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  1. tom has been, you prove a point yes, and, no. how can you say to work hard and pay the dues to catch the fish, then turn around and say how you would rather lift them..that to me sounds like you just wanna argue:)
  2. yes, you can catch and use bait out of the same body of water all you want if im not mistaking. the moment it hits the truck bed youre done, but then again its only illegal if you get caught.
  3. Any ideas what i should purchase? any recommendations? be appreciated!
  4. a question not asked would be a stupid one, and man thats a bummer, just when i get all setup, now i need to update again...
  5. mine is shrink wrapped:( but i did find a possible rocket launcher and got a new on board charger for christmas..and even ordered my new canvas work for april. this year will be nice! add to list: teach myself to tie trolling flies.
  6. i rented a slip at sampson in 2008 and stayed there, i run up the lake now since my newer boats a lil bit more eco friendly..and faster haha.
  7. ray its a really nice boat, the twins are nice motors. boats setup pretty sweet.
  8. the two different species thing..i heard the one will and are supposed to get way bigger? that true? is a european brown i believe????
  9. does this affect my lowrance lms 300..dumb question..?
  10. i spoke with him, unfortunately his prices jumped almost 3 or 400 dollars after the first of the year. he did seem really nice tho, and very knowledgable fx? isnt this the buying? thanks
  11. nice boat!! i had the 88yr, blude, i loved it! upgraded tho, miss that hardtop:( . ended up selling the boat on ebay to some guy from canada...."eeehhh""
  12. thought so andrew, i saw it outfront of seneca marine for sale, this is nick overacker, iwth the 225 sea ray..keoke.
  13. by the way here is my boat, o you know im not jokin around!! KEOKE 225 sea ray! with cannon mag 10 electric, 18ft outriggers, lowrance gps and chartplotter, auto pilot, planner boards...i go in first week of april every yr.. and hey trolling keuka, whats your boats name? maybe ive seen ya on the water, we hung out near lodi and long point during the derby...
  14. hey ray, im all set on gear. ive got everything as far as that goes, just wondering on the wire...as far as school goes i graduated 2 yrs ago form alfred..i live down in elmira heights, keep my boat at ervays on seneca, but i fish many lakes with her. ill save your number however, if you ever wanna meet up and fish im always looking for ppl to come abboard my fishin boat. ppl my age arent interested and pops never wants to go, his wife needs a boot in her.....but i can put us on fish! 607 426 5919 nick
  15. if anyone as an arch or rocket launcher for a good price i will gladly jump on it! my boats 22.5ft and roughly 8'6" wide. message me or call me 607 426 5919. thanks guys
  16. well mike i have fought them on ontario, on a fellows boat, but im a hurting unit as to im paying college and my boat hahaha, i look for the cheaper route iwth best results, we'll see what happens? you fish the memorial day derby?
  17. andrew, youre the guy who keeps his boat in the canal at the mouth????
  18. i have two seth green rigs, love my new cannons, but coppers always seems to work when everything fails..
  19. of course fishing deep in senenca seems to produce fish, very slow fishing tho, and i like to troll over towards dresden, between long point and the barge(300-500 fow) and run dippsys and riggers to a max of 100 ft. pulled a nice ten pounder up this past mem day, and some nice bows and stickbaits!! anyone doing hot for browns this year? i couldnt seem to get the "big one"
  20. that billy bobs in the background? and 711, didnt you win the memorial day derby? and the seneca lake tribs were hot in december, i made out nice, luckily hit the bow run at the end of december, nothing big, but lots of em..water was damn cold tho!!
  21. wire line or braided on my dipsys? i have seen many of you fish this way, and i run mono, and that wire line is expensive, is it worth my while to switch? will i have a better hook/land ratio? thanks for opinion guys
  22. may i ask what youre running copper on? and for? i run it for the old "meet rod" aka seth green rig, when fishing for lakers..seems to never fail, but i phased out of this except when tournament fishing, strictly use my cannons and out riggers now..also, is it worth my while to set up a couple dipsy rods with wire line???
  23. thanks guys, i i can assure you im not "jason:, i am just a 21 yr older bachelor who loves fishing and the water..seneca is great, but i would like to move up with the big dogs some day. ontario...
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