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  1. Has any one ever fished this lake? is there any places to stay on the lake , where meals are provided? thanks bob13
  2. wow nice fish only 4lbs bob13
  3. done well with rapalas and spinner baits. bob13
  4. bob 13

    Buck Pond

    yes there is a place you can launch down by the bridge, near schallers or park over at creasant beach and carry kayak across the street. guy i work with caught some big bass back in may bob13
  5. heading down to wanetta lake sat for the first time , should i be casting or trolling ? what part of the lake is good this time of year? appreciate any info bob13
  6. throwing a frog from shore , big bass slammed it , hooked it , then trying to stop fish from going into weeds , i pulled hook out of mouth. still fun and exciting throwing topwater bob13
  7. looking for a 12' boat in good condition . no leaks , not a jon boat 250 or less. within roch area. do not want motor or trailer thanks bob13
  8. 24 inch pike 15 inch bass. perch rapala comes through again bob13
  9. 2 pike, a bass, walleye and a carp snaged in tail bob13
  10. trolled rapalas in the pond today. caught three pike in the 24 inch range . bob13
  11. i am looking to buy some inline planner boards. any suggestions? thanks bob13
  12. i am sick of the wind. lake, braddocks and the ponds are choppy!!!! bob13
  13. If you had a good time, that is what counts bob13
  14. bob 13

    may 1

    Good luck to those going pike/walleye fishing sat! Let the excitement begin! Be safe bob13
  15. i bought a 75hp in 2005 and love it!! quiet, no fumes to breath in and great get up and go power. the best part is how easy it is to winterize!!! bob13
  16. hook into a big sheeps head this morning. would of been nice if it was a brown or another steelie. still a nice fight. bob13
  17. no in the lake . between the long pond channel and the creasent beach hotel. put on a pair of watters and walk out . over the years caught some nice browns, pike and your occasional sheephead. your good until mid may then they move out too deep. i am trying to get my brother in law to post pic. bob13
  18. caught a real nice male stealhead last nite(7:30) casting a silver prism krocadile. bob13
  19. what video is yours ? bob13
  20. i usually use two poles off the side off my boat, works well. i use no planner boards. bob 13
  21. look for the stained water (brown water) cleos work well blue/silver and green/silver bob13
  22. they should have a season and a season on sea gulls!!!!! they let us shoot mergansers, and they dont even taste good!!! bob13
  23. selling a fenwick hmx light action 5' 3'' one piece rod. looking for $ 20 paid about 60. i used the rod once. bob13
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