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  1. im thinking back of buck pond for eyes, any thoughts guys?? hope i can join up fishing with you sometime bro. Any of the ponds are good, but im not the ice fishing expert...
  2. welcome to the site Andrew , its a great ice fishing and all around fishing resource
  3. haha breakin em is pretty fun. nice sound FX as well
  4. x2 on the flukes, all you need is the pearl color or the pearl with silver flake (maybe called pearl ice), and the 3/0 EWG hooks work good. Maybe think about a zara spook or one knocker spook also, these are my top producing topwater by far, catching both bass and pike. You can cast pretty far, and imparting a walk-the-dog action is pretty easy.
  5. x2 on the rattletraps, you cant work 'em wrong and they catch fish. My favorite is the strike king red eye shad, but any old rattletrap should do the trick. Your pretty much spot on with all those choices for simpler fishing styles, you cant beat plastic worms and senkos.
  6. for casting, you cant beat little cleo spoons. I used to use exclusively 3/4 oz cleos for all trout and salmon, and still do for salmon, but have started to use 2/5 and 1/2 oz cleos for trout. For salmon, silver, silver/blue, silver/chartreus, orange/silver, and gold/orange, as well as glow cleos at night are the way to go. For browns, i like silver, silver/blue, and silver/orange or gold/orange. Yo can get away with farly light mono, maybe 12 or 15 lbs, but i like using heavier powerpro braid in 30-40 lb. You can cast alot further, and if needed you can add a leader.
  7. had a nice mount done by mountain man taxedermies (you can drop it off at mitchells baitshop on lake ave right by the charlotte pier), saw some nice mounts of kings and trout when i picked up my largemouth.... $10 an inch hurts, but thats pretty much the standard price, and memories with kids are worth the price If i remember correctly, the actaul taxedermist was located by hamlin off the thruway
  8. great location, and no one fishes it at all, cant realy get in with boat, and fishing from bridge will be closed due to 6 foot fences being put up next summer
  9. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name:jason karol ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/6/10 Time on Water:3 hours Weather/Temp:40s, cloudy Wind Speed/Direction:none Waves: none Surface Temp: 50s Location:x LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 2 Total Boated:1 Species Breakdown:Brown trout Hot Lure: little cleo Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Not sure where to post this as its not quite a trib, but rather "Location X" The brown trout were staging, and there was 5 or six decent sized kings hangin out. The action was dead until i saw a ripple, cast to it, cranked twice, and BOOM! fish on!!! After a 10 minute fight this guy came into the boat, unfortunatly with a big lamprey wound, but otherwise healthy in full spawn colors and real chunky. I also hooked into a smaller king, maybe 15-18 lbs but got in the weeds and shook the hook. Fishings a little slow, but the bites produce real good size fish. Cant wait to get out tommorow after school
  10. gold/orange is money on the floating rapalas. Try more natural colors when the waters gin clear, and the more bright colors with murky water. but murky water is good, unless it looks like chocolate milk
  11. Thanks captain. From monster pike, good numbers of largemouths, walleye, drum, the occasional catfish, browns, and salmon, the ponds are my favorite place to fish in this area. Even when i get my liscence in january, i wont be needing to drive anywhere for some prime fishing, made even better from a yak. The area has as well provided me with some great memories which have further increased my love for fishing, and i can now truly admit, i am a fishing adict College is only a year away, so i've been trying to get in as much fishing as possible (3-5 times a week) before i have to leave the big O. Thanks again capt. Vince, over the year you have provided me with some great hints and tips that have realy helped me become a better fisherman I'l have to invite you down in the spring to do some fishing in the area, maybe from a yak if your feeling adventurous.
  12. yep, what capt, vince said although i wouldnt mind if you think they are the sandy ponds Just kidding, looks like my seasons just about done, prettysoon it will be pitch black out at 5:30
  13. yep thats it gambler, and i'l have to look for the one off long pond 2. Also, rigney rock aka "the killer" (thanks longline) is directly in front of my house, and is aprox the size of my garage
  14. hmm i was told by a dec officer that it was a barge off round pond. I wanna look for the long pond barge, and maybe fish it
  15. long pond? i fish the sunken barge, nut its in front of round pond unless theres another one. Does it have 2 metal poles sometimes stickin outa the water?
  16. it sits directly in front of my house, and at least one idiot a year flies over it and pulls off their motor.
  17. its just a short clip of a brown jumping and me fightin it. i cant figure out how to do it any other way
  18. see if this works, i cant figure out how 2 do the video any other way http://www.facebook.com/jkarol24?v=app_2392950137#!/video/video.php?v=168590063152738
  19. ahaha that brake rotor is a pretty decent anchor the browns were on fire, hitting realy hard and making good runs, hopefully they will stay like this for a while now
  20. lots of browns in the rochester/ Genny area, caught 8 out of thirteen hits on 10/20/10 (wedensday) casting cleos, 4-20 FOW. Tried NKs, but didnt do the trick like the cleos
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