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  1. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Some years ago I switched over from level winds to mooching reels. I decided to go to the top of the line in mooching reels, ISLANDER! and I don't regret it. They are fantastic reels and I'd never use a level wind on my downriggers again.
  2. Best electric down rigger?

    I've had my Scottys for around 25 years and never experienced a problem with them. I wouldn't switch brands for anything! Most of the 25 years I was running charters.
  3. Uses for 2” spoons

    There's no better advice than what's already been given. I've had good luck with Apex 1.5's on sliders which are designed & used for Kokanee but have worked well in Lake O! They also work great for Walleye in Lake Erie. A buddy of mine fishes them out of Port Burwell.
  4. Just wondering what was the best fly color for last season. I only use Howie Flys and have always been a "green man" so my top colors were Howie Green Krink & Green/silver. Not asking for the make of the fly if you don't want to mention it, just the color. When running on a dark day I did well with the white glow Howie fly. Actually a flasher/fly beat out a flasher/cut bait this last year for me!
  5. MEAT

    I've been running #3 Hot Spot Rollerbaiters with meat for over 30 years. One thing about the Rollerbaiters is you don't have to worry about the correct rotation as they're equipped with a rudder which does the job. I always run the meat with a 11" flasher.
  6. On a dark day I'm using an 8" Hot Spot Weasel or Bullfrog flasher with a glow Howie fly. Sometimes I'll switch over to a Hot Spot White Lightning with a glow Howie. Once the sun gets up I switch over to a brighter Hot Spot such as a Green Haze UV with a Green Krinkle Fly. The one thing about the Hot Spot flasher is I believe it's the only make of flasher that will change direction of rotation. Two things that will trigger a strike is a change of speed or direction! Out in BC they normally run 11" flashers with a fly, running the fly about 33 or 43 inches back of the fly. I've tried that and it's done well in Lake O!
  7. bannanas

    The story I heard was natives from one island would boat over to another island for bananas. On the way over they'd almost fill the boat with fish. Once they got their bananas they'd start their way home & fish the same area without a nibble. One day I saw the boy who's charter was docked next to mine jump off his boat as his customers approached, grab a bag of bananas off one of them & threatened to throw them in the river unless he put them back in his car. I wouldn't let anyone put bananas on my boat!
  8. Dummy flasher connected to downrigger ball?

    When the Hot Spot Agitator first came out I tied two up in tandem & attached them to the ball. I would run a spoon, normally an Apex five feet above & behind the Agitators. Since then it has been my top producer even beating out a flasher & meat!
  9. I've only ever used a scent once and that was because a customer insisted it would catch more fish. I picked out two good identical lures, put the scent on one and the other clean and put them down to the same depth. After the first three fish on the clean lure the customer threw his scent over the side.
  10. MVP spoon 2016

    I can't complain the top dog in my box has been a 5.5 Apex either Rocket or Popcorn running five feet above and behind my two Agitators running in tandem off the ball. This system has even beat out a flasher & meat!
  11. Run UV spoon colors or non UV spoon colors

    Glow spoons are great but what you have to remember is they only stay charged for a short time whereas UV spoons remain charged throughout the day even when it's somewhat cloudy and that's down much lower than any depth I'll ever be fishing!
  12. Chas it's not a matter of being a "Woos" what it comes down to is when you're younger you don't use your brain as much as you do when you get older and your muscles don't matter as much.
  13. I have four Scotty electrics. I've used both electrics & manuals but other than the speed & ease of the electrics the one great thing about them if you're fishing alone it's easier to get the cable and balls out of the way when bringing in a fish!
  14. Help starting out

    As for reels if I never had to use a level wind again I'd be happy. I've got four Islander mooching reels for my riggers. Pretty well all the boys out west use those reels and since I started using them I'd never want to go back to level winds. As for riggers I've used a number of makes over the years and I wouldn't change my Scotty's. As for me they're the top of the line!
  15. Black box?

    All a black box is designed to do is prevent the wrong charge going down the riggers. Before you spend your money go on the Scotty website and it will give you direction on how to check the charge on your rigger. Scotty were the originators of the Black Box. It is not designed to attract fish but to prevent the wrong charge that will spook the fish.