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  1. I would say shoot her. DEC did a study showing those fawns as being able to survive no problem. Nothing screws a big buck hunt like a mature blowing and teaching other deer where to not be. I rather have two year olds around, they reproduce the same.....
  2. It weighs a decent amount but that mitigates recoil and most hunting in NY is not exactly mountain climbing.....
  3. CVA Paramount, you can’t find a more accurate and well made production gun. In my opinion.
  4. Nothing happening this morning. Decent amount of shots around, hope most guys get out of the woods after this weekend.
  5. Little good news this morning, the buck I shoulder blade shot during archery is back on camera and seems to be doing well. Amazing what they can do even with a clipped lung. Little weight off the conscience.
  6. Great to at least know he is there. Late season it should pay off.
  7. Deer on my cell cams in my plots during shooting light tonight and lots of them. No bucks though so I feel far less guilty about sitting today out.
  8. Looking for what you think the best option is for night hunting for predators. I am getting after coyotes and fox this winter and I am looking to get my rig (Ruger MPR 5.56) outfitted correctly. I am open to gun mount options or just a general spotlight. Thanks!
  9. Lol yup, was a great morning and saw nothin. Did hear quite a few shots though and I guess it makes sense that there is more pressure this week, what with thanksgiving prob a lot of guys taking the week off
  10. Nice crisp morning to be out, should be moving pretty good
  11. He saw deer and got to doing desperate things. People will do anything and everything.
  12. 8G was a comparative ghost town yesterday. Very very few close shots around brockport. By the end of the day the deer were comfortable enough to be feeding on my property and acting not very spooked at all. I’m not complaining about it! I took a doe out from 170 with my CVA paramount crosshairs right on her shoulder and bang flop. So amazing to shoot a muzzy that’s just point and shoot out to 200.
  13. Absolutely insane. It’s pitch black then.
  14. It’s no custom but man I love the CVA Paramount .45! .5 inch group 3 inches high at 100, it’s a no guess dead hold to 230. This thing is an accurate beast. Love this gun. But I hate gun season, where luck or having 300 undisturbed acres determines your chances.
  15. Yes we did, nothing was usable on the buck but he gets a nice set of antlers. Some good karma I hope
  16. Appreciate the encouragement man. I can at least take pride in my land improvement strategies that gave me better opportunities this year. And I’ll get after it, I just need a night to sit and think it out.
  17. Yah, you work so hard for the opportunity snd then you hurry the shot. I just have to be better. I will be better next time, but I’m done with the bow for the year. That just takes all the want out of me. Here is a pic of the 7 we found. It was a good deer and yes I believe it was tripping the dog up. Searched for over 6 hours today and covered almost all available areas within a mile. Grid searched, never had good blood really beyond the arrow
  18. No dice. Just.......unreal. Found someone else’s nice 7 point. Sickening. I couldn’t be more upset with myself
  19. He is no giant but he is pretty good and very unique with lots of funny business on the right side. Tracker just left work and will be on my property around 1:30. Hopefully I have good news in a few hours!
  20. Didn't find much in the way of hair, but then I didn't really look for it. Arrow did not make it out the other side of the deer but I believe penetrated past 8 inches (shoulder shot). Blood was pinkish with lots of foam (that reads lung), no smell. The blood on the arrow tells me good shot, but penetration is my biggest worry. I believe bare minimum I single lunged this deer but in way that's lethal. But, as the arrow did not pass through, I ma not anticipating great blood, so I enlisted a dog and didn't even try to pick up the track. I want the dog to have the most unspoiled track that I can.
  21. Thanks guys, backed out and probably won’t go back until after lunch. Already on the horn with a dog tracker. Not chancing it.
  22. Would be my biggest bow buck, backed the heck out. I can’t screw this up. I’m a wreck
  23. Shot angle was broad or slight quarter away. I did not hear him go down but honestly the blood was pumping on my ears so hard I couldn’t hear jack if I wanted too
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