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  1. Morning forecast is calling for 28-30 mph winds. Might not be up for that kinda tree sit especially when it will kill deer movement
  2. Update, I shot another doe. So two doe tonight is a nice little night. DMPs full and now I can hunt for some ivory.
  3. Shot a doe at 15 yards (absurd, and here I have the new CVA paramount long range muzzleloader). So thank god the season long skunk is off and now I can focus on some horns. As of this morning the buck I attached a picture of is still alive. Had him at 40 during bow but a branch kept me from taking a shot. Would mind a chance at him with a gun.
  4. Same, it's totally pointless. No story, no excitement. Just a dirty secret that evolves into lies if you even decide to tell anyone.
  5. Our winters are tough, but I am not sure that affects the WNY bucks as much. There is so much fruit and agriculture here that it’s gotta help them tremendously through the winter.
  6. This seems so odd to me, because NY residents seem to have a good grasp on this and take quite a few does. Yet, there are so so many female deer around. Maybe just too many people passing on the large matriarchs?
  7. Legacy, what’s in that high green plot!? It looks gorgeous for November
  8. Same except I saw a doe. Let’s hope the afternoon gives us a last day giant.
  9. That’s what I am hoping. Buttttt I just had a shooter 8 at 40 yards but he wouldn’t step from behind the branch and offered no shot. Today ain’t my day.
  10. I was shaking a bit, but not from buck fever!
  11. I almost got killed and my front door got smashed forward in Irondequoit this morning. I had just put my coffee cup in my bag, ready to hit the woods, standing the front side of the truck when a car slammed into my open door just inches from me and smoked my door against the hinges forward. He played chicken with a car going in the other direction and didn’t account for the open door and pedestrian on the other side of the equation. I’m fine and the truck door is shot, but I am more mad about not being able to hunt this morning. Didn’t give the guy the business either, I never get too mad at people when it’s pretty obvious how bad they messed up. Kinda gets you thinking about how life can change at any moment, this morning I was about 5 inches from being dead or severely injured. So, I’m not either of those and that’s the bright side I guess.
  12. No other option. It’s gonna happen, I can feel it.
  13. Sat morning and night Mon, Tues, Wed, and still have Thurs/Friday to go. In the first three days I have seen 3 deer. Grated one was a real nice shooter that was too far. Time has been split between Irondequoit and Brockport. Both pretty much Mecca’s for deer. The brockport property I know needs work and plots to pull more deer, so that’s more of a next year situation, but the lack of deer in the Irondequoit sits has me really scratching the head....
  14. I’m out and it’s COLD. In the new saddle this morning and it’s really comfy. Seen a few shooters this week but nothing close enough, let’s hope they do something stupid quick this AM so I can go get a warm diner breakfast.
  15. It’s freezing. Can’t believe I took the subzero week off. Gonna freeze my nuts off for these bucks.
  16. Same. Arrow a giant and then get in some of the best steelhead fishing of the year.
  17. Incredible, goes to show that with proper placement, that blind works perfectly.
  18. I ordered the Tethrd Mantis along with the silent approach ring step platform and the XOP stacking sticks. Gonna be run and gun time when they arrive!!
  19. Yah, I would like to try it this year but with 0 practice and a 8 week wait time on the saddles, it looks like 2020 thing.
  20. I am looking into the Loan Wolf hunt ready system (sticks and stand all pack together). I already have a climber and I am quick with that, but I do love the idea of any tree, anywhere that the sticks would afford me. REALISTICALLY, is it actually easy to get there in the dark and be able to get the sticks and stand up without becoming a sweaty mess and clanging around? Just seems like whenever I hang stuff in the summer it takes forever (granted it's not lightweight or advanced tech). Further, would you guys be comfortable leaving the stand in the tree (I am hunting Irondequoit) with the top stick attached and pulling the bottom three? I feel like once I got the stand in, getting the sticks in and out would be a snap. Or am I better off making do with the climber this year and just going sticks and saddle for next year? I know this is a tired often asked question, but I am 29/physically fit and I still hate hanging stands. I then go on forums and guys claim they are whisper quiet and get stands on in minutes. Just seems like a bit of exaggeration. Thoughts?
  21. I would eat that bait. To be clear these are stand of wild apples I am referring to. Not bait piles or any other unethical practice.
  22. So I have always hunted the Brockportish area of Monroe County, and I have always hunted properties with multiple wild apple trees. After having sat and observed these spots for years I have come to wonder if they are really a big draw at all for our deer. It always seems like there are tons of untouched fallen apples and the pics of deer feeding on apples are few and far between. I’ve come to think it’s one of those “land of plenty” scenarios. We are surrounded by tons of agriculture in our area, so maybe the deer don’t really need or care for wild apples? Especially when there are thousands of acres of soy, corn and commercial apples everywhere? Seems like they are all about the unique experiences. If there is tons of one thing near you, they would rather have the fun new thing (clover, alfalfa, brassicas). What’s your experience?
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