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  1. Alright guys shot a nice buck this morning at 33 yards. I am pretty sure I got shoulder blade but the arrow shows foamy red blood. Over 10 inches of penetration. I didn’t even track, just backed the heck out and gonna give it three hours. In the pics you can see I point to the penetration line on the arrow. Second pic is the blood with all the foam pockets in it. Think he is dead?
  2. Seems like my big bucks are gone. Cams have absolutely dried up in terms of shooters.....
  3. Been chomping on my turnips since September
  4. I hunt in brockport and it doesn’t seem to matter, there are slammers everywhere around here. Now, they are not easy to kill but I’m of the opinion that from conesus to buffalo there are as many big bucks as anywhere. Problem is it’s all private but the ag and apples grow these deer big.
  5. Bucks chasing does out of Northampton park this morning on my way to Brockport. Feels like a good morning to shoot a buck!
  6. So your situation I understand. But constant marginal shots, undersized deer shooting and then retrieving 200+ yards into bedding area is more my gripe. Your situation seems ethical, and the deer are expiring quickly. If it was a 20 , 50, heck 100 yard quick pop over the line to grab a deer, then I wouldn’t care at all. It’s about constantly wounding deer and then not finding them but spending hours over the line tracking. It’s such a pain.
  7. This is true. Cooler heads did prevail and I suppose I may need the favor repaid some day.
  8. The line is posted every 20 yards. Gates are up restricting entry. I did give permission to track but I guess the point of this is that I am thinking about straight up not even allowing that. I just feel bad costing someone the opportunity at retrieving a deer but then again, maybe make a better shot.....
  9. So as the title states I have a neighbor who insists on setting up yards over the property line, virtually guaranteeing that a wounded deer will run onto ours or the other neighbor’s property, they wound deer every year and this year they have wounded three and recovered none. Last night was the icing on the cake as a small buck was shot and then they tracked into my bedding area honey hole. Now I said they could (cause I don’t have the heart to be a dick) but when is enough, enough? I’m so sick of being careful and scent controlled only to have other people ruin it!!!!
  10. Anyone else seeing a sudden shift in movement from the mature bucks to the small guys? The bruisers are no where to be seen but the smaller guys are harassing and cruising all over. Just a week ago I was seeing my big boys cruising, makes me wonder if they found a doe to lockdown with....
  11. Tons of chasing this morning all over my CRP fields. No shooters though, just borderline and small bucks......
  12. I think I am going to go with a Tenpoint Wicked Ridge Invader 400. I would have to replace the scope though and I would probably but a speed ring Hawke on it. Sucks, I wish they would just sell the bare crossbow as an option.
  13. Totally understand the point, hardwoods would be tough to navigate a arcing arrow at long distances! My situation is more open fields and CRP, where the chance at a 50-60 yard shot could mean a nice 140” buck. But yes, not a situation to take slightly and something that must be practiced for!
  14. Huh, my buddy has taken three bucks over 50 with a crossbow and feels very confident about that shot. I also feel very confident about shots at 45 with my compound bow (I practice a lot out to 70-80 yards) so I guess it’s not too much of a difference maker. Thanks for the input guys
  15. Thinking about getting into the crossbow game to extend my range and open my options up a bit. Any specific recommendations? I keep reading that a lot of the crossbows come with junk scopes, so I am looking to avoid that. Thanks!
  16. The huge eight just out of range again. Unreal.
  17. Glad to see that the warm temps didn’t keep the activity down last night, I had deer around me as well. Let’s hope the need to procreate is stronger than the need to stay cool! Mornings should start to take the edge in production in the next few days though
  18. Deer are def moving. Between me and my buddy many bucks sighted including a nice shooter right on a doe. He then worked a scrape and split off to do his own thing
  19. I don’t think the warm fronts will matter much, deer will be comfortable and moving all the same as the rut moves into full swing. Scrapes around me just went ice cold, sure sign that bucks are up to other things. Had a huge 8 at 69 yards last night as he lumbered around in search of does, many daylight pics of shooters......only need one mistake.
  20. Back in the stand and already bleated in a small buck. They are moving today
  21. How on earth did they hear you? Wind was whippin! Bucks where still on the move as I had a few around, none big enough though
  22. I’m out here too and it’s nuts, did have a smaller buck at 10 yards though
  23. Just had a nice bodied but small rack six at 10 yards. Why can’t my big deer do that
  24. So who Is gonna let one fly by moonlight this morning? 🤣🤣
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