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  1. The leader I am running from dipsy to spoon is about 5-6 ft
  2. alrighty to clarify I am running 20 pound mono on all the rods just to keep it simple. I am running the divers without the O ring so I can put them farther back according to my depth chart. So for instance on a 0 setting on a #1 diver I will let out around 115 ft of line to get her down around 45. So depending on my setting and my dipsy I will let the line back any where from 100 to 250 ft back. I know for a fact with my trolling speed at the rpms i mentioned earlier the dipsys get to where they are supposed to. For instance I set my dipsys to go to 85 ft down in 87 fow and they were touching bottom so I know I am right on with what the dipsy charts say.
  3. Thats just the thing I dont have riggers. So dipsys are all I have
  4. So here is the deal. I went out trolling with my dipsy rigs the last two days out of sandy. I worked from 75 thru 150 fow on every direction troll you can work and I covered the depths from 90 all the way up to 45 with my mag and #1 dipsys. I always have three dipsys in the water and I have a different spoon color on each dipsy. I worked the Gator, Glo Frog, Nk 28 black-green, Glo Green, and various shades of purple and yellow. After all of this I all had to show for it was two stinking hits with no fish to show for it. What the heck am I doing wrong? I have been hearing that the inside bite has been pretty good and I have been out trolling with guys who know what they are doing so I am not totally clueless. I just seems that to have three poles in the water on two consecutive days and no fish to show for it is pretty absurd. Any insight or advice for my situation would be helpful. Also I do NOT have a down speed and temp. So I am pretty much going on marking my fish to find the depth and going on rod action for the speed. I usually keep my rpms just a touch below 10 and that has hooked some dink salmon before, so I really dont know where I went wrong. HELP!!
  5. Well I have searched high and low for 1oz jig head and I cant find any. Where do you get them and what brand is best?
  6. combination of braddocks and sandy creek
  7. Yes sir! Caught him right off a rock jetty
  8. Check out these awesome bass I have been catching. Good old lake ontario keeps providing a steady flow of four to five pounders. Heck maybe I should tournament fish
  9. I would love to spend around forty bucks just to get a starter set going.
  10. Hey I have become really interested in jigging for lake trout but I really have no idea how/what/where/when to do it. I could really use some info on this topic. If you guys know anything feel free to comment. Also I stress this is about jigging not trolling.
  11. Hey I want to get started acquiring some spoons for my salmon and trout endeavors. I want green and black patterns as well as silver and black. I cant break bank with this either as I am just looking to get started. If you guys have any let me know.
  12. Hey guys I am just your average college student so I was looking for some ways to get set up for salmon without going the down rigger route. SO I was thinking that I could run two dipsy mags on the outside of my four rod holders and in the middle I would run two Luhr Jensen Double Deep Six's to get down to the 100 ft range. Of course my lure selection would be a mix of Glo Frogs and NBK's. Oh and I might throw in a Mountain Dew Spin Doctor or two ;P. Either way I just figured that this setup could be a cheaper, stealthier but still viable way to try to get into the Lake O action. But hey I am no pro so I figured I would throw this idea past you guys. Any suggestions or advice about this spread I am thinking of running could be awesome. Thanks guys!
  13. Yo guys, throw a tube bait with a bullet head sinker pegged about 18 in above it. Walk it real slow over different cover and be sure to feel for a very subtle tap, then set the hook hard. Also Husky jerks worked slow will do the trick. Remember to go with subdued colors. Been hammering smallies and pike with this technique.
  14. Ha I spin fish and float fish for trout. So I get the dirty looks from both sides of the coin. Only the funny part is they usually end up watching me land several trout before they hit one with a fly. But hey I give the purist flyboys their space and they usually give me mine. It's those darn pinners making 80 ft drifts you gotta watch out for
  15. Hey Slimy could you PM me about your Cleo tactics? I have been dying to get into steelies that way but cant find any good info on it. If you could that would be awesome.
  16. Went fishing this morning and absolutly got blasted by rain, but I was rewarded with this beatiful rainbow!
  17. Hey guys I have been investigating trout beads as of late and I just wanted if anyone on here uses them effectively and what colors they would prefer. It seems like a interesting way to drift for the steelies and browns and I would be glad to hear any succes stories or useful advice! Thanks guys!
  18. Hey thanks alot guys! I will definately have to try some of these tactics
  19. Glo bugs in chartreuse and Nuclear roe bugs in chartreuse and pink are solid flys for the browns at the oak
  20. Hey thanks Gander I will definately give that a try
  21. The Brockport Section. Near the Redman Road bridge. Really anywhere on the canal where the bank is rocky will do. You just dont want to fish those flat walls that the canal sometimes has
  22. Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me with a trout problem I am having. I fish a certain stream for stream brown trout and brookies, and I usuall have great success. A few trips back I found a really deep (4-5 ft) hole that had monster stream trout stacked in it. I mean for stream trout these things are enormous, the problem however is I cant get them to take anything. I have thrown small spinners in the hole and drifted worms and flies into the hole to no avail. My presentation is ultralight with really small hooks, I make sure to approach the hole so the trout cant see me and I stand quite far away from it when I cast and I always cast before the hole and not into it. I cant see what I am doing wrong and I just want these trout to take something. Also I have fished this hole like three to four times so its not for lack of trying I am coming up short. Anyone got any insight into my stream trout problem?
  23. Those Snap Beans are really small and I imagine with a single hook they could produce pretty well. I may try to get a few of those.
  24. Hey I just thought I would throw this post up here or anyone looking for some interesting info. This summer I fished the Erie Canal extensively and found some suprising results. The first and most suprising result was I caught ALOT of Smallmouth Bass. I would just take a crayfish or darkcolored crank and cast parallel to the bank only about four to five feet from the rocks and reel in fast. Man I tell ya the strikes I got were vicious. I mean those bass would murder the lure and then fight like madmen. Another effective tactic was to twitch a baby bass Senko worm rigged up Texas style and weightless. Cast this parallel to the bank about 8-10 ft from the bank and let it sink all the way to the bottom then fish it like a jig back to you, oh and hold on, because the smallies cannot stand this. Between the Senko and the crank I would catch alot of bass each outing and while the fish were not monsters they had decent size to them. I did catch quite a few over 17 inches. Also in the canal is pike. Now these suckers have an attitude in the canal. Just cast that crank along the bank close to sundown and you could tangle with a good sized pike. I caught one that ran 27 inches! Moral of this post is if a few of you guys live near the canal dont overlook giving it a few casts. It can be very productive when fished right and can offer alot of entertainment, especially if you only have time for a hour of castng. Give it a shot in the late spring all the way through summer, you may be suprised at what you find.
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