that depth then i'll go deeper from 90' to 150', if that don't work then i'll go shallow from 20' to 35' but like I said before, it all depends on what you fish finder shows.
  6. I's say it's a personal preference, at various depths between 30' to 100'+, i'd go anywhere between 25' to 35' behind the cannon ball.
  7. I have the Shimano charter special and I never use the clicker to fight a fish(too noisy) but I only use it when i'm sending the rig down on the downrigger, it helps keep some tension on and minimize the slack while i'm sending it down.
  8. I use an 8' Penn medium downrigger rod with a Shimano charter special reel with 25lb line for the downrigger
  9. I have used a variety of lengths between 33" to 45" on chinooks, cohos, and pinks with hoochies, I normally use a 36" leader for cohos & pinks, and a 42" to 46" leader for chinooks.
  10. I have used the 11" Yellow Mtn Dew #1986 for salmon fishing out here on the straits of Juan De Fuca in Washington state and it works very well for chinooks, cohos, and Pinks, highly recommended I'd buy a few of those and not just one.
  11. Name: Jason Babila Location: Renton, WA Home Port:Seattle, WA Boat Name/Type: None I fish for: Salmon ================== Hello everybody, new guy here.
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