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  1. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post , both sights are great and I will be contacting them for additional information , when it's all said and done I will post a report and pictures , thanks again , Tom
  2. I could use a hardtop , any ideas ? Is there any place around the lake that does custom hardtop fabrication and pipe work / installation . I have a 21 ' Mako that needs a new canvas again , and thought I might try a hard top this time around .
  3. I mean , way to go matey ! arrrr
  4. Sorry to hear you lost some gear , it happens to the best of us sooner or later . All that will be easier to take after you land your first king , nothing else like it .
  5. I don't own a kayak but a friend of mine has a couple of them and we talk about how much fun it would be to catch a king in one . Have you ever battled a king while in your kayak before , and if so how was it ?
  6. We do that all the time , and yes it does work , in fact we have caught quite a few fish that way .
  7. Congrats Dave , great story and nice looking fish , can't wait to hear about your son's first fish , keep us posted .
  8. Great video , but am I the only one that sees that his netting technique is an accident waiting to happen ? I don't know , maybe it's just me .
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